What Makes ColdFusion Development a Better Choice than PHP Development?

The world of technology is rules by the codes that are written in order to ensure that the things that are intended are happening in the right way. This is probably why developers and software programmers have become so popular in the recent times.

Having said this, it is obvious that more and more people resort to PHP for all their coding requirements. PHP is reliable and robust and many big web names like Facebook have taken its refuge.

ColdFusion VS PHP

However, gone are the days when a particular language would help in sorting just about any problem. The requirements of a user have increased. People are constantly on the lookout for something new. In this quest for new, it becomes close to impossible to satiate every need with the same old means.

Hence as the decade takes a turn, the new face of ColdFusion emerges as the new favorite. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to ColdFusion Development for their web development requirements.

Why this over that?

There is no real answer to this question because the quality and usability of any technology is extremely subjective. How good or how bad a particular language or development platform is will depend on the needs of the user.

However, there are certain basic principles which make the ColdFusion Developer a better choice than a PHP developer. These reasons are listed below.

Developer friendly

ColdFusion is often regarded as a very developer friendly language because it is extremely easy to learn and very easy to read as compared to PHP. Any developer with any reasonable amount of knowledge in web development can very well become a ColdFusion developer within not more than 2 months.

Less Code

PHP is an intricate language that involves writing a lot of codes. However, unlike this, ColdFusion requires a lot less toil with respect to writing codes for effective development. This ultimately ends up saving a lot of time for both the entrepreneur whose project it is, and the developer who is creating the site.

User Friendly

When it comes to the user interface, it is very important that the user can actually modify or even control the site as the administrator comfortably. ColdFusion allows the developers to help in creating an interface that is extremely user friendly making the user in absolute control of his website.

Custom Tags

ColdFusion offers something known as the “custom Tags”. These custom tags are created in order to help you ease the act of managing and accessing the website templates. Hence, you no longer have to keep calling the IT professionals to help you access your own site.


Creating the site is not enough. One has to observe special caution regarding its integration. ColdFusion is very easy to integrate with Flex which makes it not only easy to work with but also aesthetically sound.

On the whole, with a good developer in your team, nothing can be too difficult; however, it is of critical importance that you know your own expectations from the site before you take the plunge!

Coldfusion Development V/s PHP: Which One to Go For?

Amid all the confusion of which one ranks amongst the top development technology today, ColdFusion has become my favorite. I simply adore it because it is simple, effective and not so expensive. I mean, in my line of profession, we come across many clients who are not particularly sure about what they want, but they keep asking what to go for, what not to do and how to proceed with web development.

Actually the most that people have heard of is PHP and how great it is so clients keep asking me to work with PHP only. However, when I sit with them and explain to them the pros and cons of both, they happily agree with me to use ColdFusion.

Can we rule them as one better than the other?

For the most part, no. When we talk about two different technologies, I would urge you to never compare between them. They are essentially created for different purposes. Before you decide to go for one option, you have to understand the role you want your website or web application to play and then based on your requirement choose a language which will facilitate you to get best results.

Why I suggest ColdFusion to most Clients?

Although I said that we should not compare between two languages, it is of utmost importance that we consider our options in terms of resource and time availability before we decide to settle on a particular technology.

I love PHP, but I find that ColdFusion has an edge over PHP in a few respects. Following is a list of my observation:

  • Requires much less coding
  • Offers a much clearer and neat and clean presentation
  • splendid amalgamation with PDF’s and SWF’s
  • It is essentially tag based which makes it easy to learn. If you already know html, then you can easily become a ColdFusion Developer
  • It has in built charting,
  • It also bears an in built XML integration ,
  • Has an in built read and write registry
  • carry out programs and batch files on the server,
  • POP mail recovery
  • Better session management as compared to PHP which uses the file system making it incredibly slow and not at all flexible.

Which one is more Cost effective?

When it comes to a cost analysis I would have to agree that both are pretty much the same. The only difference is probably because ColdFusion happens to be a little simple and therefore its turnaround time is faster. So if you have hired an hourly developer or something, then PHP would be an expensive option.

One word of caution, you have to be very careful about how you select your developer. In the present times, it is easy to get cheated. Be careful of selecting an appropriate ColdFusion developer so that your final product is a success.

What Makes Coldfusion 9 your Best Business Decision: Top New Features!

ColdFusion web development has been the benchmark of business friendly technology since a very long time. However, in spite of its many advantages, there are a few things that have been worrying people since some time. In order to overcome these problems, the ColdFusion 9 comes fully equipped with all the latest features that can make the most out of your products.

The First Complaints

If you have been using ColdFusion Web Development at all, you will understand that the most predominant complaint about it is to do with the tag based CFML language. It may be easy for people used to HTML, but it is very tedious for others because it is lengthy and its tag syntax is excruciatingly long-winded.

This problem has been corrected by adobe and it thereby allows you to write codes in both CFML or even CFScript. CFScript is essentially an ECMA-like scripting language. Using this helps in speeding up the process of coding to a large extent when non visual components like ColdFusion Components (also known as  CFCs) are involved. People who have been using the older version can appreciate the kind of boon this one is. It even means that people comfortable with ActionScript or JavaScript can be comfortable in it.

The lack of a decent library

The latest addition of the Java Hibernate object-relational mapping (ORM) library solves another very pungent complaint that was raised by its earlier users. With this, ColdFusion is able to abstract a lot of the complexity of the Hibernate away making the simple API available which in turn allows you to load and save the CFCs to a relational database. This means you can actually build an object without having to think about the database at all. It also ensures that Hibernate can translate the particular model into a schema automatically. A ColdFusion Developer will now also be able to build robust domain models absolutely effortlessly by engaging nested transaction and hooks within the hibernate event model.

Export to Excel

Having been into the realms of technology for so long, I can tell you that the most irritating and tedious tasks of all was the step of ‘Export to Excel’. It is simple so long as you are making an HTML table but the moment you get involved in creating something of a slightly higher complication like the Apache POI to create worksheets and formulas; it will take forever for you to actually be able to undertake the export. ColdFusion 9 will happily surprise you with something called the cfspreadsheet tag that will deliver you off this terrible process. This tag is complemented with a host of different functions that will enable you t carry out any number of manipulations with the sheet with absolutely no trouble altogether. Any Coldfsion Developer will tell you how helpful this new feature is.

On the whole, the new ColdFusion 9 is power packed with some of the best features all set to put it back to the top of the shelf for every web developer today.

What is ColdFusion Application Development?

Today’s technology advancement offers many different development platforms for web application and website development and the most popular among them is ColdFusion development. This amazing platform provides a lot of features and functionality for creation of dynamic, feature-rich websites and web apps. It was developed way back in 1995 and since its inception; it has evolved as a preferred option for web development by developers and users.

ColdFusion Development simplifies connecting HTML pages and databases. Latest versions of ColdFusion allow integration various types of applications, animation tools into the website that improves the functionality of the site and makes it more interactive and engaging for the users. Animation tools like Flash, Java and other interactive elements like videos can be embedded within the website to increase its use and make it more entertaining.

ColdFusion can turn out to be a little costly for the average user, but the features and flexibility provided by the technology certainly outweigh its cost. It is a highly reliable, faster and performance-oriented technology for business and corporate purposes. There are a lot of web development companies that offer ColdFusion web development and ColdFusion hosting services. However, selection of such a company for your own website can be a little time-consuming.

Certain offshore web development companies offer these services at very reasonable rates and easy payment options and engagement models. Customized ColdFusion development can be easier through a Hire ColdFusion Developer model. This allows one developer to dedicatedly work on a single project at a time so that he can focus and give his best to the job. Also, clients can remotely monitor the entire project and stay updated on the development status. This model is flexible in terms of carrying out changes in the website at any given point in time. As the client and developer are constantly in touch with each other through instant messengers and emails, communication is very transparent in this model and it also ensures that the development happens in the virtual presence of the client.