Confessions of a Diehard Coldfusion Fan!

I have been in the industry of technological development for as long as I can remember. As a child I saw daddy sitting on our garage with his ancient computer and writing stuff that truly amazed me. I never understood what he was doing though, but I knew I wanted to do the exact same office.

Since dada was a real hardworking man, our little business that started out from our garage soon took shape of one of the minor celebrated IT firms in Jacksonville, and later we had our own branch in sweet New York.


Ever since, I have dedicated myself to lifelong service towards ColdFusion Development. After all, it was responsible for our prosperity. Now you know how faithful I am towards it, so can you imagine my plight whenever I hear someone talk about ColdFusion badly?

I get infuriated! And so I decided to write a blog discussing:

  1. a.      all the terrible myths that surround ColdFusion and
  2. b.      how incorrect they are

It’s a rich man’s language

A lot of people believe that coldfusion is not for newbie’s or ones that are just starting up their business. However, you couldn’t be more incorrect. Yes, there are initial costs to it, but it starts paying off soon enough.

Basically you have to be prepared to invest a little bit towards just about anything you want to do good at. If you want to start a coldfusion development company, you will be amazed at how soon your returns will start materializing.

If you aren’t a developer and are just and entrepreneur trying to Hire ColdFusion Developer and are finding it extremely difficult to accept the prices, remember any decent coldfusion company will charge you a basic sum of money to let you hire coldfusion developers with experience and talent.

However, once you have invested that much, rest assured that your money will come back to you compounded with profits as soon as possible. It’s a cool language that is fast, clear and makes the final product so appealing that your customers will not know how to stay away from it!

It can be really slow

Seriously, when I heard this one, I laughed! I mean how can someone not qualified in coldfusion claim that it is not fast. I have worked with coldfusion for as long as I can remember. I have seen it evolve from a primitive and yet reliable language to a slick and advanced programming language, and none of the versions seemed slow to me.

Yes, you can say that there is a little extra effort in making a coldfusion website work, but it’s always the case with better stuff. I mean, it’s obviously easier to cook a muffin from a food truck than to prepare a gourmet strawberry compote on a bed of some delicious cake at a five star restaurant. Do the math! Don’t you see now?

ColdFusion is not safe

ColdFusion is one of the most popular and yet most feared programming language being used in the world today. For any big, heavy duty website, people always prefer to go with coldfusion because of its sturdy robust structure and other advantages. Safety has never been a real threat with Coldfusion; however, with the kind of internet malpractice around in the present times, hardly any technology is foolproof.

Make your Website Attractive by Engaging a Reputed ColdFusion Development Company

Technology reinvents itself at a very fast pace. Every now and then some new kind of development platform for web and mobile sites is invented. In current times, ColdFusion application development is one of the most preferred options which professional developers are using. This innovative platform is working best for big as well as small companies, where there is relatively lesser need for professional development.

ColdFusion application development presents an ideal solution for your business and helps to make your online presence powerful and organized. It offers numerous benefits to skilled programmers who can create highly effective web applications which are both progressive as well as dependable. Cold fusion applications are relatively easy to install and thus you can have quick access to an encouraging user-interface.

Let me take you through some of the important aspects related to ColdFusion development.

Knowing ColdFusion

ColdFusion is a swift application development language which delivers excellent results built on Java. ColdFusion platform facilitates lot of amazing techniques. As the developers use ColdFusion application development, they will be able to use various programs that can assist in making your site more striking as well as more functional.

Professional help needed

It is very important to Hire ColdFusion Developer who has the skill to track projects and at the same time manage back-end deliveries for your website. This is a tough task and requires the expertise of a trained developer. The latest updates, freshly introduced features and related elements can only be delivered by a professional developer who has the skill to work on this new platform. Hence it is imperative to hire ColdFusion developer who is aware of the details of the platform on which website integration is developed. For practicing ColdFusion web development and justifying its integration, your company is completely dependent upon the ability of a developer.

ColdFusion DevelopmentHowever it has been seen that novice programmers will have a tough time understanding and applying it. If the developer does not have experience and is unskilled then the outcomes can be really disastrous. In order to avoid hassles, it is best to get your work done from a reputed ColdFusion Development Company who has a team of skilled programmers.

Moreover outsourcing from the Development Company is cheaper. Thus in order to get cost effective and skilled services it is best to outsource your projects to a professional ColdFusion Development Company. This decision will prove to be very beneficial and economical because skilled developers will offer their expert services. The team of programmers in a reputed Development Company will empower your website with various built-in capabilities, prevent Cross-site request forgery as well as scripting attacks and can provide the hosting you need as well.

It is important to conduct in-depth research before selecting the ColdFusion web Development Company.

  • Consider the pricing structure and bargain with the company before engaging them
  •  Establish the quality of customer service. It is better to be alert and check online to see if there are any specific complaints made about the company

You can find companies that have the ability to make the most of this innovative application, and are able to create exactly what you require. So next time you need some work done in related to web development, consider opting for ColdFusion development and a professional company.

Acquire Original Online Solutions by Hiring ColdFusion Development Company

Innovative web applications are being introduced in the virtual arena. These modern technologies are used to formulate strong online presence. Another important developing platform which is gaining rapid popularity is ColdFusion This has evolved as an important medium for swift web application development, since it offers multiple advantages to programmers who can  now easily create highly effective web applications which are progressive and consistent. With Cold fusion applications being easy to install, you can have rapid access to an encouraging user-interface. ColdFusion is a swift application development language which delivers excellent results built on Java. ColdFusion platform facilitates lot of amazing techniques

Hire ColdFusion Developer

ColdFusion- As an excellent choice for development

Users can now procure novel attributes by working on the standard developing or even on the developing edition of ColdFusion. The current version of ColdFusion has HTML5 Video player, adobe flash player, apache solar, improved schedule bar as well as XPath integration. It provides an excellent opportunity for skilled developers to organize amazing data on the web. In addition it can be managed with much ease. ColdFusion development is also recommended for its security characteristics that improve the presence of websites.

ColdFusion has gained rapid popularity because of its dexterity to transfer supportive data from one connection to another. It supports a collection of JDBC data type for transferring of data and is used for growing technologies.

Hire skilled ColdFusion developer

It is essential to Hire ColdFusion Developer who possesses the ability to track projects as well as handle back-end deliveries for the website. This is a demanding task and thus needs the expertise of a skilled developer. The current updates, newly added features and attributes of the community, and related elements can be delivered only by an expert developer who has the talent to produce and work on this innovative platform. In order to get classic online solutions which will enhance the potential of a company, it is crucial to hire ColdFusion developer. A brilliant developer will only be aware of the details of the platform on which website integration is developed. For practising ColdFusion web development and justifying its integration, your company is completely dependent upon the ability of a developer.

Outsource from the development company at cost effective rates

ColdFusion application development is one of the most lucrative options for progressive companies. In order to get cost effective as well as qualitative services, it is best to outsource to a reputed ColdFusion Development Company. This endeavour will prove to be highly economical and beneficial since you will have access to skilled and expert developers. If the developer is unskilled then the outcome will be disastrous. Hiring a ColdFusion Development Company will help you to empower the website with different built-in capabilities so as to prevent Cross-site request forgery and scripting attacks.

It is important to research thoroughly on the net and create options. Then you can select one of the best Companies for development and also for hosting. High quality and reputed IT companies offer efficient services. It is also important to find the pricing structure and view the bargain which the company is able to offer before you engage them. In addition, check into the quality of customer service they offer. It is best to be cautious and check to see if there are any complaints lodged about the company online.

ColdFusion Development Renders Advanced Modules for Web Applications

ColdFusion application development delivers convincing results that are built on Java. Basically, it is an application server as well as language where you can create web applications. For average users it may not be that much within their reach. In this modern era, you can come across numerous platforms for applications as well as web development. The most popular and well-liked option available at present is actually ColdFusion development. Moreover, with this platform, you will surely have a lot of flexibility and advantages whether you are functioning for a large company or a small company. It is a great solution and lot of people are not aware about it yet, even though it is in existence from quite some time.


All about ColdFusion

ColdFusion was initially developed in the year 1995. It is essentially a method of merely simplifying the procedure of connecting the HTML pages and the database. Recent editions of ColdFusion are proficient to incorporate many different kinds of applications into your website, which can really be very advantageous. There are some important features that you will find when you integrate ColdFusion for the purpose of application development. These features are

  • Easier client as well as server cache management
  • Task scheduling
  • Easy and simple file management
  • Easy data recovery

A ColdFusion Developer offers High Performance and Competence

The team of ColdFusion Application Development or an individual ColdFusion developer will be capable to make use of programs like Java and Flash in order to generate new and innovative applications for your website. This in turn helps to enhance the operation of website and you will discover that exact reporting will be much easier. In today’s time, lot of businesses; may it be big or small, will hit upon quite a bit of features to love ColdFusion. In order to create a catalog of products or applications, you must gather all possible information and hence this is the best solution for it.

When you hire ColdFusion developer, he or she will aid in producing vibrant and exiting web applications can be generated that is sure to take over globe. These companies or individual developers need to get acquainted with the prospective of contemporary technologies that are utilized to put together online presence. Besides, ColdFusion is a lot more than simply a developing platform. Being a medium for quick web application development, t ColdFusion provides a variety of benefits, which really backs programmers in order to build up exceedingly effective web applications. These applications that are developed are ought to be long-lasting as well as dynamic. Such kinds of applications are very easy to organize and assist a constructive user-interface for affluent experience.

ColdFusion Development Company renders excellent and remarkable opportunity for the developers to set up outstanding data on the web or handle it with no difficulty at all. In order to Hire ColdFusion Developer who may track projects and handle timely deliveries you will find out that this is a demanding task if you are not aware of proper search channels. It is a fact that if you want to be aware about your development, then you need to be aware about your developer as well. The latest updates, features, elements and attributes can be delivered if you hire a ColdFusion development company or a well experienced developer who actually has the appropriate knack to manufacture and hence work on the particular platform.

The Features and Demand of The Coldfusion Development Technology for Website Creation

Regarding the technology

ColdFusion development is a web based scripting language like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and XML (extended markup language). The technology was first introduced in the year 1995. This technology is also popularly known as the CFML or Cold Fusion Mark up language. It is a highly user-friendly web based scripting language. Initially it was developed to assist the other scripting language and servers for the website development process. But later it became an independent scripting language itself. All types of websites can be developed and designed with this scripting language. The website designing can also be done very effectively with this technology.


Compatibility with the programming languages

Cold Fusion Markup language is highly compatible with all types of web based programming languages like ASP.NET, Java, PHP, C# and many more. JavaScript and VB script can also be combined with this scripting language. The error detection and the debugging process are also very easy and fast with this technology. It always highlights the error part before the run time, thus giving the developer ample opportunities to rectify the errors. Extensive software testing with all kinds of technological tools can be very easily done with this technology.

The DBMS connection

CFML web based scripting language can be very easily connected with any type of database. The ADO system is highly compatible with this technology. It can be connected to Oracle, MS SQL, MySql, Microsoft access and all other types of huge databases. The technology can easily retrieve all the data from the data banks after connecting it to the large databases. It is also compatible with all types of servers and very effective in dealing with all the client/server system of information retrieval and processing. Thus, ColdFusion Development is ideal for global web development.

The software developers

CFML development is done by highly skilled, experienced and qualified software professionals round the world. There are software engineers as well as developers who create the web sites effectively with this technology. This scripting language is hugely in demand for big and small software companies round the world. So, they Hire ColdFusion Developer for all the major projects of their firms. They are hired in permanent prestigious posts as software developers and engineers. The salary scales of the CFML developers are very high with a lot of allowances and benefits. They carry out live web site development projects with the local as well the global clients.

The demand

The global software industry is looking to hire ColdFusion Developer in a large scale. But the candidate must contain certain good qualities. He must have much patience and persistence in order to complete the software development projects on time. The candidate must have a good concept of all types of web based scripting languages. He should also have a very good technical knowledge and background. A candidate who possesses all these skills are most likely to be selected for this prestigious position in a reputed multinational software company in any part of the world. Thus, it is a very good career option for the aspiring and able software developer candidates.

Hire Coldfusion Developer to Create Websites and Applications suitable for your Business

ColdFusion is the tag-based programming technology that is used for developing web applications. It is created by Jeremy Allaire. It is expandable and extensive. It is the fastest, easiest and the cheapest way to develop web applications. Developers like and enjoy creating apps using this technology since; it reduces the burden, stress and gives lots of leisure time. The developers who have good knowledge on ColdFusion can create wonders in the technology world. This technology is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, etc. It is used for developing dynamic web applications.ColdFusion

Roles and Responsibilities of ColdFusion Developer

The companies need to hire ColdFusion developer who has rich experience and extremely professional in the latest version of this technology for developing customized and dynamic ColdFusion web applications, websites and shopping carts.

This reduces overall burden on the developer and they feel enthusiastic to work on this platform. Since, it has fewer complications, simple and neat compared with others. You may need to hire extremely professional ColdFusion developers to create the web applications if there is any such need in your company. The ColdFusion developers understand the business and develops the apps that are best suited for your business. They develop the websites as per the business requirements and within their estimated budget.

You need to Hire ColdFusion Developer who understands and examine the project requirements and develops the apps in strategic and logic way. They

  • Should be able to develop web using ColdFusion technology
  • Should have sound knowledge and good programming skills in ColdFusion
  • Should be able to work individually or in a team to develop web applications
  • Should manage web development teams
  • Should be experienced in all domains such as SLDC, eCommerce software development and implementation
  • Should develop unique featured and unconventional ColdFusion applications
  • Should be excellent in troubleshooting and have good organization skills

There are many ColdFusion web development services available across the globe. You need to select the best one from all to create unique, interesting and user-friendly websites and apps for your businesses. These developers’ offers web development services for all projects regardless of size.  These people strictly follow CSS, XHTML, W3C standards for developing new or updating the existing web applications.

Advantages of hiring web development services

The advantages of hiring ColdFusion Development Company include

  • Provides simple and budget friendly engagement models
  • Have highly skilled, innovative developers to work for your project
  • Provides cost effective solutions
  • Delivers the project on time
  • Modifies your existing project and make it more powerful
  • Changes the themes, styles and other design elements of the website as per the client needs and specifications
  • Gives updates about the project status in a timely manner

The ColdFusion Development Company offers various services for different categories such as eCommerce, business and corporate, finance, government sectors, online marketing, travel, social networking, health, news & media, etc.

Hurry up and design your websites, web applications using this technology to give captivating experience for the users.

ColdFusion Web Development – Understand The Nuances of ColdFusion to Experience Its Immense Potential

Just like the wind changes its direction in no seconds, technology too changes unannounced. Over the years, the biggest contribution of technology has been in the field of web development. This can be better understood by a web developer like me. I am fortunate to have received the kind of education that has allowed me to witness the spate of change technology has and is contribution to web development. It has given several platforms and applications to develop websites. Most of the applications have made a foray into this field several years ago, and are still holding their root updating themselves to match up with current needs of internet users. ColdFusion is one such applications that is making life easier for web developers.

The rise of ColdFusion

What I have learned about ColdFusion is that Jeremy Allaire and JJ Allaire conceived it in 1995 as a rapid web application development platform. Initially, it was designed as an interface to add HTML pages to a web database. Its second version that came out in 1996 included integrated development environment (IDE) and scripting language to offer programmers and developers with loads of facilities. The fact that thousands of organizations all over the globe use ColdFusion, is a testimonial enough why you should go for ColdFusion Web Development. No wonder, Adobe Systems purchased it in 2005. The latest version is ColdFusion 10 invented in 2010 to aid in rich Internet application development.

Things to ponder

I always recommend you to hire a ColdFusion Developer for your business website. Since the Internet is all about speed and enhancing users’ experience, a website that requires a few seconds to open up and shuffle from one page to another will definitely lag behind in the competition. To increase the speed and performance of the website, you have to develop it using ColdFusion. Moreover, it can make your website attractive and help you add several functions. In case you want to add a Flash video or Javascript on your site, you can easily have it integrated. Besides, adding forms, catalogs, and other programs to enhance productivity and efficiency of your website will be easy as well if you take professional help.ColdFusion

However, it is not easy for someone who has no programming background. I would recommend you to develop knowledge about ASP, PHP, CSS, and HTML first and then shift. Once the web development foundation is ready, you will face no difficulty in growing your knowledge. I took six months to learn the nuances of this application. I was amazed to see the various features and simple options. The best thing about ColdFusion is compatibility with different application servers. It can also perform harmoniously with J2EE application servers. Further, simplifying HTML into scripting syntax is equally possible.

What makes more compelling to use ColdFusion is its supporting features for web servers built on different platforms. Some of the examples of web servers supported by it are Apache, NSAPI, IIS, HP-UX and Windows. It also supports programming languages like Action script used in Flash.

As I have worked on ColdFusion MX 7, the best thing I liked is the facility to handle instant messaging and SMS events. If you are using it, you can manage these marketing concepts through a gateway interface. You can even convert HTML to PDF, build GUI widgets, use ODBC and or JDBC for posting questions on database.

I hope the kind of functions and operations you can perform with ColdFusion web development tools will encourage you to use it. If you still find it daunting, then hire  ColdFusion developer to take care of things.

How to Hire the Right ColdFusion Developer

For centuries getting work done in the right way has been quite a concern for people all over the world. This is probably why recruitment centers and employment channels evolved. But we often forget that the role of the Human Resources manager is only to finalize the hiring process. How to find the right candidate can pose many problems.

Why is it so difficult to hire ColdFusion developer?

Well, primarily the trouble with any ColdFusion Developer is that there are just too many of them. The world is a big place and everyone seeks to pick out the best opportunities of making money. Since ColdFusion is such a popular programming platform amore and more people from the Information Technology industry have jumped into it.
However, in spite of the number the quality can be a questionable thing. There may be a hundred developers but would they be able to do justice to your website? It is difficult to find the ones that are truly talented.

Mostly people choose to hire from companies that offer these services, but then there is always the off chance that here is someone who is genuinely talented, but you missed him only because you did not know what to look for.

Hire ColdFusion Developers

How to hire ColdFusion developer in the right way?

I have been asked this question millions of times and I always advise to proceed with a fixed step by step methodology. Here’s how;

Step 1

Understand what you require. Websites today are not restricted to the role of simply being an instrument of online presence. People carry out a number of activities with the help of their websites including online sales and purchase, guidance, e books, video file sharing, music sharing and so on and so forth. Before you hire anyone to tackle your online presence, it is essential that you chalk out a preset role for your website. It will allow you to search in a much better way.

Step 2

Scouring the internet. You can take the help of any popular search engine, whether local or global in order to track down a ColdFusion developer with Keywords such as “ColdFusion developer” or “hire ColdFusion Developer”. It is safe to say that the most reliable hits will be in the top 7 to 8 links as you would know that they are popular and carry out their own SEO properly.

Step 3

Contact the company. You must now contact the company and be clear about your queries. Listen to what they have to say and never finalise immediately. It is best to speak with each one individually and then to sleep over it and ponder about their responses. You might even like to discuss it with people at your firm to get more input. Once you are all happy with the service offerings call and ask for their previous projects handled.

Step 4

Study their work and check if you like it. If you do go ahead and finalise the company, however, if you don’t, simply drop it there and continue the same process with the next company that you like. Make sure that the company that you finally settle for is reliable and well known. You don’t want to be conned out of your money and left with nothing but a terrible web presence!

ColdFusion Experts: Where Half Knowledge Counts!

ColdFusion has been a popular development language since the quarter of the last decade. Of course, owing to the fact that technology is an ever moving river, whatever is new and happening today, will soon wear out to give space to that which is new. I know it hurts to know that Murphy’s Law is most prevalent in the field of IT. That moment when you think you have the latest gadget, you end up finding out that something new has already been launched.

ColdFusion too began as a humble project to facilitate developers. However, today it has taken form of a full fledged development language to carry out complex functions as well as simple activities.

The know it all syndrome

More often than not, most people choose to hire ColdFusion developers who have adequate experience in multiple languages. However, it is somehow not so clear why they would do that. One thing that we all must know as aspiring web entities is that knowing everything about something is more important than knowing something about everything.

This is what I call the ‘know it all syndrome’. People simply assume that a person who knows a little about too many things will be able to handle their project efficiently. Whereas, in my experience I can confirm that quite the opposite stands true.

The right ColdFusion Development Company for your business

I know you must be thinking that I have been ranting about all the things that people do and don’t without delivering a solution. Don’t worry your answer’s coming. The best way to Hire ColdFusion Developer is to go through a company.

I personally have nothing against freelancers, but time has proven that freelancers are a little too free and might not be able to dedicate as much importance as required for a project that is important for your business.

You can rely on the popular search engines to find and provide you with a list of the high ranking ColdFusion Development Companies. You can go through the list and based on their service offerings and your requirements you can settle on the one you want to task with your project.

What should the search criteria be?

I have been approached on multiple instances to help with sourcing of the right candidate for a number of IT requirements. This is because people, who have a core business which does not belong to this domain, do not have too much idea about what are the key things to look for in a candidate or a company.

Regardless of any other practice that you employ the one most important thing that will facilitate your search is research. I know this is something everyone must have told you about. Research is the most important step towards getting the right solution. The better your research is, higher are your chances of benefiting. You have to know about the company’s experience and their history of work to know if you are happy with it. Also research a little about ColdFusion so that you can understand what you are getting into.

Is Coldfusion the Right Choice for You?

The present times have presented us with a situation where every technology has something to beat it. There is always something that is better than the present one and therefore the whole confusion. I can tell you that in my career I have worked with many different development languages and the moment I felt that I had finally mastered one; its trend would fade away and make way for something new.

This is why, I guess, every ColdFusion Development Company enables you to Hire ColdFusion Developer with experience in various versions so that you can pick one that suits your requirements. Although most people opt for the latest versions, sometimes, it is okay to go with the older ones (in order to save some money) if it is really not needed.

The Core Role of ColdFusion

As many would know, ColdFusion is a development language. But, if I was to explain its original role, then we could say that it is more like a web development tool that enables a ColdFusion Development Company to offer people web based solutions. Built on the J2EE platform it is a RAD language.

The most important thing that sets ColdFusion apart from other development languages is that it is truly multipurpose in nature. It is a language, an application server and also a web hosting tool. Some people do think that it is a little expensive, but then, if it brings you a great web presence then it is an investment worth making. If you hire the right ColdFusion developer he can transform your concepts into robust web based solutions that can augment your company’s profitability.

Why Choose ColdFusion

The only reason people get discouraged from using ColdFusion is the price associated with it. However, there are so many advantages to it that once you know about it fully, there are no doubts you will opt for it.

Richer Apps: you can get much richer apps with better features with ColdFusion

Efficiency: It is highly efficient thereby increasing your profitability

Compatibility: it is completely compatible with many popular server operating systems.

Ecommerce websites: You can make the best of eCommerce web sites with the help of cold fusion.

Languages: you can create the option of multiple languages in a website with the help of ColdFusion.


Using ColdFusion for your site or not is completely your decision to make however, one thing to note is that are you well researched to take a right call? If not, sit down and make a list of your expectations and requirements from the site.

You have to know what you want from it before indulging in that field. So once you have clear and crisp idea about what you would want it to be like, then you can easily step forth and instruct your developer to follow your directions.

Basically it is all too nice to rely on the information being given to you by your developer, but after all it is your online impression that we are talking about and so it is essential that you are actively participating in the process, lest someone take you for granted.