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Kickstart Your On-Demand Business With The Game Changing Handy Clone App

It is tough for people to manage the day-to-day chores of their homes single-handedly. To help working professionals, busy moms, disabled/senior citizens with their household chores, several business owners are launching Handyman Clone App.

Handyman Clone App is aim to offer help to all those who are seeking home services at affordable rates. There is a wide range of On-Demand Services available on this single application making its monopoly in the rapidly growing home services market. Some of the common Handyman Services offered are House-cleaning, Plumbers, Electricians, Paintings, etc. 

Entrepreneurs that are looking to rule the home services industry should join their hands with a reputed Handyman App Development Company for creating Handy Clone Script. The app development company will provide the customized and readily deployable solution comprising iOS and Android apps. For your customers along with a robust admin dashboard. 

handy clone app

Why Buy A White-Label Handy Clone Script For Home Services Business?

By buying a white-label Handy Clone Script you can customize the services, pricing, brand logo, and themes as per your requirements.

The On-Demand Service App Source Code will allow you to integrate the following services:

House-cleaning services – This category will lot of professional service providers offering a variety of cleaning services to the customers. Right from dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning and more your customers can hire and book On-Demand Services accordingly. 

Installation & Uninstallation of the home equipment. We all know this it is difficult to install things like Television, Air-conditioners, Furniture, Dressing table, Fitness equipements, Un-installing ACs, television and more. The users can pick accordingly and schedule the services whenever they feel convenient.
Plumbing services – Trained plumbers fix leakages and clogging of pipes, taps, drains, faucets, and toilets quickly. 

On-Demand Beautician / Massage therapists – It offers a wide range of beauticians and massage therapists to customers from nearby locations.

Packing and moving assistance – Numerous service providers will be listed underneath offering services of packing and moving homes and offices. They help with the entire moving, packing and unpacking, loading, and assembling of the stuff. 

Additionally, other services include painting, electrician, car-washing services, sanitization services, tutors, babysitters, pet walkers, health care service providers, etc.

The Unique Features Of The Handy Clone Script Solution

24×7 availability of technical assistance – The app can handle the influx of appointments by the customers anytime, anywhere. The Uber for Handyman app is built on scalable technology thus, enables scheduling on the go. In case if there is a glitch. The technical team is always available to attend you ensuring to get your app up and running in no time.

Real-time tracking – The customers can track the movements of the service professionals through “Graphical Status Icon” via in-app notifications on a real-time basis. 

Flexible scheduling of services – The Urban Clap Clone comes equipped with advanced-level features. Therefore, allowing the customers to schedule their On-Demand Services at their convenience. 

Access to detailed earnings reports – The service providers can view their earnings like payments, commission, tips and bonus at regular basis. It also cover the details of total working hours, completed tasks as well as average earnings per task. 

Accepting different payment methods – The On-Demand Service App source code accepts multiple payments that includes Debit/credit card, Google Pay, Wallet, etc. 

Integrated with referral program – The present users will refer to the Honk Clone App with their family and friends to reap the benefits of loyalty programs.

Getting access to the exciting discounts and deals, as well as referral can help boost the customer base quacking offering your business instant brand visibility.

The Step-By-Step Process For Developing An App Like Handy

  • The app development team understand about the business requirements of the client. Acknowledging what type of Handyman App Development they are looking for. 
  • Offering MVP – Minimum viable product that has all the essential features and functionalities. 
  • Designing and developing the On-Demand Service App Source Code based on the latest trend along with integrating it with revenue-generating features.
  • Design the backend of an app by setting up an operational server 
  • Thoroughly testing the final version of your Handy Clone Script ensuring there are no glitches and bugs. 
  • Launching it officially in the Play Store/ App Store to get your business start immediately. 
  • Offering additional services like maintenance. Technical issues within the app software as well as bug support for a year free of cost. 

In Conclusion 

During the pandemic, the demand for Handyman services hit high. Therefore global services market is predict to skyrocket by $1133 billion by 2026. 

The increasing use of smartphones enhanced internet connectivity and not to forget the pandemic has pushed the demand for home services. Thus apps like Uber for handyman are well-receive by the audience. Buying Urban Clap Clone, TaskRabbit Clone, as well as Honk Clone, can benefit entrepreneurs immensely. Thus, investing in the trending business opportunity now by obtaining an excellent on demand handyman app soon. 

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