An easier way to launch your Taxi Business online – Uber Clone Open Source implementation

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The taxi industry is no longer dependent on executing their business using personal contacts, calling and booking over the phone or waiting upon at locations where people flock. so, the means to launch your taxi business and getting online over the web channel has become very easy. Everything is readily available everywhere around you. However, … Read more

Uber iPhone App Clone – Way to success in a Taxi Business

Uber Clone for iPhone

We all are aware that more and more people are adopting the sharing economy due to various reasons and in many countries around the world, many car owners have started getting rid of their personal cars and are moving towards ride sharing and on-demand taxi services. With the increasing drive to control pollution and carbon … Read more

Beat Cab Service Business by having Uber Taxi App Clone

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The golden rule of any successful business is to beat the best. It is, therefore, important that you research well into the concept and identify areas where you can beat the rest of the competition so that you not only stand out and beat the competition but also become very successful in your venture. So … Read more

Uber for Car Wash Services – Get Quick Car Washing Facility

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Uber one of the most popular apps used for taxi booking all over the world. It has gained a huge customer base by charging reasonable rates for quality services. Diversifying into other aspects now, Uber brings you an on demand car wash app! Not only can you hire a taxi with Uber, now, you can … Read more

Build On Demand Cab Booking Script to be the Next Uber

Uber Clone App

The world is moving at a horrendous pace, with everyone wanting fast results, wanting things quickly, including wanting to be the next Uber or another similar start up quickly. Everyone wants to be valued at the $50 billion marks that Uber has done it too quickly. This is the carrot that everyone wants to take … Read more

Buy White Label Uber App Clone for your Taxi Business

White Label Uber App

It is always a good feeling to achieve something on your own. The pleasure of achievement is doubled, someone else does the hard work and you just reap the benefits. Here we discuss white label uber app clone. Being a part of any kind of business is not an easy thing. Especially if you plan … Read more