How does towing near you function?

With the growing demand for smart phone apps for just about any requirements, it is no surprise that there are many towing apps for iPhone and Android that have emerged lately. Having said that, one has to understand that the better the chances of a business being successful is completely dependent on how soon you enter such a market and how well you execute the idea of the application. This is why it is of critical significance that you spend some time in trying to understand how towing near you functions.

Components of the towing app

Registration (one-time/optional)

Customer registers on the app through email, phone number or any social media addresses like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Service selection

There is a list of services that are available through the app. The customer will be able to make a selection of the service they need from the app for example, towing, dead battery replacement, tire repair, accidental help, etc.

Share location

The app should allow the customer to share the location where their vehicle broke down.

Details of the Vehicles

Customer will be able to share his vehicle information including:

  • make
  • model
  • registration number

The user needs to fill this information just once. The app remembers the details for all future requirements.

The three faces of any Towing Apps near you

There are three primary participants in a Towing app for iPhone and Android. They are:

The User: This is the party that requires the service and help.

The Tow truck driver– This is the party that offers assistance.

The business Owner or the Application owner– This is the party who essentially owns the business.

Since there are three faces to such a system, the app has to be absolutely seamless when it works. This is why it is important that you check the app well before you make a final purchase. You should try to make sure that whoever you are purchasing the app from gives you a free demo to try out before you end up buying it.

Things to check in the Demo

Now, you got the demo, so you download the app but you don’t know what to check, right? Here are the things that you should pay attention to while checking a demo for the Towing application.

Download the Tow driver’s app

This part of the app will allow you to see the screens that the towing driver will see. You can check how he can go online and start offering his services, what are the documents that are needed by him to register with the app and other such important details.

Download the User’s App

This part of the towing apps will allow you to check how the User can request for roadside assistance instantly. It will enable them to check what all information is needed for signing up in the app and how easy (or difficult) is getting instant assistance.

Get access to the admin Panel

This is the one thing that you will have to pay maximum attention to. As an app owner you will have access to this panel. This is where you will be able to manage and monitor everything that goes on through the app. you will have to check what are all the fields that are visible in the admin panel, does it have the option of allowing you to import the reports in a format that you would like?

Also remember to get a general feel of it. Sometimes, instincts are more important than anything else. This is why it is important to check how the holistic look and feel of the roadside assistance app is. On the whole, no business is too difficult to sustain if you have the right kind of preparation for it. Just make sure that you don’t hesitate in taking your time and then finally taking an informed decision.

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