Instructions for your Glass app developer

When it comes to Google glass apps development, we all like to think that if we leave it to the professionals; everything will be taken care of. However, the harsh reality happens to be that not too many people really know what exactly they must do with the glass.
Since Google Glasses have not yet been rolled out for the general public to purchase from any storefront, it becomes difficult for developers all over the world to come up with stunning apps. Of course, a lot of people are using the emulator or the Glass simulator to create apps these days, however, the final product is nowhere near perfection.

This is why when you consider about having to hire Google glasses developers you must do so very carefully. Now you will find so many services and companies offering to help you hire Google glasses developers, but unless they have their own glass, there isn’t too much difference amongst the others.
So, whoever you hire, make sure you give them the following instructions:

1. Create an app for the user
Keep your interests at bay for a while and create an app which will be useful for the user otherwise no one is going to take the pains of downloading it.

2. Don’t complicate it too much
Developers would like to show off their skills by adding all sorts of features to the app. But no matter what you do, make sure that your app is simple. Too many features would only complicate it further. This means that nobody would like or appreciate the app as much as you would like for them to.

3. Relevance is key
Your app will only be effective if it is relevant to the brand or company name under which you are releasing it. If yours is a music company, it makes sense to launch a music app rather than a scientific research application.

4. De clutter
The only way to be able to emphasize on important information on such a tiny screen is to be able to de clutter the app so much that the eyeball is drawn to the subject matter. Remove unnecessary tabs or pop ups.