How to make more money using referral codes in Taxi Application business

Getting a cab is so much easier now, thanks to Uber and other similar taxi apps that use this technology. Users looking for a ride simply have to download the app, set their location and within minutes, get a ride waiting at their doorstep. However, have you ever thought about how it all works? What are the dynamics behind it? What prompted any user to use the taxi application, be it Uber, Hailo or any other app, for the first time?

In most cases it would probably have been an email, a text message or even a social media post through a friend who has shared a referral code or link that prompts someone to try that service.

In today’s age of app technology in-app referrals are the most convenient way of attracting users to a service.

Why in app referrals are popular within the taxi industry

Most successful and popular cab businesses use referral marketing to boost their customer base and increase sales.

In app referrals offer a win-win situation for both the user as well as the app developer.

How in app referrals help a user

A normal run of the mill referral would probably read something on the lines of

“A free gift for you. Take your first ride for free for up to X dollars. Available on iPhone and Android”.

This referral mentions a free gift, hence arousing the user’s curiosity to click on the link. When the user clicks on the link, it would say that a certain friend has offered them a free ride for up to X dollars. This method will have a huge impact on the user’s psychology, namely:

  • It makes them feel special and wanted
  • The deal is authentic as it comes from a known and reliable source
  • A WOW moment is created for the user

However the one important thing that stands out about this referral is the answer to the user’s “What is in it for me?” question. The answer to this question is that the taxi application will offer the user as well as the referrer a comfortable ride, an ideal deal for both. This way the likelihood of more referrals coming your way will greatly increase.

Referral incentives for drivers

More often than not, the majority of drivers who drive for taxi companies are there through some referral, maybe from a friend or a family member.

There are cab companies that offer drivers a certain amount of cash for every friend who starts to drive for the company completes a certain number of rides, or something on those lines.

Make the most of the in-app referral program for your cab service

Personalize the referral links

Make sure that your link is attractive enough to make a user click on it simply because they are seeing a friendly name on it. A personalized landing page with the image of the referrer is a definite hit.

Identify the users who influence your referral program

There are a few contributors who will definitely be outstanding in your in app referral program. It is important that you identify them and reward them appropriately. This is a very good way of boosting your in app referral program.

Promote in app referrals

Once you launch your in taxi application referral program make sure you have a proper follow up strategy.

Identify spammers

You will always find that sometimes you will end up rewarding suspicious users. This is tricky and that is why you need to ensure that you clear these spammers and just reward the legitimate users.


Identify the number of clicks made on the referral, how many invitees have clicked etc to get a feel of how your referral is doing.

Get the in app referral facility and boost your taxi business

If used properly and wisely, in app referrals will boost your app’s growth tenfold. Remember a great taxi referral program will also boost the longevity of your app based taxi service. It has been proven that the lifetime value of a referred customer is higher than that of a non-referred one.

It has also been proven that a referred client will spend more than a non referred client.

In app referrals for any kind of taxi business are crucial and that is why you should get one for your taxi business too. There are many developers who are in this business and will get an in app referral campaign up and running in as little as half an hour, without any coding.

Do not let your taxi business suffer.  Maximize its potential by getting an in app referral implementation done by a good and reputed developer today.

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