Steps to Build a Real-Time Location App like Uber

With the inception of Uber in 2009, the ride-hailing industry witnessed a transformational as well as catastrophic change and budding entrepreneurs set out to build their on-demand ride-hailing industry. 

This is how Uber operates,

  1. User logs in to the app
  2. The user finds a list of cabs for users to choose from
  3. User books the ride 
  4. A User makes payment by choosing from modes like cash, card or wallet
  5. User tracks the ride 
  6. The user gets a ride and enjoys a convenient ride experience. 

Thus, the services of Uber are easy-to-use and easy-to-operate and helps the riders to get a quick as well as convenient ride experience for themselves. 

real time location

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of the services of Uber. 

Advantages of the Uber Services

For User

  1. Get a quick ride for themselves
  2. Easily track the rides
  3. Select from modes like cash, card or wallet to receive a smooth ride experience


  1. Earn a good income along the way based on the rides provided by them
  2. Get jobs by setting their availability as online

For App Owner

  1. Earn handsome commissions based on the number of users using the ride-hailing service
  2. Easily track the users using the ride hailing app and understand ways they should update their services based on the feedback and review received by them

Thus, on a whole, Uber is an application that helps the user and the driver to receive as well as provide unique ride experiences and the app owner to earn handsome commissions along the way. 

Thus, if you are a budding entrepreneur who is starting their very own real-time location app like Uber, it is important that you keep a few points in mind so that you can build a successful real-time location app like Uber. 

Tips to Start a Real-Time Location App like Uber 

  1. Provide a geolocation tracking feature to ensure the safety of the drivers so that the drivers are aware of the areas that are considered unsafe after dark
  2. It provides real-time tracking feature to the users so that they can track the rides and know the exact whereabouts of the driver
  3. Provide quick navigation features to the user as well as the driver both so that they can know the areas having less traffic and less congestion thus ensuring that the users can reach their desired destination in the shortest possible time. 
  4. This provides easy tracking feature so that users and the drivers can know where both are located
  5. Provide smooth payment gateways to the users. In other words, provide users with the ease to choose from methods like cash, card or wallet so that they can make a smooth payment for the rides

Along with the points mentioned above, you need to perform a strong market research to know if your app is relevant to the needs of the users, provide feedback and review option to the users and maintain a large number of vehicles so that you can keep providing the best services to your users. 

Thus, to sum up, if you follow these tips during the process of building a real-time location app like Uber, your real-time location app will see it attracting a huge number of users and garner huge revenues and profits for you, all at the same time. 

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