Make a Valentine Special for your Partner

The 14th February comes a lot sooner than expected and everyone starts thinking about what they want to do. You can wreck your head for ideas till you turn blue in the face and you can bet that everyone else is doing exactly what you are planning. So gentlemen, turn away from the norm of Valentines, roses, and chocolates and after you have wined and dined her and she looks very disappointed at not receiving anything from you, surprise her with her own little venture – an on-demand taxi business with uber clone script.

Don’t break out in a sweat guys – it’s not as expensive as it looks. In fact, it will cost almost as much as the conventional chocolates, roses and valentines put together because these three things will be available at exorbitant prices anyway! So how will you go about it?

uber clone script

Uber clone script to the rescue this valentine

It’s actually very simple. All you need to do is invest in the Uber iPhone app clone and gift it to your lady – a present that will last her a lifetime as will the earnings she will get from it. Make her an entrepreneur and she will be in love with you forever for securing her future.

How the script will earn for your lady

For every ride that is booked through the app, your lady will get a little commission. Teach her a few tricks that she can capitalize on, like doing a Valentine promotion.

Users who are looking to take their ladies out on the town will download her uber clone app and register on it with their personal details, including their payment card details. This is definitely a good idea because the gentleman doesn’t really want to fumble about in their wallet on this evening.

Once registered, they can check out what rides are available on the day. The good thing about this app is that you get to choose your car from the selection registered. You can find your limousine, Porsche, Ferrari or any other car of your choice. I suggest a limousine because there is something that is quite intimate about this luxurious car – holding hands, and whispering sweet nothings to each other, whilst sipping on the bubbly as you ride towards your favorite restaurant. Once you have chosen your car, you can select the pickup and drop off point.

The chosen driver will be at the pickup point at the scheduled time and you can whisk your surprised lady love for that ultimate ride she has only been watching the movies.

With the uber clone script, you do not have to worry about a thing, as everything will be done automatically for you, including payment. The users of this app will thank your lady for making their Valentine special. Your lady love will think that you have spent a lavish fortune on her and secured her future.

The uber iPhone app clone features that make it a worthwhile investment

Users who are looking for a ride need not worry as the app works everywhere at all times. That is the beauty of this app – you will be able to get a ride anywhere and everywhere. Think what an impression it will create with your lady – that it is a business that she can launch anywhere. You can even give her a few better tips for launching the app in a location where on demand taxi business is quite low. Before starting up any business, proper market research is very important.

uber app clone

You should find a location where there is no taxi business available for people. Or else, the location where the price of the taxi rides is very costly. So that you can present your business model in their market. And offer all the existing services at a reduced price. It will be obvious that you will gain a huge number of customers in very less time as your services will be at an affordable price. If you will keep your commission price low then too you will be able to generate a good amount of revenue every month.

Your business will be very simple enough to understand, all you need to do is encourage people who own cars. As many drivers you will have, the more rides will be booked. For drivers, there is a different app that is also known as driver app where he or she can register themselves. Registration is a very simple process, it just requires personal information about the individual who wants to be the driver as well as the information about the ride he or she owns. Submission of the scanned copies of the ride and also the driving license copy. That’s all! That individual will be the driver of your lady’s taxi business firm.

Advanced app clone features

on demand app

Make sure you keep updating your drivers with the ride plans. Also, if the plans are changed, you should send them a copy of ride plans through alert notification. You can even message the driver if you change your plan or itinerary without alerting your partner about your plans. If you want to know in advance the damage that the ride will do to your pocket, you will get an estimated rate too at the time of booking.

A cashless ride at your budget, for that perfect date or occasion – can you ask for anything more? Make your lady happy this Valentine – you only have a couple of days before the big day. Go on, make an impression!

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