More to the Glass than Meets the Eye

The glass has always met with extreme reactions. Almost like beer. Some people hate it and some love it. There are no medium or mediocre reactions about it. Now you would say, who hates beer anyway! Exactly my reaction when I hear about people who don’t appreciate the Glass.

I mean look what technology has done for you. It has brought out for you some of the most important features that requires minimal human input and yet offers maximum output in terms of usability. I absolutely adore the device, and my bet is, the only people who complain about it are the ones who don’t have it or haven’t used it.

The glass is almost too farfetched and yet right there in front of your eyes guiding you to achieve whatever you want for it to. It’s wonderful. And let me tell you, the first time I ever dawned it; I was swept off my feet.

It’s like the movies, only much more real. And reality has its problems. See, the reason why people have found an excuse to complain about the glass is because they always imagined for it to be flawless. However, one must note that no technology is flawless.

Ask Nicola Tesla what all he had to do for that perfect invention. Things take time to be perfected and similarly the glass too will emerge as the most usable and flawless device of the century probably a few years afterwards.

Why the fear?

I guess most of the people who fear the glass do so because they think that the glass gives people the all Seeing Eye – a right only to be had by the gods. But, seriously! You think so! I mean, here we are talking about operational flaws of the glass and there we have a bunch of people going all religious about it.

The glass is science, and contrary to popular beliefs, it is not meant to breach your privacy or snoop around in your lives. It is meant to facilitate you to carry out a lot of processes which were previously impossible with only the mobile phones or tablets!

Google Glass Web Development

Why so serious?

There is also a section of the crowd that insists that the glass has a number of usage difficulties such as battery life and tapping the temple to get it started and the glass picking up your neighbor’s voice as well while you command it, but then, hello! It is a computer.

You give it input, it gives you output. Not like Google has refused to make any amends to it. Of course, with time they will also introduce a smother or a smarter version of the device, but for now, we must shed off all that seriousness and celebrate the thinkers and the scientists (yes, I like to call the developers scientists for all their efforts and intellect), for their unparalleled efforts to bring such a device into being.

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