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How can you use Marketing Techniques Effectively to grow your On Demand Business?

Starting off a new business venture is a thing of a dream. While almost everyone in this world dreams of building their own empire, only a few are smart and lucky enough to find the right means to capitalize on any opportunity that they can seize. The story of the On Demand business is pretty much the same.

The world and its behavior have undergone massive shifts. We are no longer restricted by our older notions of doing everything ourselves. Because we have come to realize that we can spend our time better by going after our own professions and outsourcing most of our requirements to someone else who specializes in the job.

What is the On Demand Business Model?

The seeds of this business type were sowed by Uber Inc. when it started enabling customers to hire taxis and cabs with the help of just a few taps on their smart phone screens. As this gained popularity in the industry, the phenomenon quickly caught on the trend with other industries as well.

Today, just about any kind of service can be delivered or made available with the help of a user’s smart phone. Regardless of whether someone needs a parcel taken from one place to another, or if they want to eat pizza, or even if they’d like to hire a plumber to fix their faucets. Whatever is the job, it can be catered for using an ON DEMAND multi service app.

How to start your own On Demand Business?

The most basic rule of setting up an on demand business is to have a mobile app that is accessible by maximum number of people. Therefore, you will need an Android and an iOS app for the same. This app becomes the platform that connects service providers to the customers.

You, as the app owner will play the role of a central connecting locus that will facilitate the transaction and the requests. So, instead of going out and providing any kind of service yourself, you become an aggregator that collects expertise and passes them on to customers looking for them. And each time someone uses your app to book one of the services enlisted in it, you get a commission.

This way, not only are you effectively setting up a business to ensure your continued growth and popularity. You are also increasing the chances of other service providers of being hired and of earning more. It’s a total win-win situation!

The half of the last decade has seen a tremendous growth in the popularity of this model. This is why more and more smart entrepreneurs are looking to build their own on demand apps or even go for a Clone app.

What’s a clone app?

Well, this is where it all gets interesting! See, the problem with building your own apps is that it is a long and arduous process of building your own apps because it involves hiring many resources (the whole Android, iOS, PHP, systems analyst, Data base analyst, content writer, designer and Project manager cabal) so, entrepreneurs with a shorter deadline and a smaller budget almost always opt for a cloned app.

An app clone is essentially one that is already built on the script of another popular app. Since the app is taken and molded from the bare bones of another popular app, it is already in a ready condition. This means that a white label app development company pools its resources to build the app in totality for you.

Once the app is ready, they make it available for you along with your source code. As you decide to take a leap in this journey and move ahead on this rod, you purchase their app and they white label the app with your logo and brand name. They also apply the color theme of your company to the app and launch it for you on the Google Play store and the iOS app store.

How do Marketing Techniques and Strategies help an on demand business grow?

Now that we’ve covered the grounds about what is your cloned app and how you can go about getting it. Let’s cut to the chase and get to the meat of the matter. So, here’s a list of all the ways why and how a marketing strategy helps your new on demand grocery delivery business grow:

  • Building a Brand

Business today is a lot more than simple sales and money. Today, a company’s worth does not lie only in how much they can sell but the respect and worth its name has in the market. This is what a Brand is all about.

Effectively being able to build and sustain a brand will result in respect and reputation in the market. If you can create a name for yourself in the market. Your potential customers will automatically gravitate towards you rather than your competitors. With the help of the right marketing techniques. You will be able to create and establish your own name in the market as a reputable company that people can trust.

  • Creating Brand Awareness and Brand Recognition

It is not enough to simply stop after you have established a brand for yourself. You now have to take the time to make sure that your customers know about you and can recognize you. The easiest way to go about doing this is to first create an iconic logo. The simpler it is, the better for you. You have to ensure that your brand logo is easy to recognize. Think of popular on demand services such as Uber or InstaCart. Their logos are super simple and very easy to recognize.

The other thing that you can do to ensure that your brand is recognizable is to make sure that you have a true and clear brand story. Set up a clear communication line about why you started the business. How is it helpful to your customers, what you want to do for your customers and so on and so forth. Nothing makes the market lean towards you than a great brand story.

  • Marketing Opens up a communication channel with the customers

With the help of the right marketing strategy and the correct tools at your disposal. You can set up a direct channel f communication between your company and the end customer. You can directly communicate everything that you want to about your services, your offers and more to your end user.

Since this is such a popular business, you can certainly expect some competition. If so, you will have to bombard the senses of your customers with your brand and information with respect to the services that you offer. This is the only way you can dissuade your users from choosing your competitors over you.

  • A great Marketing Strategy directly percolates to great sales

After all, a business is all about profitability. You have to ensure that you can grow your business by growing your sales with each passing day. How can you be sure that your sales are on a continuous rise? Well, you have to make sure that your customers are aware about it.

It is the perfect platform to introduce and promote your products and services. Coming up with good offers and promotional freebies will make it certain that more and more people gravitate towards your offers and buy or hire from your app. The more the people use the app the more money you made.

  • Marketing is the only way to ensure that you are ‘relevant’ in the market

There are hundreds of thousands of new businesses entering the market every day. As more and more people see the kind of dough it is possible to make through an on-demand business. You can only expect your business to get tougher with respect to competition.

Ensuring that you have a continuous marketing strategy brings you to the front of the users again and again, thereby giving you relevance. Please note that things in the market change continuously. What is true and popular today might not be tomorrow.

By keeping a continuous flow of marketing content in the market. You can ensure that you are not considered archaic and irrelevant. Make sure that you always are in sync with the trending topics. While you are at it, it might even be a great idea to hire a professional marketing consultant or a team of marketing experts to assist you.

  • Marketing gives you better accessibility to the market

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that social media has become extremely popular in the recent years. There’s hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter or even Tik Tok these days. To reach out to the potential of these markets, and its users. Many companies are creating entire advertising and marketing plans around them.

Keeping a steady stream of ads flowing through the various social networking sites can keep flooding your users with more information about you and your services. The best thing is, these social networking sites almost always have a comments section. Here your customers can comment and directly make sure that you can get direct and unadulterated feedback almost instantly.


The center of the on demand business might be the app, but just purchasing and launching it is not enough to sustain and grow a business. A solid marketing strategy to back it up might just be what the doctor ordered! While you can do some research online and come up with your own marketing strategy. It might help to seek out some marketing consultants who have worked with others on demand businesses.

Ensure that your brand marketing strategy reflects the brand language on your app. Instead of building your app from the ground up. Try to look for a white label mobile app development company that builds on demand apps. That will help you a lot in ensuring that your overall communication of the brand is in sync. All the best!

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