Coming out of the Myths associated with ColdFusion

Working in the digital world has opened up avenues that no one would have over thought possible. Each day bring in new and futuristic technologies that help humans achieve much more than they could in the yester years.

The internet has played a significant role in ensuring that productivity and profitability can both increase at an unprecedented rate. This is probably why more and more web developmental technologies are becoming indispensable.

ColdFusion is one such programming platform. Being a ColdFusion Programmer for close to a decade I hate it when people come up with the silliest myths about it. So, here’s clarifying some of the myths that encircle ColdFusion.


Speed Hassles

The most spoken about downside of ColdFusion is that it is incredibly slow. I really don’t see how any ColdFusion Development Company of any repute could deliver a website backed by ColdFusion ‘slower’ than one developed in any other. Of course, if you continue to write malfunctioning code that keeps on looping on the previous codes in order to perform it will end up looking like an overall slow process.

So, what I am suggesting here is that if a developer cannot do the job right, it isn’t the fault of the platform itself. The same problem can happen in Ruby or even PHP. That clearly means that before you can shift the blame up to ColdFusion, it is best that you find a credible ColdFusion programmer.

Security Issues

I could seriously kill someone if he said this to my face. I have been associated with a ColdFusion development company for the better part of 8 years and have delivered projects to many customers not one of which has ever complained about security. Strange that only people who haven’t used it are in a position to complain about it.

Essentially, it is not the responsibility of the platform to password protect your administrator, just as it is not the fault of the processor of your laptop if you don’t password protect it. Security issues can happen across any platform if the administrator doesn’t handle it properly. NOT the platform’s fault.

Costly Affair

Okay, cutting my aggression a little slack, ColdFusion may not be the cheapest developmental platform, but it is surely the best! It is obviously an expensive platform as compared to PHP; however, one must remember that it is a Rapid Application Development Platform which allows a ColdFusion programmer to deliver results quicker than any other. And of course, the faster your end product is completed and launched, the lesser is the overall money spent.

The ultimate solution

The final solution to all these problems is to be able to locate a decent ColdFusion Development Company that offers high end services at affordable prices. Ensure that you focus on the programmer and his capability rather than only thinking about the money involved. You might find ultra cheap services somewhere but you don’t want to suffer in the longer run just because you chose not to spend right now.

Ideally you should research the internet for good developers in and around your area. I would suggest that you keep the freelancers at bay if you are a small or medium sized business owner because of reliability issues. However, if you do strike gold, don’t skip it!

Enjoy A Secure Platform and Simplicity of Working with ColdFusion Development

I have been into web development for over a decade now and have played around with just about all programming languages. I have dabbled in PHP, spent significant time working on ASP and other languages. However, just recently, I jumped onto the bandwagon of ColdFusion.

During my initial introduction with ColdFusion, I literally thought it was not worth the effort and instantly displayed by annoyance. I did not find anything at that point to attract the programmer in me. Though some of my fellow counterparts were using the technology already, I being seasoned to work on ASP for most of my projects, found the alternative ugly and difficult to shift instantly.

There may be various programmers across the continents who had to face such instances in the past. I am speaking about shifting to some new technology or language for web development purposes. All might vouch for the fact that it is never easy to do this, as you are used to spend continuous hours of toiling on mastering one specific language. Finding yourself confronted with new territory is never easy. You feel yourself in foreign grounds; lost a bit. This is exactly what I faced when asked to opt for ColdFusion.

The Transition

It has been just over an year now, and I find myself as a complete ColdFusion Developer. Yes, you read correctly. I have now made ColdFusion my preference, though I still speak about using ASP with fellow programmers. Our organization too has started using the tag of a ColdFusion development company. Things change swiftly; however, this transition gave me a lot in terms of a cleaner, faster and most importantly, a cheap alternative to develop web projects. If you are someone who is facing the trauma faced by me a year and half back, you may feel skeptical; however, when you complete reading this extract, I am sure you will see light at the other end; the bright light of ColdFusion development.

Background Check

Besides having a history spanning changes and acquisitions, ColdFusion has become a language for RAD (Rapid Application Development). ColdFusion is able to accomplish this feat with the provision of tag-based usability, familiar to HTML coders or programmers.

Originally developed and designed by Allaire brothers in the year 1995, ColdFusion was later purchased by Macromedia. Just as other web languages, the intention of this language was the provision of a method of speaking with databases and the displayed data for a ColdFusion developer. Though this language was not advanced in its initial days, it was simple to understand and implement.

Enhancement in Security

It is an unfortunate truth that most individuals do not give prominence to security concerns and think it is an afterthought in website application development. Average users tend to build their sites first and then hunt for problems related to security. However, according to me, this is a very bad idea and method to follow.

Security is an aspect that you need to consider in your mind before starting your web development, during it, and also after completion of the project. A ColdFusion Development Company will however rely on the the language for this, as it offers the developers a secure platform for building applications. One of the prominently visible aspect is the installer prompting to lock your server. The option of “Secure Profile” will preset different settings on your server for locking it down and prevent usual errors.

I strongly recommend the use of ColdFusion, simply because of the ease of using it and the immense potential it renders to developers. However, you need to try it yourself before believing me. I bet you will love it!

ColdFusion Experts: Where Half Knowledge Counts!

ColdFusion has been a popular development language since the quarter of the last decade. Of course, owing to the fact that technology is an ever moving river, whatever is new and happening today, will soon wear out to give space to that which is new. I know it hurts to know that Murphy’s Law is most prevalent in the field of IT. That moment when you think you have the latest gadget, you end up finding out that something new has already been launched.

ColdFusion too began as a humble project to facilitate developers. However, today it has taken form of a full fledged development language to carry out complex functions as well as simple activities.

The know it all syndrome

More often than not, most people choose to hire ColdFusion developers who have adequate experience in multiple languages. However, it is somehow not so clear why they would do that. One thing that we all must know as aspiring web entities is that knowing everything about something is more important than knowing something about everything.

This is what I call the ‘know it all syndrome’. People simply assume that a person who knows a little about too many things will be able to handle their project efficiently. Whereas, in my experience I can confirm that quite the opposite stands true.

The right ColdFusion Development Company for your business

I know you must be thinking that I have been ranting about all the things that people do and don’t without delivering a solution. Don’t worry your answer’s coming. The best way to Hire ColdFusion Developer is to go through a company.

I personally have nothing against freelancers, but time has proven that freelancers are a little too free and might not be able to dedicate as much importance as required for a project that is important for your business.

You can rely on the popular search engines to find and provide you with a list of the high ranking ColdFusion Development Companies. You can go through the list and based on their service offerings and your requirements you can settle on the one you want to task with your project.

What should the search criteria be?

I have been approached on multiple instances to help with sourcing of the right candidate for a number of IT requirements. This is because people, who have a core business which does not belong to this domain, do not have too much idea about what are the key things to look for in a candidate or a company.

Regardless of any other practice that you employ the one most important thing that will facilitate your search is research. I know this is something everyone must have told you about. Research is the most important step towards getting the right solution. The better your research is, higher are your chances of benefiting. You have to know about the company’s experience and their history of work to know if you are happy with it. Also research a little about ColdFusion so that you can understand what you are getting into.

Why Some People Hate ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is one of those technologies that have had a love hate relationship with the world of development. It works in waves, you know, where once there is a huge surge of ColdFusion web development, and then there is an utter lull. However, being in this field for a little over a decade, I would often wonder, how can a technology be hated so much even though it offers such great results?

Now, obviously, anyone in the blue nowhere cannot last with only one programming language, so bread and butter wasn’t a problem, however, I was always faced with an itch so as to what makes people dislike a technology so powerful and beautiful. This led me through a vast phase of research and referral where in stomped though directories and forums of details to understand what the people wanted.

My search made me stumble upon certain facts like:

The world is driven by rumors

It’s true! What I found out was that for the most part a lot of things that made people dislike ColdFusion, did not even exist. There are myths around ColdFusion that state it is not secure or even susceptible to complicated coding, but it is absolutely incorrect

It is difficult to find a reliable ColdFusion development company

Now, this is a real problem. Owing to its features and flexibility, sometimes business owners specifically look to have their site developed in ColdFusion, but the panic caused by the myths along with the difficulty in looking for the right company and in time discourages the developers to a large extent.

Not much is known about ColdFusion Web Development

Although I hate to admit it, but it is really difficult to find some authentic and genuine details about ColdFusion online easily. Technically sound people know the right kind of words to search with and therefore are able to extract some details but a layman world never even have heard of ColdFusion web development in his daily life. Some people still associate it with the whole nuclear reactor thingy.

So, how to sort the problem?

To begin with, let me show you what ColdFusion really is.

It is essentially a programming language that helps developers create stunning websites with outstanding features so that your business can do extraordinarily well. You can create websites and web applications with ColdFusion if you hire a professional ColdFusion Development Company at very affordable rates.

The chief advantages of working with ColdFusion include:

  • Reliability
  • Better runtime performance
  • Security
  • Ease of use and access

Why it is my favorite?

ColdFusion happens to be my personal favorite development language because it is easy to understand and work with. Of course there are things that I have to be really skilled at if I want to make the most of it, but that isn’t the fault of the code itself.

ColdFusion offers limitless possibilities. It presents you with the scope of creativity combined with feasibility which is a fail proof formula for a successful outcome. I have made many projects in ColdFusion for clients all over the world and not one of them has ever complained.

Also, editing and making changes is a cake walk with respect to ColdFusion web development. I personally love it, and would always advocate for it. Try it out to know what I mean!

Is Coldfusion the Right Choice for You?

The present times have presented us with a situation where every technology has something to beat it. There is always something that is better than the present one and therefore the whole confusion. I can tell you that in my career I have worked with many different development languages and the moment I felt that I had finally mastered one; its trend would fade away and make way for something new.

This is why, I guess, every ColdFusion Development Company enables you to Hire ColdFusion Developer with experience in various versions so that you can pick one that suits your requirements. Although most people opt for the latest versions, sometimes, it is okay to go with the older ones (in order to save some money) if it is really not needed.

The Core Role of ColdFusion

As many would know, ColdFusion is a development language. But, if I was to explain its original role, then we could say that it is more like a web development tool that enables a ColdFusion Development Company to offer people web based solutions. Built on the J2EE platform it is a RAD language.

The most important thing that sets ColdFusion apart from other development languages is that it is truly multipurpose in nature. It is a language, an application server and also a web hosting tool. Some people do think that it is a little expensive, but then, if it brings you a great web presence then it is an investment worth making. If you hire the right ColdFusion developer he can transform your concepts into robust web based solutions that can augment your company’s profitability.

Why Choose ColdFusion

The only reason people get discouraged from using ColdFusion is the price associated with it. However, there are so many advantages to it that once you know about it fully, there are no doubts you will opt for it.

Richer Apps: you can get much richer apps with better features with ColdFusion

Efficiency: It is highly efficient thereby increasing your profitability

Compatibility: it is completely compatible with many popular server operating systems.

Ecommerce websites: You can make the best of eCommerce web sites with the help of cold fusion.

Languages: you can create the option of multiple languages in a website with the help of ColdFusion.


Using ColdFusion for your site or not is completely your decision to make however, one thing to note is that are you well researched to take a right call? If not, sit down and make a list of your expectations and requirements from the site.

You have to know what you want from it before indulging in that field. So once you have clear and crisp idea about what you would want it to be like, then you can easily step forth and instruct your developer to follow your directions.

Basically it is all too nice to rely on the information being given to you by your developer, but after all it is your online impression that we are talking about and so it is essential that you are actively participating in the process, lest someone take you for granted.

Treading your Way to the Right ColdFusion Development Company

ColdFusion Development makes use of the very popular, very fast and very effective ColdFusion technology. ColdFusion helps development of graphically appealing, entertaining, engaging and dynamic websites and web applications. Clients seeking ColdFusion developers as well as developers themselves recommend this language for building web applications across a variety of industries and business scales. ColdFusion is compatible across a broad range of operating systems and server technologies. The pace of ColdFusion development has increased in recent times as advanced versions of this technology have facilitated creating dynamic apps through rapid application development.

Choosing a ColdFusion Development Company can often be a risky call for clients. This is because today the market if flooded with development companies that offer these kind of services and choosing the best out of these is sometimes difficult for clients. It is also a big question as it involves a lot of money, time and costly resources. But there a lot of ways clients can check the credibility of a ColdFusion development company. The first step involves visiting the company’s website and verifying since when has it been actively involved in the industry. Next is to skim through the portfolio of the company to check how diverse assignments have they taken up and how well have they performed over the years. It is not essential, but it would be better, if clients could also get to speak to past clients of the company and ask for a review. Past experiences greatly strengthen the bond of future relationships with the same company.

Further its the strength of the workforce. ColdFusion Developers can differ in their skill to understand, creativity and innovative techniques. Arrange for an interview with the developer and get to know how capable he is to handle the task that you have to offer. And lastly, clients look for companies that are pocket-friendly. So check for how flexible the company is with respect to payments and what are the pricing models. Select the one that suits your needs the best.

So, now you get how easy it is to select a development company if you have the right steps in place. Make sure you make a thoughtful decision, the next time you decide to build a ColdFusion application.