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Get ritzy ride anytime with taxi app solution Dakar

In the modern century of today, we can easily get everything just by touching our mobile phones. Whether you want to go out for a trip with your friends or family members or you want to order something online, each and everything is available and yes you can enjoy its benefits. Getting any service that we want is only possible with the launch of different mobile applications. There are different applications available for taxi booking purpose. One such app is IZYCAB app clone which offers amazing service to its customers.

There are mainly two types of categories in IZYCAB clone app, one is Prestige and the other one is 4*4

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Prestige is specially designed for customer’s punctual or regular journeys. It accompanies the customers almost every day and everywhere like work, restaurant, school, etc. You can get it to go shopping, weddings, etc.


Customers in this category get Pajero sport. This is quite expensive if we compare it with the Prestige model of the cab. This vehicle is mainly recommended for longer journeys and covering more distance in less period of time. 

Special qualities of IZYCAB clone app

Quick services: Izycab clone app provides quick support to its customers. There is no chance of getting late with the service of Izycab clone app.

Additional service: Apart from picking you up and dropping you at your destination, this cab provides additional facility to their customers like water bottle, air conditioning, wifi, chargers, and newspapers in the cab.

A well-functioning app: Izycab clone app is an intuitive and simple application of the international standard. It is available on Android and iOS device. You can easily make reservations from your mobile phones. There is high precision localization for management.

Estimated time and estimated fare: Customers can easily know about their estimated time to travel and reach their destination. They also get the information about the estimated fare that they will have to pay after the completion of the trip.

Professional and Polite drivers: This wonderful app offers well-trained and professional drivers for the better care of the customers. The drivers are bilingual and make the customers reach their destination timely and safely.

Safe Runs: There is also an option for real-time tracking integrated into the taxi booking app which enhances the quality of the app. There is no chance of loss of luggage or documents and customers can easily get help from customer care executive anytime.

Easy payment method: Customers can reload their wallet and directly pay the bill with wallet integrated into the cab. If there is no sufficient balance in the wallet then they can also pay with cash, debit cards or credit cards.

If you want to heat up the market by starting your own business which can really give a tough competition in the market, then you can go with IZYCAB app clone which holds strong goodwill in the market and will undoubtedly run your business smoothly.

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