Taxi Booking Software – End to End Solution for Hailing A Ride

Ride sharing has become a favorite alternative for desperate commuters. who do not want the stress of driving on the busy roads, nor want the inconvenience caused by public transport. Ride sharing not only provides a convenient and cost effective mode of commuting but also it is easily available. The positive attitude embraced by commuters towards ride sharing has created a need for ride hailing platforms. Commuters can easily offer or accept rides with other commuters going in the same direction. If you are a keen fan of ride sharing and want to do your bit for the environment but make a bit of money too for your efforts then investing in a taxi booking software is the perfect venture for you.

Let’s get to know a few facts about ride sharing before we get on headlong into the business side.

The implications of Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is a concept whereby the car owner/driver picks up one or more passengers who want to go in the same area as the owner/driver. The other passengers contribute a nominal amount to cover fuel, wear and tear and parking costs to the car owner.

Ride sharing is actually a very economical and convenient mode of travel for a lot of people.

Process of a successful ride share

    • Driver updates the travel route/destination, as well as available seats, on the app so that potential carpoolers can decide if they can ride share with him or not, along with the fares.
    • Passengers search for drivers going in the same direction as them
    • Passenger gets in touch with the driver who is taking the route the passenger wants to go on
    • Driver picks up the passenger at the pre-agreed location point and drops them at their destination.
    • Payment is automatically made via the app once the ride share is complete.
    • The driver gets his fuel etc expenses paid
    • The app owner gets a percentage commission for every passenger who had the pleasure of a successful ride sharing experience via the app.

This way the passenger can enjoy a ride in comfort whilst the driver gets his fuel and maybe more,  paid for  – a mutually symbiotic relationship.

Advantages of carpooling

  • Eco friendly
  • Social networking
  • Economical
  • Hassle and stress free
  • Time efficient

Ride sharing – a viable concept with the current economy

Before making the investment in a taxi booking software, you first need to identify a gap in the market in line with the present economy. If you have an idea ready for launch then do some market research and address the key issues in your ride sharing application. Listed below are a few important points that you need to address before taking the plunge.

Segment identification

The first point you need to consider that ride sharing giants like Blabla and Uber are already ruling the roost. They are already addressing specific segments. However these segments will get which in turn leads to market saturation. It is therefore of immense importance that you identify your segment and work on developing it in a bid to attract clients easily. Do not follow what the established ones are doing already as their ideas have already been successfully tried and tested.

Ride Classifications

It is important to categorize your rides for maximum client reach.

Long trips

This category can include long trips like from one city to another or one country to another if you in the Euro zone. This way, new users can use services comfortably whilst choosing a specific ride.

Trips within the city

This service is beneficial to commuters who travel the same route day in day out. This way both drivers and passengers are sure that they get a ride share every day. Not only that, both will become familiar with each other if they continue using the same ride share over time.

Be smart whilst choosing your business model

The success of your business will depend on the how good your business model is, which in turn will have an impact on your marketing strategy. Check out the different models and then decide on your own modus operandi. Important elements like distribution channels, cost structure, key partners and resource elements needs to be identified for the long term planning of your business.

Market Strategy Planning

Once you have finalized the business model and decided on the type of ride sharing services you want to offer, you then need to decide on your marketing strategy.

With the current volatile market is important that you understand and explore the market properly before launching your carpooling services. It is important to check out what your competitors are doing and how you can get ahead on them in the game.

Necessary features of a taxi booking software

Search – Allows users to search for a driver going to a similar direction to the one they want to go

ID Check – A one time password system to ensure that there are no fake users

Ride tracking system – Users can track the driver and also may be able to get information on other passengers travelling with them

Emergency services – An emergency call button will link the user directly to the police station.

User history, ratings and reviews – Both the driver and the user will have access to their ride sharing history. The rating and review system will allow room for improvement in the system whilst allowing all users to screen each other based on the ratings given by others.

Ready for Launch

Many countries round the world have embraced this wonderful concept in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Carpooling or rode sharing as it is also called offers a win win situation to both the driver as well as the passengers as both ends up with a savings at the end of the day.

All yo now need to do is check out the various taxi booking software available in the market and choose the bets for your business. Worry not as ride sharing is the future of our world and therefore you will be successful.