An easier way to launch your Taxi Business online – Uber Clone Open Source implementation

The taxi industry is no longer dependent on executing their business using personal contacts, calling and booking over the phone or waiting upon at locations where people flock. so, the means to launch your taxi business and getting online over the web channel has become very easy. Everything is readily available everywhere around you. However, you will have to put in a little bit of effort to make sure that you can succeed in the app based business world. The script is designed with open source technologies giving the flexibility to manage, customize and devise extensible features over time. This sounds alluring, doesn’t it? The on-demand taxi booking, rentals and product delivery of items through trucks all made possible using Uber clone open source.

The primary strategy used to launch an on-demand taxi booking app, as good as an Uber clone, as a high money grossing venture is the use of open source code script. The source code of an application is the founding ground. It is the innermost mechanism of the application that forms it.

So, if you have the source code of the application, you basically have it all. You can modify the application as per your own convenience. You can edit it, change it, enhance it and convert it to anything else that you like.

Because the application is ready, it takes just about 48 hours to provide one of the fastest time to market solution. Having the source code essentially makes you independent in terms of growing the app as per your requirements. This is why you must ensure that your solutions are always handed to you with the source code.

The primary inputs that would be needed for the site/brand owner are below

Your brand name and details 

White label the Uber clone open source app to carry your brand details inclusive of the brand logo, personalized content etc. White labeling of an app definitely ensures that you can propagate your own brand name and company name. This is to state that the website of the app also is brand with your details for maximum visibility.

The currency and language of your business need

The region where you launch your app will have different currency requirements and different language requirements. Based on where you want to set up your services, you have to make sure that your app has the language and currency requirements. Since each region is unique with respect to language. Therefore it is imperative that the applications require language and currency integration. 

Payment gateways that suit your business venture

Empower use a wide range of payment options from cash-on-hand using credit cards. This will be important as it helps you to calculate commission arising from services that you offer your smart solution.

It is important to note that it is illegal for anyone to keep the data pertaining to other user’s and rider’s credit and debit cards. This is why you must use a token-based payment gateway. A token-based payment gateway is the one that keeps all the information security in their own vaults.

Every time a payment needs to be made; the app uses a token to call for the information from the payment gateway itself. This helps in releasing the payment seamlessly and effectively. Therefore, most autonomous companies use this system for all their payments.

If all of the above are readily available and you have a chain of service providers who can help carry out the on-demand taxi booking service. Therefore you will be all set to make good money from your living room using the Uber clone open source solution! However, the app isn’t limited to giving you features for taxi booking include ridesharing and any other delivery requirements related to your business need. Therefore, the use of open source code gives the empowerment to the technical team to build on to the Uber clone app in terms of additional features that you request.

Let’s look at the basic features first. The clone app that launches your taxi booking venture will have the below features in it

Other Features of Uber clone open source

  • An app on the play store and app store to provide for end customers to book taxi per their need. They can save  payment, chat a taxi service provider, sift their previous booking history, review/ rate  service provider and raise customer complaints
  • An app for the service provider who will be running your business on the ground. An iOS and Android version are available on the respective stores for them. The app facilitates them to do all of the operations as available to the end customer.
  • The admin panel for the business owner that permits you to completely run the business from your desktop/ laptop. The app will let the business owner the service providers in terms of new onboarding approvals and exit your brand. Sneak peek into the history of services, the associated commission that you accumulate and can respond to customer’s queries.
  • A website to establish your online identity. When you use one website to market and brand yourself in the market it definitely establishes your identity. Brand positions are, therefore, a primary factor when considering your applications’ workability. The website will establish their online identity such that if anyone looks them up to find them easily. Therefore, Riders and Drivers can register themselves on the application through the website as well.

Remember that the Uber clone open source script is completely customizable to suit your brand and can assure your users and service providers a rich customer experience. Seeking the assistance of a technical professional organization, you can avail installation and setup services for a nominal cost.

What are you waiting for? Launch your taxi business using the Uber clone app!

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