Build User-Friendly Web and Mobile Application with Simple Ruby Programming

Ruby is the programming platform that helps the developers to create mobile and web based applications besides websites without any burden and over stress. It is the platform that has fewer complications compared to other programming languages such as Java and Python. Nevertheless, it is better to hire the developers having basic knowledge of all varieties of technologies.

Ruby on Rails

Tips to be followed to work on Ruby Platform

Ruby Programming allows the developers to delete and insert the content in apps or websites in real-time without any complications. So using this programming platform you can easily update the content of the website. This prevents the need of manual updating of content on websites or apps. This is an amazing and exciting platform for developing web applications for your businesses.

Points to be consider while undertaking ruby programming

  • Ruby does not have much documentation. This is a bit negative aspect about this technology which may pose an issue of greenhorns, so to avoid such problems you need to choose the developer who have very good experience in ruby platform
  • This technology is not a scalable framework. If you have any measuring types then you need to be bit patience since, it does not show appropriate results or results for displaying taking lot of time
  • It is a new framework compared to others, so it leaves a lot of blank space for the developers. They are much yet to be explored regarding this technology that it could achieve.

Create applications with less complications using ruby technology

The business requirements of medium size enterprise will be different to that of small size business in terms of revenue generation, customer base and product range. The ROR Developer understands the business and develops the apps that are best suited for their business. These developers are expertise and have built various applications for different business purposes. These people first analyze the requirement of the project, gauge the time and resource requirements and then develop the apps as per the strategy and logic. They satisfy the customers beyond their expectations. It reduces overall burden of the developer and stress using this platform. You can totally leap on this technology for developing and maintaining web applications as per your requirement.

The life of developers is made easy with the development of rails. It offers simple, neat and expandable building blocks for developing master web applications. The developers are provided with the flexibility to collaborate and customize all the components offered by the code as per their choice, which helps the developers to create the unique features and functionality required for the apps. The default libraries, tools, conventions allow the ROR developer to write custom code and build the apps at a faster pace.

It is quite easy for the developers to shift to ruby from other platforms. As it is worthy, consumes less time, open source, increases productivity and have fewer complications. It is a brilliant technology for the websites you need to create and maintain lots of content.

The Origin and Development of Ruby Programming

Being a Ruby developer for over a decade, I have been repeatedly asked this question: So, How reliable is Ruby, really? I often retort with a grunt to that question, but as fate would have it, I have developed a liking for the concept of blogging and here I go discussing whatever happened to be of Ruby Programming.

What is Ruby?

First things first. Before we get into the intricacies of how to handle ruby, we must first understand what ruby is all about. Ruby is basically a programming language that helps people develop various kinds of web and mobile applications apart from websites.

Essentially Ruby is a simple and neat language and has a lot less complications as compared to Java and Python. However, it is always best to have a developer who has a basic understanding of multiple languages. Especially knowing Java and PHP will be of great help.

What to take care of while undertaking Ruby Programming?

If you have decided to move forth with having your own online identity and have settled on Ruby Programming, then there are a few things that you must be very careful about.

  1. Ruby does not have a lot of Documentation. This means that there is very little to fall back upon. This might pose a problem for greenhorns, but remember to choose a ruby developer who has at least 3 to 4 years of experience. For him, it should not be a problem.
  2. Ruby does not happen to be a very scalable framework. So, if you are the measuring types, ruby might not be the best choice for you. You have to be patient with ruby because it shows results in the long run.
  3. Unlike other frameworks, ruby is relatively new. By new I mean it has been around only for about a decade which gives the developer a lot of blank spots. There is much yet to be discovered with respect to the possibilities of things that can be achieved by Ruby.

Looking for a Ruby developer

Human resource is probably the most difficult corner in any business establishment. Ultimately, we are only as good as our team. We might know all the secrets of creating the best outputs, but without someone who can actually deliver, we are handicapped.

This is why sourcing a Ruby Developer has to be done very carefully. Now, you can g the easy way and hire a company or agency to tackle with your online presence issues. Or you can hire a full time developer who will work with you to create and maintain your site the way you want it to be done.

While hiring ensure that you search the candidate based on his experience and not just by quickly going through his resume. Usually web development is undertaken by a team so the final product might be impressive but you must not get carried away until and unless you are sure about his role in the development of the site.

Check out his background to ensure that he is legitimate and has the skills that he claims to. You can also ask him to give you a demo, however small, just so that you can appreciate his attitude and his credibility.

On the whole, no matter how many people work on your website, you have to work closely with them at all levels to ensure that the final product is what you had in mind and better. Unless you do that there is every possibility that you will end up with a website that neither represents your company, nor its ideology.

Things to Beware of While Undertaking Ruby Programming

As much as I hate to say this, Ruby Programming is a tough job. I have been a Ruby on Rails programmer for the better part of the decade and yet, there are things about it that make me go crazy.

Any Ruby on rails programmer can tell you one thing and that is, Ruby is one of the best frameworks to build you site on, because it offers you the kind of flexibility that you crave to build a unique and genuine web app or even website. However, unless and until you are absolutely proficient with Ruby, there is not much that you can do with it.

Ruby On Rails

The Biggest Hurdles

There are a few roadblocks that appear from time to time in every developer’s carrier. However, the biggest hurdles posed by Ruby are:


The language itself makes it extremely difficult to work upon. It happens to be an unnecessary speed blocker on your way. It not only slows your overall development process, it also involves your becoming extremely agitated from time to time in order to develop it in the right way.

Sparse Official Document

Considering the complexity of the document, one might think that Ruby has an elaborate document; however, the official core document of Ruby is pretty scanty. What’s more, you might find that there are areas in Ruby that the document also hangs on the verge of being nonexistent.

Doing it the Ruby way

Because the community of Ruby lovers is so thick, it is hardly a surprise when people say that “you ought to do things the Ruby way”. Although in principle, the Ruby way is nothing but the simplest way to find a code to allow an action to be completed, but more often than not, people spend ages only trying to figure out what this way should be, rather than actually going ahead and doing something about the solution.

Linguistic Hassles

In more ways than one, language seems to erect barriers unthinkable. As a general observation, most of the dependable and extraordinary Ruby Programmers don’t happen to speak English. This becomes a very frustrating thing for people who sincerely want to do something great with their site or application but do not speak the language of their developer.

It basically hinders effective communication and a lot is lost in translation, thereby making it more and more difficult to reduce or eliminate the boundaries between the developer’s output and the business owner’s expectations.

Although all these problems are such that can be overcome by hiring a good guy with the right expertise and resources, locating one can prove to be a challenge. If you really wish to make it big with your website, make sure that you have done thorough research with respect to the language and are well aware of its pros and cons. It would be a wise idea to find someone who can actually give you professional advice on the same.

Rails or Django: Who to Bet your Money on?

You know the feeling when no matter what you get; you are always thirsty for something better? Well, the whole concept of technology is very similar to that. I remember that every time I would buy a gadget for myself, the next day would launch a better and cheaper version for the same. I so wish I could strangle Mr. Murphy (if you know what I mean).

So, the other day I met a client who said he wanted me to develop his web app in Django. I began my work on it and just the next day he called to say that he thought better of Ruby programming, so I should switch to that. I agreed with him and changed over.

Finally, he called me again because he still couldn’t make his mind up. So if you have a similar confusion, this blog is just the one for you. Each has its own advantages, but it is best to match it with the kind of app you are specifically looking at. This blog will help you find out which one is the best for you.

Why What How?

Okay, let me warn you beforehand that being a Ruby on Rails Programmer since about half a decade, I have a little bias towards it. However, here I only state facts so don’t mind so much!

The difference

The first thing to keep in mind is that these two have a very different structure. But, of my experience I can tell you that Ruby Programming is made with using just a single command line entry. This makes it a little intuitive.


The extensive community and documentation of ROR makes it very usable. Also, the kinds of changes that have come about in ROR are only to make it advanced. Django too has a very good documentation, but the user community is not that wide. This makes it a little difficult to understand.

Also the difference between the versions of Django is quite huge. Also the file structure is also pretty unclear or not so obvious. The folders in Django must be manually added, this means you have to put a lot of faith in the user to understand what you are trying to do. This might be difficult in terms of usability.

The name is cool

I know it’s funny, but Ruby sounds so cool! Unlike Django, which in my opinion sounds pretty difficult on the whole? However, Ruby Gems can do a great deal for you by itself. You have to follow the given instructions pretty clearly so that it can take its own path.


Jokes apart, I have been experienced in Ruby for quite some time so I can tell you that it seems to be the easier way for me. However, I know so many people who prefer to use Django for development. If you wish to start off on your own web development or application development, then you must do some research on your own about what you want and how you would like for it to be. Seek some professional advice if need be!