All about Google Glass and Google Glass Apps Development

With continuous research and development in technology all over the world, it is natural that there are new inventions in regular intervals. Then people all over the world continue the discussion about the good and bad effects of new technology and it should be used or not. For business men all over the world, it is an opportunity for doing a little more, reaching out the customers a little further and goes to another level.  But, it is not very easy to use each new technology and device for the business. As most of the people does not know about the gadget and what it can do. Also how to get best benefits from the gadget. So, it becomes more difficult for the people to use it as the businessman or the customers. One of such gadgets today in the market is Google Glass.

About Google Glass

This is one of the latest technologies in the market which have lot of innovative features which are futuristic and stunning. But, it is not so easy to use today as it is completely unique. The display of this gadget is different and also the control buttons. Due to these issues, the Google Glass is very difficult to use just for any purpose.

As the name suggests, the Google Glass can be broadly defined as a wearable computer which can be mounted on the eyes like you wear any other type of normal sunglasses. But, it has lot of features which can innovative. Due to these characteristics, the client has do thorough research when he or she makes decision to authorize Google Glass Web Development for the products and services of the company. Also, he or she should check the valid resources which are available online for comprehensive information.

Google Glasses

Why to do Google Glass Apps Development

The device and technology of Google Glass is completely difference from various earlier devices such as mobile, smartphone, desktop and laptop computers etc. So, the technology for the right operation and display is completely different from the others. Also, with the glass the output is completely different from the others.

So, it is necessary when the client makes the decision about Google glass app, the technology for Google Glass Apps Development is completely different from the others and require specialists like others for the best result.

Looking for best resource for Google Glass Web Development

As the technology is becoming more and more popular with people around the world, you can find lot of Google Glass web development companies in the market. As the client naturally would like the best company for making their app, it is difficult to find the best resource for the project.

The best way to choose the best company in this field is to check whether they possess that device. The companies who are using Google emulator for making app are making assumptions about the suitability of the app for this device.

If you choose some company which has Google Glass, the app developer will be able to create the perfect app and test it from every angle on the device itself and improve the defects. You also need to hire the developer who has worked with you before and know your requirement without saying. He and she also will be able to show you the results before launching app in the market.

Why buy Google Glass?

The Google glass is a new piece of technology which will revolutionized the technology market once it is launched. It is an eye wear which is simultaneously a computer. You get a visual screen albeit a bit small. But it gets the job done for the most part. It is very handy and efficient. That is the main principle which the invention works on. It can be used while in the daily commute to surf the internet or even go about your daily business with the wonderful apps that are coming out. These apps provide amazing features which will make your Google Glass experience even more enjoyable to boot. The Google Glass Apps Development is a sector which focuses solely on developing different apps for Google glass. They designers work to create simple apps which you may find on the android market and make those apps usable in Google Glass. The apps which are made are in no way easy. Even if the programming is easy the amount of work you have to put in the designing aspect is tremendous. But with time the apps are growing with the help of the Google Glass Apps Development teams and users will have a good market to choose from once the Google Glass is launched.

Google Glass

How is it helpful

The usage these Google Glass will provide are immense and will leave you stunned. These apps are surely the new age of technological brilliance. You get amazing features which will leave you gawking. From translation apps, to music reader, from maps to amazing travel guides. It’s like your very own assistance with your exact specifications. With a multitude of people wearing smart watches and fitness bands it’s no wonder that wearable technology is the new thing. With the Google glass you get every aspect of the previous gadgets in one complete package. You can browse the internet; monitor your health, reading presentations on the go etc. The uses of these glasses are numerous. It is a booming thing in the corporate world too. The Google Glasses Designer has work cut out in front of them as they have taken on one of the most daunting task of the century with this product.

Wonderful apps on the go

Don’t you ever wonder how easy things would be if you had a market of apps with you whenever you are on the road. And you also didn’t have to fumble around with a smart phone keeping your hands free? That is what you will get when the Google Glass comes out. Not only does it act like a futuristic computer which provides you with everything right in front of your eye it also doesn’t make you feel irritated when you use it. The idea of getting everything right at your vision line is very appealing. The massive amounts of ideas the Google Glasses Designer are working with will prove very beneficial when you try these glasses out when they hit the market.

Price point

The price of this glass may be a bit high when it gets released. But with demands it will lower down. It is probably the second biggest invention to the laptop. Welcome yourself to the new age of computers with this fantastic eyewear which will make your daily life so much simpler. It’s a must have for anyone interested in technology.

3 Prongs for Better Glass App Development

Some years back, to own a computer was worth a proud and now days, the mobile phones have become almost the necessity of life and most of the people own their own, isn’t it? This shows, at what level the technology has advanced. Of course, there is no pinnacle point for the technological advancement. The evolution of the technology seems like a never ending process. One of the most popular technical devices of current time, the Google glass, is again a great invention from Google. The main reason for the popularity of this device is its wearable property, which gives the user freedom from swiping, touch and other touch gestures, which are traditionally used to run different types of computers. The device is also very handy and light weighted. All the functionalities of the glass takes place owing to the chip used, which is placed beneath the frame. But to get varieties of utilities like games and other stuffs, you are required to have the corresponding apps. Google glasses application development helps us to get the apps. Google glass apps development includes many things like prior analysis, converting the analysis to actual implementation and proper testing. If all these steps are carried out properly, your app will become indeed worth and people would love to download and use it.

1.      Prior Analysis:
In any software development, it is very important to spend quality time with your team, just for analysis. This is because, analysis helps you extract many important points of the app, you are about to create. It has happened many times that during analysis, due to the inclusion of so many powerful minds, there reveal many important feature which otherwise would have just concealed. Analysis can be in various forms like mock ups, analytical representations and so on. It is for this reason that Google Glass Apps Development should be done by keeping in mind proper analysis as a pre-requirement.

2.      Coding:
It is at this place, where you can decipher, how well you have worked on the analysis part. If you have done proper analysis, you can have a very good coding standard. This is because through analysis you can get rid of code redundancies, bugs to great extent. This has many advantages like your app size can be decreased to great extent, without compromising the quality of the app. Other important thing to remember while coding is to optimize the coding and take into consideration various time and space complexities related issues.

3.      Testing:
As the competition has increased to great extent, it has become very important that your app must be bug-free as much as possible. For this, it is very important to test the app properly and with all possible test cases. I have seen many developers who skip this step and then repent, when the bugs are issued by the users, which depletes the popularity of their apps.

In short, though for many people, coding is the main part of the Google glasses application development, I would suggest giving equal importance to all the three points, to make a better app.

Apps that we want on the Google Glass!

Google Glasses have quite factually sent out waves throughout the tech savoir-faire society. Everyone in tech town desires a portion of Google Glass. Of course, every innovative equipment comes with its own errors ahead of being used for a definite period of time and made into somewhat close to just the thing, but with the Glass, reviews have been rather bipolar.

Google Glass App Development

A lot of people have revealed complete loyalty towards the device while some have been very passionately grimacing over minor particulars. But in spite of everything, one thing for sure is that every time we think about the glass, there are a few specific apps that we visualize. Here is a glance on most of the apps that we all would absolutely love to see in the glass.

We’re dying to see these apps

  • Shopping apps:

These apps should have a evaluate and a live feed feature which can help us in comparing and evaluating the price differences at the item you are looking at in and around your area for that ultimate hopping experience!

  • Dating apps:

We love to love! In fact, dating happens to be a very important aspect in almost all of our lives. This is why we’d love to see Google glass app development present us with an app that helps us date. The app could have all the details about your date flashing right in front of you so that you can impress him or her quickly and easily. The app could also measure the intensity of the pupil, pitch of the tone and other such aspects to estimate if the other person is interested in you. This app might also pull up hints of stuff that you can say to your subject of interest to gain their favor.

  • Lie detector:

Every line of work needs a lie detector, so that type of an app will be an enormous help to people like teachers, doctors or just about any one.

  • Fitness apps:

These apps can be as imaginative and ingenious as Google glasses apps development can get. It will help you in uphold your fitness with no trouble and yet scrupulously.

Google Glasses App Development has been taking many immense steps to make certain that apps can be created which in fact whip up all the user hopes without a doubt, however, when it comes to Google glasses app development, nothing can be named as a certainty, because the user conduct is as yet very vague.

Apps for utility or for fun?

Well, when it comes to Google glass apps, there is no limit to the kind of stuff that can be created or used. This is why one cannot say for sure which one will be a better success, a utility app or an entertainment one. But one thing that people must consider before creating apps of any kind is that every app must be carefully created keeping in mind the fact that the device is brand new and a lot of people still don’t know how o go about using it. The best strategy is to keep everything simple to ensure that people don’t find it too hard to be able to successfully use it and have a good experience.

Winner Emerges on the Google Glasses One Day Sale Fight!

The big fight over who all could claim the glasses for themselves in the one day Google Glass sale has seen only a few winners. Although, a lot of people would have been hopeful about getting their hands on this, but only a few have been so lucky.

ESiteworld, an IT company has bagged their prize! They have gotten their own pair of Google glasses on this one day sale. It is now evident that they will be able to prepare apps with hands on experience on the device which will make their device more efficient and definitely a sure success.

What does the company have to say?

The company claims that they are extremely excited for being able to own their own Glass. It is said that they are firm believers in trying to make a big contribution towards the glass community with the help their Glass.

A spokesperson from their firm claims that they had been working on the simulator so far, but now with the device, they can actually feel the change and understand what all could go wrong while depending only on the simulator for Google Glass app development.

They state that they will be obliged to put in more and more efforts now so that they can directly see the output and perceive from the audience’s point of view what all are the things that need to be worked upon.

Knee deep in Google Glasses apps development projects, they claim that are working hard to launch some of these awesome tried and tested apps for the general public. Soon, ESiteworld will have pioneered the industry with their streamlined and effective Google Glasses App Development.

Google Glass

What are the chances of the success of this device in general?

For the most part, this gadget has been appreciated by whoever has been able to use it. Apart from a minor amount of criticism, it can be said that this gadget is very promising and is sure to do really well when you see the bigger picture.

Of course, you will find people complaining about it, but it is best to get reviews from the horse’s mouth rather than people who have never really even seen the device. Until and unless this device is made open for the public, one would not know exactly what to expect.

Many future one day sales are expected before Google goes all out and launches the Glass in the open market. Anyways, that will have bought Google enough time to work on any complaints that users must be having till then.

Creating your own application

A lot of people are sceptical about developing their own app for the Glass because they cannot appreciate exactly how big or how popular it will get in the future. However, those who begin now are sure to get a certain edge over those who don’t because they will already have gripped their customer base before their competition gets to it.

Even if you want to take some time before being completely sure about whether you are seriously interested in having your own app designed for the glass or not, it might be a good idea to spend some time in researching the potential market and the infinite possibilities that one has when it comes to the glass.

The Advantages and Popularity of The Google Glass Apps

Regarding the Google glass development is the most popular and used search engine on the internet. It is created by the Google Inc. headquarters located in the USA. Google glassware is the latest launched electronic device by the Google Inc. The device contains many web based apps. The Google Glass Apps Development is done on huge scales for introducing the latest apps. All types of web apps are nicely incorporated within the small, slim, light and portable Google glass device. It is a transparent glass device and extremely strong in texture. The device can be easily connected with any voltage of power supply.

The web developers

The Google glass apps are developed by skilled people. The software companies Hire Google Glasses Developers for the large number of projects they are getting from across India as well foreign nations. The Google glass app is based on the object oriented programming (OOP), the developers must have a very strong knowledge in the object oriented programming language. The web based programming language used for the Google apps is object oriented and quite easy to understand and implement. The developers are mostly from technical backgrounds. But fresher software developers from OOP language background are also invited by the companies.

Hire Google Glass Developer

The device

Google has recently introduced one of the slimmest and most flexible electronic devices in the world market. It will be one of the unbelieving revolutions in the electronic industry. The device is so small that it can be also worn as glass over the eyes. There is a small touch pad on the device which is used to control the whole device. There is a head mounted LED screen on the device, producing very high resolution images and graphics. The eyes are totally safe and never get tired after wearing these glasses.

The operation

The operation of the Google glassware is very easy and fast without any difficulties. The internet surfing can be done very fast with high MBPS on this little device. Very high resolution graphic and pictures are displayed very clearly on the screen. All types of movies, music and videos can be really enjoyed on this device. Pictures and videos can also be taken with the front and the rear flash cameras of the device. The electronic glassware is highly durable and immune to all types of external scratches and injuries. The office application can also be done flexibly on this device with the help of Google Glass Apps Development.

The popularity

The Google glass has gained and will increasingly gain more and more popularity in the global electronic consumer field. The software companies are largely looking to hire Google Glasses Developers for the huge upcoming projects. The amazing new apps on this device are the key factors for this popularity. The small size of the device and extensive portability add to this huge popularity. It can be easily operated by the people of all ages. The net browsing experience will reach new revolution in this electronic glassware apps system.

Hire Google Glasses Developers to Create The Apps and to Take Business to Heights

Google glasses are the wearable computer that is in the process stage by Google. This lightweight, flexible and easy to wear device can be carried to any place across the globe easily. People can perform all the tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly just by giving a voice command. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity.  People can access the internet and search any information by giving voice commands in your natural language. All the information related to the topic will be displayed on the optical head-mounted display embedded in the glasses.  The future demand for this portable computer will be massive like a regular computer. Glasses can store huge volumes of data and gives high speed internet access. Users can search information about any domain within fraction of seconds.

Unique apps created by Google Glass developers

Some of the renowned apps that are designed by Google Glass Apps Development Company have gained the eye of experts include:

MomentCamera: It is automatic camera that works by configuring this app on your Glasses. The sensors present in the glasses tell you about the best time to take the snap i.e. when the light levels are good, when the camera is in standby, when your kids are laughing or fighting.

WeatherAlert: This app gives real-time alerts about weather condition across the globe. Using this app you can know the weather status happily by sitting at your place. You need not turn on your TV to watch the weather report.

Skills and knowledge required for an App Developer

The demand for the Google Glass application developers are increasing day by day. The Google Glass Apps Development Companies have to take advantage of this new app market as early as possible to design unique, innovative and fun applications. Creating the apps for these glasses gives a different experience for the developers. So, Mobile application development companies are hiring extremely professional Google Glasses app developers, to create interesting apps that are compatible to the glass functionality and features. It is known fact that this product has already gained good response in the mobile market.

Hire Google Glass Developer

But Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the challenging and daunting task for every organization, since the project will be totally developed and managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in selection process leads to loss of revenue, reputation and customer confidence. Hire Google Glasses Developers who fulfill the below mentioned criterion

  • Should be certified in Google Glass developing and designing
  • Should have good knowledge in Java, python and Google Mirror API
  • Should be able to analyze and develop the bug free code
  • Should understand the requirements of the clients
  • Should be able to give cost effective and the best solutions
  • Should be dedicated and highly professional to handle all the project activities

The companies should hire Google Glasses Developers who are able to fulfill the above requirements to develop innovative, useful and fun applications for the forthcoming extraordinary device.

Hire Google Glasses Developers to Create Unconventional and Highly Useful Featured Apps

Google Glass Application

The basic applications that are embedded in all Google Glasses include
Google+: It allows the users to share videos, images with their friends and circles. Users can even have video calls with their colleagues. The person on the other end can experience the environment in and around you
Gmail: Allows sending and receiving messages from people. You can even delete, star, & archive the messages.
Google Now: It shows the information in and round your location according to your settings such as weather report, flight details, cricket score; stocks exchange details, calendar, etc.
Google Play Music: It allows listening to your favorite music files loaded in the Google Play library.
Some of the apps that are being developed by third parties include
Facial recognition: Identifies the faces of your friends even in the crowded areas
CNN app: It is a brilliant option for the people who want to know latest news updates. You can read the headlines, articles, etc. published in real-time in front of your eyes. You can read the news as per your preferences. It even loads the videos of the documents so that you watch the live documents without missing them i.e. in case you are away from your home
Language translation: Translates from any language to their known language easily and quickly. It allows you to read entire world and is very helpful app for the travelers.
Crystal shopper: This is a quite interesting app for every individual who shops frequently. This app scans the barcode on the product you have selected to purchase and gives all the information embedded inside the code. This even gives you the highest and the cheapest rates of the items along with the place of availability.

Requirements of a Google Glass Developers

Mobile application development firms have started hiring Google Glasses App Developers, since; the product has already gained good response in the mobile market. Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the key task for every organization, since the project will be totally developed and managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in selection process leads to loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust. Hire Google Glasses Developers who fulfill the below mentioned criterion

• Should be certified in Google Glass developing and designing
• Should have good knowledge in Java, python and Google Mirror API
• Should be able to analyze and develop the bug free code
• Should understand the requirements of the clients
• Should be familiar with two ways of writing applications for glass (Mirror API, Glass development kit).

The Companies should hire Google Glasses Developers who are able to fulfill the above requirements to develop innovative, useful and fun applications for the forthcoming extraordinary device.

Hire Google Glasses Developers To Create Amazing And User-Friendly Applications

Google glasses are next generation sensible and futuristic eye gadget. This lightweight, flexible and easy to wear device can be carried to any place throughout the world easily. People can perform various tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly. The GPS chip incorporated in this device provides easy navigation with Google maps. People can view any information on the ocular head-mounted display provided on the glasses. To make this device work you may require a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This gadget has become forefront and center of attraction in the mobile market.

Google glass apps development is increasing day by day in the technology world. The third party developers are creating wonderful free apps such as facial recognition, sharing screenshots, translating the information from unknown language to your native language when spoken or written, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader etc.  This product has gained popularity in the market before its release, so the development of apps has been accelerated. The developers are creating extraordinary apps for this wearable computer. Google standard apps such as Google+, Gmail and Google maps are being incorporated in this.Google Glass

Hiring Google Glasses developers plays a major role in the success of a project. A wrong step taken by the people may ruin the project and result in severe loss of reputation, customer trust, etc.

Skills required for Google Glass developer

To design an effective and bug free Google Glasses Development Company need to Hire Google Glasses Developers.  The major skills required for a Google Glass developer

  • Should be professional and must possess the qualification required for a developer
  • Should be a certified Google Glass developer & designer
  • Should have sound knowledge of Java and Google Mirror API

Undertaking Google Glass Apps Development by the business owners irrespective of their size can help them to earn huge profits and brand reputation.  Since, these glasses have already gained the eye of experts in the marketplace. But to venture this project business you need to have well trained and professional staff, good infrastructure, ability to deliver the task in time, give efficient, cost effective and user friendly solutions. This gadget app development company should hire an expert and professional Google app developers to give tremendous results.

Few popular Google Glass apps

Some of the apps that are being developed include

Glass pay:  This app supports on Google glass as well as on android mobiles. The users just need to scan a UPC code and deploy a shopping cart which allows them to make purchases of any product using bitcoins. They can collect the product in the centralized location

Word of the day: It sends a new word daily to your Google Glasses. It allows the users to learn and enforce new words in their daily life

VK Google Glass App: Allows sharing of memorable photos on renowned social networks quickly

Word Lens for Glass: This allows the people to translate the printed words from unknown language to their native ones. They can even translate the road signs in real-time

Now, hire Google Glasses Developers to develop or create such kind of extraordinary and wonderful apps for this fabulous device.

Google Glass Apps: Development and Designing

When it comes to development and designing of Google Glass app, it would rather be appropriate to say that these are easy to develop but difficult to design. Google Glass works on a very simple principle of technology, that it has to be there when you require it and have to go out the way when you don’t need it. People are quite fascinated about this device and its inspiring the imaginations of many people in innumerable ways. Though there are many leading brands like CNN, Facebook, Twitter etc. , who have already developed their Google Glass Apps, but many other developers are working on numerous concepts & app development ideas.

There are two significant parts of app development process – Designing of the app and code  development for the app. Since, Google Glass is also powered by Android, it won’t be very difficult for developers to become accustomed with development for a new device, however, the challenge lies in designing for completely new interface.

It’s all about User Experience

The user experience is all about designing. When you are designing for a device which people are wearing, you have to deliver an excellent service. Some important points to consider are the UI & UX design and the screen size. The screen size of Google Glass is very small and limited as compared with the screen of any contemporary device. Thus, being a developer, you have  to ensure that whatever you present on the screen is dead-drop simple, whether it’s a video, a photograph, a text or the simplest form of HTML. Google Glass designers would have to understand how to design effectively for a tiny screen with new paradigms and new ratios for user device interaction. For helping developers and designers, Google has already developed some handy templates.

Google’s Cards

What you actually see on the display of Google Glass are known as “Cards”. They are more TV shaped, than computer screen or phone-shaped. Though, these are packed right next to your eyeballs, they are much smaller in size than you can imagine.

Application Development

Currently, the only way to indulge in Google Glass Apps Development using the Google’s Mirror API. However, Google is planning to introduce its Google Glass SDK, that is, a full-fledged software development kit.  Once this kit arrives, it will be much easier to develop captivating apps for Glass. With the Mirror API, the developer’s service does communicates directly with Google’s Glass devices. Instead, the service “communicates to” Google Services which sync with the Google Glass device in question. The three common technologies which facilitate this include OAuth, JSON and REST.

But, there is no native API developed so far, which can help developers to access the hardware or work offline, but many techies are anticipating the Google Development Kit will sort out these issues. So, if you want to develop a Google Glass App and need to Hire Google Glass Developers, you must ensure that the developers are well versed with these technological specifications.