Streamline Your Salon Bookings By Developing Salon Iris Clone

We know for the fact that mobile apps have made our lives easier. The beauty of these apps is we can book and order anything on the go. These On Demand Apps have been a blessing during the Pandemic hit. People were forced to stay indoors thus, helping people in delivering daily essentials and other necessities on time.

Looking at the lucrative usage of these On-Demand Apps and the way it reaps huge profits, entrepreneur loves developing one for their business. Out of all business segments, Online salon booking is the one trending the most.

The On-Demand Salon Booking App eliminates the need to call the salon and wait for the operator to book the appointment. At times, people are unaware of special offers which customers miss. Hence, the time has come to bye-bye to the traditional way of booking an appointment, and welcome the new age “ Salon Iris Clone” Online Salon Booking App.

The Advantages Of Launching Salon Iris Clone App

  • The app increases the number of salon booking thus resulting in higher profits
  • The app can further increase online visibility by creating responsiveness and notifying the clients about special deals, launching of new services, etc.
  • It encourages your customers to book their salon appointments by offering flexible time slots
  • Earn more profits by placing ads, running loyalty programs, charging a commission on every booking placed, and so on.
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The Prominennt Features Of On-Demand Salon Iris Clone

For The Customers

Registration and login – The users can authenticate their app registration using any of the social media accounts, email id, or phone number.

Search beauty services – The search filter enables the user to browse a wide range of salon services in their nearest location.

Preview salon service provider details –  The filter allows the users to review the salon service details, pricing, ratings, etc.

Salon appointment bookings – It lets the customer book appointments quickly through Salon Iris Clone App. Apart from On-demand, the app lets them “Book Now Schedule later” appointments.

Easy payment – The app comes integrated with secured multiple payments that allow the customers to pay with ease.

In-app chat – The feature allows your customers resolve their queries speaking to the customer care.

Rating system – The user provides feedback and rating about the app and services booked.

For Beauty Professionals

  • Registration
  • Profile management
  • View salon booking requests
  • Scheduling the appointments
  • In-app chat
  • Earning management
  • Reviewing feedback and ratings

For Admin

The dynamic, rich-featured panel lets the admin manage Service providers and users profiles. Furthermore, it provides insights on day to day salon activities, handle promotional campaigns, manage earnings, add/modify/delete the features, as well as pricing to improve the app efficiency.

Initiating Your Salon Iris Clone Online Salon Booking App Development?

Approach a professional, experienced app development company to discuss your app idea. Before you go on and finalize the On-Demand Salon Iris Clone App, go through their live demo that gives you the right idea.

Thus, depending on the type of features and its complexities, app development can be expensive. Thus, having made a Salon Iris Clone App can help you launch your online salon booking business in just 5 days. Because, it is a ready made clone solution, it has a user-friendly interface like that of an original app.

Furthermore, you can expand your On-demand business by developing Deliver All – a store based On-demand app where you place an order from your nearby Stores.

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