Bid for Services: Facts Everyone Should Know About Plumber On Demand App

Want to get your bathroom faucets fixed but couldn’t find a Plumber for the job at your suitable date and time? Luckily, there are Plumber On-Demand App that allows users to find some of the best, 5 Star Rated Plumbers in the vicinity. This On-Demand Service Provider Apps is such a great deal because not only the users can book the Provider at their preferred time, but also, bargain with them until they accept the job at a suitable price.  

In the App World, we call this bargaining feature ‘Bid for Services.’ 


The feature is exclusive to the Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022. It is a new component that was recently launched. It lets the App Users post details about the task they want to get done and the Plumbers from around the neighborhood place their bids in Real-Time. 

The App Users can choose the best bidding Plumber based on their offered Costs, Experience, Portfolio, Ratings, and Reviews. The plus point about this feature is that the App Users can pick and book a suitable date and time on which they want to get the job done. 

Fabulous, right?


The workflow of the feature is very simple. Want to know how? Well, here’s an example to help you understand it better. 

Mary has recently shifted to her 2 Bedroom Apartment in Cincinnati, USA. Now, she finds that a couple of pipes in her kitchen and bathroom are leaking. Plus, she wants to get some bathroom fittings changed. As she is new to the city, Mary doesn’t have a Plumber’s number! So, her friend suggests booking an On-Demand Plumber via Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022.

After browsing through the App, the Bid for Services feature caught her eye. Well, say she was pretty impressed! 

This is how she booked a Plumber who was just 1.2 miles away from her Apartment.  

Step 1

Mary clicked on ‘POST A TASK’ on the App and chose the ‘PLUMBERS’ Category. 

Step 2:

A small form popped on the Screen. She entered the following details before posting the task on the Plumbing Service App. 

Task Category: Plumber 

Service Area: 1317 Clay St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA

Budget: US$450

Additional Information: Fix leaking pipes and change 2 bathroom fittings 

Date & Time: 16 March, 2022 09:00 AM

Step 3: 

She viewed her My Booking Section to view the task details. A whole lot of Service Providers near her location were sent the Job Request. So, she went on ‘Task Details & Offers’ and viewed the Invited Service Providers. 


A few minutes later, she got an In-App Notification that 3 Plumbers were interesting in doing the job. All the 3 Plumbers ‘MADE AN OFFER’ for the task. All of them offered a different price. So, Mary kept on negotiating with them!  

Step 5: 

She glanced through the Profiles of all the Providers on the Plumber On-Demand App. All of them had great Reviews and Ratings. However, she accepted Bid for Service from Lance’s Plumber Company. She chose the Payment Method and tapped on ‘DONE’ to confirm the Service. 

The Plumber reached her location at the given date & time and completed the task. Mary chose Online Payment via her Debit Card. Therefore, after the Plumber clicked on ‘COLLECT PAYMENT’, US$480 was automatically deducted from Mary’s Account. 


Isn’t getting booking a Plumber as easy as a pie? Well, with an On-Demand Plumbing App, it is indeed! 

Smart Entrepreneurs, won’t it be great if you can build this App and offer your Audience the flexibility to choose a Plumber of their choice within a preferable budget? The Market is highly appreciating On-Demand  Apps. So, take the chance and build a robust App in just a Week.

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