Overriding Trends of On-Demand Food Industry in 2022

On-Demand Food Delivery is a service that a worldwide audience seeks. In 2022, the sector is projected to be valued US$8,773,679 million. People spend thousands of dollars every year on Food, observing which Entrepreneurs are opting for On-Demand Food Delivery App Development. Are they, however, providing everything an App User requires to order meals and have them delivered to their doorstep? Trust me, it takes only a single delivery to make or break your reputation. Customers quickly patronize Restaurants and Food Delivery Apps that suit their needs the best!  

Well, market experts are feeling the rise of a few trends. Implementing them in your app will undoubtedly make the most sought-after On-Demand Food Delivery App.


Let me tell you something: the Foodora Clone App has been detecting these tendencies for quite some time. That is why the App has all the Advanced and Groundbreaking Features on its Food Delivery Platform you can find on at least a hundred different Apps. 

Let’s get into the in-depths of these trends!

Restricting Delivery Driver’s Fraud 

Many delivery drivers press on the ‘ARRIVED’ button on the App even when they’re miles away from the Restaurant or the Pick-up Location. Few instances happened in the past. Thus, the feature was introduced.

It is in this feature that the App Owner decides at what distance the ‘ARRIVED’ Button will activate for functioning. Say, on the Foodora Clone App, the Delivery Driver can only mark themselves ‘ARRIVED’ when they are less than 20 meters away from the Restaurant Location. 

Upload Multiple Kitchen Images 

Soon after Lockdown started lifting, people were craving to savor their favorite Sandwiches from Subway, Hot Sizzling Cheesy Pizza from Local Cafes, and their Morning Cup of Coffee from Starbucks! But, thoughts that wandered their mind was, will the food be hygienic, do the delivery drivers sanitize their hands, what if I contract this virus?

Looking after the rising concerns about Corona-related Safety, Foodora Clone App enabled Restaurants to upload multiple photos of their Clean and sanitized Workstations, regular temperature checks of their Chefs, Staff, and In-House Delivery Drivers. Multiple images were uploaded in which every staff member and driver was seen wearing a Face Mask, hand gloves, and carrying hand sanitizers.

Voice Note Instructions for the Delivery Driver 

Voice Note Instructions are easy to understand. In short, this feature helps make deliveries more comfortable for the Drivers. The App User who has ordered the Food from a nearby Restaurant can record a Voice Note giving instructions about where to keep the package, where to park near the apartment, etc.

Make sure to provide this feature under Contactless Delivery Option. Well, the App User also has the option to play and listen to the recorded Voice Note, Delete it, and Re-Record them before sending it to the assigned Delivery Driver.  


If you want to be successful, it is best to implement as per the market trends. After all, it is the Users who will use your App! So, give them every kind of comfort they deserve. 

Smart Entrepreneurs know the importance of following Trends. So, what’s stopping you from connecting with experts at On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Company? 

Get the App today if you want to Go Live with the App in the upcoming week! 

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