Bring the Virtual World More Closer than Mobiles with this Innovation

The entrepreneurial minds always work ahead of times and trends. They are always able to see things that will make it big someday in the future. Quite instantly, they get their teams to wreck their brains and start building on such ideas for making them a reality. These ideas become the big things and storm the world. One such aspect is Google Glass which is definitely the in-thing currently. Though not spread across the globe, this technology will surely hit the people everywhere.

If you happen to be a developer like me, you need to start learning all the rudiments of Google Glasses Application Development. If not now, you will find yourself lagging behind, as developers the world over will grasp this opportunity to build apps for the technology.

The Reality

When we consider the recent past, the mobile applications world was quite nascent. Along with Android, Apple store was in its development stage. Entrepreneurs, developers and companies having power pertaining to developing mobile applications and platforms during those days, performed well after that stage. These companies dished out robust applications and models due to early advantage.

There will be many who will like to bet about Google glass apps development redefining the technology industry. There may be many who will doubt this aspect. One of such individuals is myself. However, you definitely do not want to lag behind and watch fellow programmers and app developers leading the race in coming years. I personally believe in jumping the race right now, as I don’t intend to watch millions wearing these Google glasses and then think that I should have done this before.

Important Aspects

Google Glass applications are known as Glassware. This is a fairly easy technology to build if you know the nuances. It is not much different from building apps for Android. You just have to encounter different sets of programming interfaces. The result will be quite similar to Android apps. You can also use APK (Android Packet File) and port it for running on Glass; however, it is better to build something for glass directly.

There are certain things you need to know before beginning Google glasses application development. Firstly, you need to know that these apps can be developed using either Python or Java programing languages. Google has implemented Kits for App engine software development known as SDK in short for each of these languages.

The next aspect in line is setting up of Mirror APIs that primarily connect with Glassware. After this you need to develop Timeline Cards that are user interfaces for Google Glass apps development. You can test the user interface of these cards within the playground of Google glass testing environments.

Whenever you build some app for Glass, remember to keep the users in front. These users will not resemble the usual mobile users preferring to be always online. Though this latest technology offers numerous aspects to the wearers, you need to remember that they will feel the need to be alone sometimes. People live in real, physical environments and whatever they will view through the glass will always be virtual.

You need to understand that the privacy of users is important. If your app irritates them constantly with unnecessary information or notifications, then the entire purpose of developing the app will vanish.