Reasons Why You Should Start an App-Based Business in Brazil


Brazil is popular all over the world as an emerging economy and is known for the hospitality it offers its travelers.

All these reasons make it a rich hub for travelers and budding entrepreneurs alike. However, it is important to remember that before you start a business in Brazil, you adapt to its culture so that you can understand the place better along with understanding the needs of the people living there. 

But the question that comes to the mind is that why should a budding entrepreneur start their app-based business in Brazil? Well. the answer is simple since people in Brazil have incorporated smartphones in their daily life thus it becomes essential that you start your app-based business there. 

app-based business in brazil

Some of the other reasons why entrepreneurs should consider starting an app-based business in Brazil are explained in the section below. 

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Starting an App-Based Business in Brazil

Possesses a Huge Economy

Brazil is famed as being an emerging economy as well as being the fifth most populated country in the world after India and China. Thus, since it possesses such a huge economy, it becomes imperative that you start your app-based business there so that you are able to get more attention for your business. 

Largest Number of Smartphone Users

Brazil, as mentioned earlier, is an emerging economy and thus has the maximum number of smartphone users. According to a survey, over 71 percent of Brazilians own a smartphone in comparison to those owning a laptop. Thus, due to the high penetration rate of smartphones into the lives of Brazilians in comparison to other emerging economies like India where the number of users using a smartphone is around 40 percent, it becomes essential that you start an app-based business there. 

A large number of Internet Users

According to a survey, it was reported that Brazilians spending over nine hours on the internet in comparison to the USA having consumers spending over six hours and the UK having consumers spending only five hours. Another interesting point to note is that over ninety percent of internet users living in Brazil use a smartphone to access online services. Thus, with all these figures in mind, it becomes essential thus for you to start an app-based business in Brazil.

Brazilians and their Shift towards Global Brands

Since Brazil has the maximum number of internet and smartphone users, they have slowly started making their shift towards global brands and have started becoming aware of the latest trends and the new innovations that help people all over the world which in turn makes it essential for you as a budding entrepreneur to start and set up an app-based business in Brazil. 

Thus, to sum up, we can conclude by saying that Brazil is a rich hub that will help you gain more users and earn great revenues. So, if you are planning to start an app-based business in Brazil, it is the best idea that you could have as it is going to exponentially transform your business by rewarding you with maximum users and maximum profits and revenue, both at the same time. 

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