Never Says No To Alcohol Lovers Build Saucey Clone App To Boost Your Alcohol Business

Alcohol and wine are the must-have things when it comes to socialize and celebrate in most countries. Moreover, it has become a norm to keep alcohol when friendly get-togethers are happening. To provide the convenience of buying wine and alcohol launching an on-demand alcohol delivery app can be highly profitable.

Why Build Saucey Clone App For Your Alcohol Business?

Saucey Clone App is going to play a vital role in advancing your alcohol business. Your business can achieve exponential success by providing on-demand wine and alcohol to the customers.

The new generation of users demands ease and convenience. And what can be the better way to serve them on-demand liquors of their choice. Saucey Clone App can provide them with a wide range of alcohol and wine brands to choose from, offering great convenience to alcohol lovers.

Key Features To Have In Saucey Clone App

Customer Panel

Quick account setup

The user can signup and register via social media accounts, allowing them with the quick registration process

Browse liquor stores

It provides a range of liquor stores from the nearby locations

Advance search

The refining filter allows the user to search the liquor brands, making it easy to add them to the cart

Make online payment

Flexible, secured multiple payment options allow the user to pay for the cart items with ease

Real-time tracking

The feature allows the user to track their order on a real-time basis. The geo-tracking feature enables the user to know when their order is arriving.

Real-time notifications

The feature notifies the customer about their present orders, promo codes, and discounts, any new service launch so that they can avail themselves accordingly.

wine delivery app

Liquor Store

Staff management

The store owner can manage the details of the staff members from the dashboard.  Staff profiles, their availability, leaves, work hours, and so on can be viewed and managed.


The store owners get the updates on a real-time basis knowing the amount of the liquor present. The feature helps in keeping the stock updated so that customers do not face any inconvenience caus

Order management

The feature allows the store owners to keep track of the incoming and outgoing orders on the real-time basis


The feature allows the store owners to keep track of every order service payment, thus enabling them to know the monthly /quarterly profits.

Real-time tracking

The store owner can track the order, whether it has been delivered, on the way, or delayed.

Delivery Agent Panel

Set profile

The delivery drivers cansignup, register, and set their profiles filling in primary details.

Upload documents

The feature allows them to upload their driving-related documents for verification. Once they are done they can start immediately.


Allow the delivery drivers to set the availability as per their convenience.

GPS tracking

The feature helps the driver to get the right route free from traffic jams and roadblocks.

Delivery order update

It allows sendingthe notification to the users and the store owners updating about the orders.

Admin Panel

  • User profile management
  • Store owners management
  • Delivery fleet management
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Earning management
  • Cost management

The Cost Of Developing Saucey Clone App

The cost of developing an app like Saucey has to undertake a lot of factors. The app development company you are approaching, geographical locations, the technology used to build an on-demand alcohol delivery app, the OS platforms, features, user-interface, and so on. Discuss your alcohol delivery app concept with the app development team to get the right guidance.

However, developing Saucey Clone alcohol delivery App is way lesser than the one you invest in making right from scratch.

Summing Up

Now that you have better clarity of how an on-demand Alcohol delivery app can scale up your business, all you need to do is collaborate with the right app development company.

Take the live demo to know the app functioning. The app development company should be selling you a white-label solution that is customizable and scalable to accommodate your future business needs. Since it is a ready-made solution it hardly takes a week to install and launch your app in the Play Store/ App Store. Additionally, if you wish to integrate with other on-demand options you can buy the “Deliver All” on-demand app that comes integrated with 10 store delivery options enabling your business to generate more profits, creating a multiple steady cash flow income.

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