Flexible Profession of an On Demand Delivery App Clone

While some work at supermarket checkouts in the evenings, others do waiting for jobs in bars and restaurants. However, these jobs, although stable do not give you that flexibility in your hour of need like when your child is ill or you have a family emergency. Delivering for on demand delivery app clone is, therefore, a very appealing prospect for many. You set the hours, decide whether you want to work or not on a particular day and if you feel you want to pick on certain types of deliveries, you can do that too.

On Demand Delivery App Clone

The requirement for on demand delivery drivers

The first thing you need to realize is that you do not need any qualification to be a delivery driver. All you need is a vehicle – can be anything – bicycle, car, scooter – anything that allows you to be mobile. Deliveries vary and therefore you do not need to have a big vehicle for delivering stuff. There is always a requirement for small deliveries where you can easily use your cycle or maybe even walk.

The other thing you need to realize that if you own a vehicle, then you have a valid driving license and the relevant insurance documents.  The vehicle should be road worthy too and it is, therefore, important that you take your vehicle in for its regular annual service.

The minimum age requirement to be an on demand delivery driver is 19. If you are going to use a car or a similar vehicle then you need to have at least one year’s worth of driving experience. For college leavers, this is an ideal way to pass their time whilst they look for the career of their calling. Most of them have a driving license by the time they are 18 giving them that one year of driving experience before they turn nineteen and start driving for the On Demand Delivery App Clone.

If you decide to be a bike courier then you should be able to list at least 30lbs whilst if you are a vehicle courier then you should be able to list at least 50lbs.

Easy Location Tracking

For the delivery driver, the location tracking system is amazing in the drivers app. It is packed with multiple tracking and direction providing technologies. Technologies enable the delivery driver to have a visual on the location where he or she is standing. With these, the delivery driver can also take a look at the location where he or she has to deliver the delivery package.

PUBNUB is also integrated into this on demand delivery app. Now the question arises that what is PUBNUB? Well, PUBNUB is real-time location tracking technology that will allow the delivery driver to track the exact location of the person to whom the courier has to be delivered. The directions and reaching time is mentioned on the driver’s app through direction highlighting lines on the Google maps.

Overview Of Order

After accepting the delivery request, the driver can take an overview of the product. This is the product that is to be delivered at the customer’s location. Delivery drivers are allowed to take a look and get all the information of thing that they will be delivering.

This feature is very important for the delivery driver as it is essential for the safety of the driver. It is very important for them to know what is there in the courier box. If there is any illegal or dangerous thing kept inside, the delivery drivers can directly report to the legal department of the city. Or, they can even report about the person who has placed an order. they may also report that person’s location to be at the safe side.

Online & Offline Mode

Every working person needs to rest after work. So being a courier delivery service driver, you also cannot work all day long. You cannot offer your service for all 24 hours and it is obvious that you also require time to spend with your family and friends. So for that, the on demand delivery app for the driver has provided an option. Features through which you can go off duty and can spend your quality with whom so ever you want. Just work whenever you want and take off when you don’t want. Be the boss of your own, there will be no one above the head of yours.

Earn on your own terms with on demand delivery app clone

Like normal jobs, you are not tied to a desk or do not have to complete a time sheet. You can decide to drive on your time and terms. If early morning suits you, then so be it. If you fancy a nighttime prowl then there are delivery jobs for you too. Moreover, if you fancy the lunch or supper run delivering food parcels then there is definitely a need for you too, during these times.

You are your own boss – choose the hours, choose the delivery and how much you want to work. If you do not fancy driving out to deliver a little envelope, so be it.

It is now time to think seriously. Use those legs. Or get in your cycle or car. Turn them into moneymaking machines.  Get yourself registered on the on demand delivery app clone and start earning on your terms.

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