Plunge into Google Glass App Development

Google glass is in a great conversation among the people and why not! It can accomplish many tasks in a cinch and with less efforts and user intervention. Just wear a device, as if you are using your wearing glass and see all the things happening as per your command, right in front of your eyes. You need not look for the things across your smart phones or laptops but instead just request the glassware to do the things for you and the glass as if an obedient child will get back to you with the relevant results. This was a simple example of what you can do with the glass. But there are many other astounding applications of the glass where it can prove to be a life saving one and the best example is in the medical and particularly during the surgery.

Though many advantages of the glasses are disclosed and have been incorporated in the day to day life, still many more are on the way. In fact one can come across many exceptional things that you can do with the glass. This has also given immense rise to the development of the Google glass applications.

Google Glass

Google Glass Web Development has just great future due to immense popularity of the glass. Whether it is for education purpose or in air force, everywhere the glass has shown its magical usage. Just recently I came across its usage at the airport. Yes, you can search for the parking space, the status of your flights etc. You can even estimate the fare of the travel.

Glassware App Development

  • Develop and test:  the development of the Google glass application should be quite at pace. This is because the invention is quite recent and there are so many developers who have already engaged themselves with its development. Start the development in such a way that no bugs are left uncovered. Even a minute mistake can lead your app to get rejected by the users. I would like to give you a tip here, follow the baby steps. Test each individual independent portion properly and slowly integrate them with full fledged app at the end.
  • Its glass! Yes, while developing the app you should be aware that it is just a glass and you can think of its dimension which is nearly the same as any ordinary glass. So let your app be such that it looks beautiful and worth using and seeing in that size.
  • Versions: Google glass apps are developed in android. Just take care about the stable version of the same and how compatible it will be for the glass.

Indeed the web development with Google glass is though quite emerging but will have a mammoth growth in the future owing to its outstanding features like timely information, relevant and immediate response and so on. With Google glass, really one would like to say that “Sky is the limit”. So happy Google glass apps developing!