How does the uber mobile app clone work

The number of times I have pulled my hair on how to style it is uncountable. In my line of business, I have the privilege of being invited to lots of parties at the last minute, which leaves me little time to go to a stylist to get my hair done. When I have taken the initiative to go to the salon, the queue has been endless. Now, thanks to an Uber mobile app clone look alike, I no longer dread the time when I get an invite to a party.

Now it is child’s play to get my hair done and no one would ever realize that all I had was two hours to get home, shower and put on my glad rags and style my hair.

I go through their profiles and pick one that suits my requirements best.

Factors to be noted for Uber mobile app clone

How the uber mobile app clone helps me decide which is the most suitable one for me?

  • All stylists uploaded their portfolio on the app so that I can see the services they provide, alongside their picture too. Their profile helps me a lot in choosing the right hairstylist for my hair. While having a look at their portfolio if I find any hairstyle suitable for me, I can choose that same stylist too.
  • Clients that have previously used the stylists have rated and reviewed them. Thus making it easy for me to pick the best one. These reviews and rating are very true as these are placed by the people who already received the services from hairstylists who are registered on an uber mobile app clone.
  • All stylists have their own rates according to their services that help you to pick the one that you can afford. Their cost depends on their services, if these hairstylists services are average, the cost will also be nominal. And if the services are best in class, the price may increase. The number of services may also make differences in price. The more you select the services, the more will have to pay.
  • I can see where they are located according to my location. That will help me to know their accurate estimation of distance. I can get the idea that how far they are from me and how much time it will take them to reach me?

How does the beauty uber iOS clone script operate?

  • Log in to the app. Sign up through social site options of Facebook and Google+ if you do not like filling up the long personal detail form. Or else,  simply register through your phone number via OTP method.
  • Select the date and time of your service as well as your addresses. You can save multiple addresses for receiving instant service wherever you want.
  • Choose your stylist after going through their profiles and reviews. Their profile and their portfolio will give you a very good idea to select the services. The reviews and rating will provide you vital information while choosing a right hairstylist.
  • The stylist will accept your request and his or her arrival time be displayed on your phone screen. With all the necessary details of that same service provider.
  • The stylist will arrive at your doorstep and style your hair. If you wish to get a couple of extra services, you can get it availed through adding services in the uber mobile app clone.
  • Once the job is done, the stylist will click on “Job Complete” on the app. The payment will automatically be credited to his or her account. This amount that will be credited to their account will include the service charge as well as a tip too.
  • You are ready to rock the party
  • Whatever your experience of the stylist, feel free to review and rate him or her. The review and rating will actually explain the other client or user that how good or bad the services were of that same stylist.

Invest in the beauty app and run your own on-demand salon

One area of business that will never become extinct is the beauty business. Women invest hundreds of pounds every week in beauty treatments and products. Men have also started doing the same. It is, therefore, a no-brainer that if you wish to start your own online beauty salon, then the time is right. You can step into the market but make sure that you have a license to provide these services to the customers. To offer these services, you should be highly trained in the services that you will be offering. It is important because if anything wrong happens while doing the job and your client complains about you, your license will the savior for you.

uber mobile app clone


The usual modus operandi of salons is that you need to book an appointment in advance. Good salons usually have a waiting list. By creating an on-demand beauty service, you are getting beauticians to clients on the clients’ terms and timings. This in itself will be the revenue generating point for your business.

Moreover, the on-demand concept is fairly new and not many people are aware of it. This is an area that has big potential. You will definitely be securing your future with the beauty of the Uber mobile app clone. Like in any other industry, the sooner you enter it, the better will it be for you. So, don’t waste time and get on it NOW!



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