Develop Cab Booking App with Customized Uber Clone Source Code

The year 2016 saw the advent of a new way of doing business or rather delivering services, namely the on-demand way. Mobile apps for almost every business were developed as users realized that their smartphones were the key to every service they required. Uber clone taxi application source code is designed using on-demand apps.

Today, thanks to on-demand technology, apps like Uber are a billion dollar venture. Billions of users are using their smartphones to request services and to accommodate this use, thousands of on-demand ideas are being launched in a bid to expand the business and to reach all these customers. However every startup is not always successful, some have hiccups while some go on to become super successful.

Features to include in your Uber clone taxi application source code

If you are thinking of starting up your own on-demand business and looking to develop your own clone, then you need to ensure that the following features are built into your app to not only stand out in the on-demand app market but also take you to the pinnacle of success.

An admin dashboard that is user-friendly

For easy management, ensure that your admin dashboard is loaded with advanced features and is designed using the latest state of the art technology. You may be the app owner but it’s not necessary that you will have the technical skill or acumen needed to handle complex technical tasks. This is why it is very important for you to have a dashboard that is absolutely easy to use.

You don’t want to go through an ordeal with the computer every time you want to make any changes or get reports from the app. This is why it is important that you take a proper and clear demo of the dashboard before you actually pay to buy it.

Exclusive dashboards for passenger and driver

The on-demand taxi booking business thrives on the seamless synchronization of two apps – the passenger app and the driver app. There has to be proper sync between the driver and the rider application. These are the two most important components for the business to run smoothly. So, just make sure that you go through how each app works. The best way to do that would be to first download and use the Driver and the Rider application. After taking a live test of it.

Ease of payment

The automated payment system makes the day for any passenger using this app. It is therefore important that you have a PayPal Payment Gateway integrated into your app. It is illegal for anyone to keep the personal card information of the users and the drivers with them. This is why having a reliable payment gateway that uses the token method is extremely important. A token-based method ensures that the information of the credit card holders stays with the payment gateways in their secure vault.

The application uses a token each time a payment needs to be made to ensure that an easy transaction can take place.

Calculation of price and fare estimates

Your app should be able to calculate the fare and provide the customer with an estimate for the trip. No one wants to be surprised at the end of the trip with a big bill. This is why it is important for your application to have the proper fare estimation that will let the people know what kind of an amount to expect. The fare is estimated by calculating the distance and the present rates.

Integration of Google Maps

Google maps are a handy tool for customers to mark the pickup and drop off location. And a useful tool for the driver too as it helps him navigate his way during the ride.

Other Features

Ratings and Reviews

Feedback, both positive and negative makes the business stronger and “human” as feedback received will usually implement. Your app should have this feature as customers will be able to rate and review the driver and the ride. The driver also has the same facility.

Car/Cab Details

Passengers have the facility to choose the cab for their ride depending on their budget. And the type of car they want to travel in.

Push Notifications

For your business to be in constant touch with the users, push notifications are a relevant part of any business app. It keeps users updated with going on in your business.

Referral Generation

The best way to expand your business is by the generation of referrals. Both passengers and drivers can refer their friends, acquaintances also relatives. Receive credits and/or discounts if the person who they referred the app to downloads the app, registers on it and uses it. This new customer will also benefit from the referral by way of a discounted ride.

Driver profile and details

Passengers have the facility to look up each and every driver profile before deciding which one will get the business.

Get Your App Today

It is now time to locate a reputed developer who will design your app just the way you want it. Loading it with features that will bring you maximum returns for your business. In fact, you can tell them all about what you want the app to do for your business and they will then develop uber clone taxi app source code that is unique to your business. Branded and white labeled with your name, making it solely yours. Are you ready to take on the Uber challenge and get into the world of on-demand apps?