How to Hire ROR Developer for Best Ruby on Rails Solutions?

Ever since the time that website have become so popular more and more people have begun to seek newer platforms to develop their online identity in. This has also forced a huge demand on the digital enterprise to produce better and more creative developer in any framework.

However, the biggest hurdle is always in identifying a reliable developer who can understand the company’s requirements and produce a solution that can contribute to the profitability of the company.

Having been a developer for the better part of a decade, it dawned on me that human resources was a much more complicated arena, especially when it comes to ruby on rails. Ruby on rails is an open source framework that I have worked with and therefore know fairly well about all the things that are important while developing unique and customized solutions.

Solving the HR puzzle

When you Hire ROR Developer, it is not just on the basis of a simple resume check followed by an interview. Development is a field that needs palpable solutions. So, when an HR representative calls for a ruby interview, it is essential that a Ruby developer is around to understand if the candidate is as good as he claims to be.Hire ROR Developer

Now, you would say that “if I already have a developer, why would I bother to get a new one”! True, that is. So, in case you are looking for your first ruby developer, it is best to seek help from someone in your circle that you know already has one.

In case it is not feasible for you to identify anyone such, then have your human resource manager study ruby on rails for a while. Thorough research of at least a couple of days will help him identify the key areas of concern.

Basic principles

Apart from all the technical details involved, there are a few basic principles that you should be very careful about. These are:


Please don’t count experience in terms of years. What I mean is, Ruby has been around for only over a decade. So it is pointless if someone has 20 years of development experience with hardly six months into ruby itself. Make sure that you check out if he has done sufficient work in the area that you want him to work with. See his product catalogue and check if he has worked alone or in a team.


You might find the best developer with an attitude that is pretty useless. Is it a safe bet to hire him? The answer is NO! No matter how good he is, unless he has the attitude to deliver the best results for the benefit of your company, do not hire him. Everyone wants to make money, but only those employees who have the company’s interest at heart should be hired.


Developers are infamous for their sudden jumps. Check out his previous work record to ensure that he is a stable person. You don’t want to hire and train him and then lose him out to a better offer just within months. Check if he is a local, has a family and is serious and passionate about his work before you even think of hiring someone. Also, ask him the reason to have left his previous company and thinking of joining you. If the reason is only money, then he might leave you too.