How To Grow And Expand Grocery Delivery Business With Instacart Clone App.

You have a grocery delivery business, great! But, like others, it has been the worst hit in this pandemic. The good news is you can revive your grocery delivery business irrespective of COVID or not. Excited? Interested to know how? You can expand your grocery delivery business to newer heights with Instacart Clone App.

Do you think it is going to be expensive? Nope. You can not even imagine the cost of Instacart Clone App Development, making it a super affordable, hassle-free process, and most importantly you can launch it quickly. 

Let’s explore the possibilities of how to make your grocery delivery reach new horizons.

You are all set to develop Instacart Clone App, that’s good. But, what’s next. Do you think developing an on-demand grocery delivery app and launching it will be enough? You know the answer.

Following are tips on how you can extend your grocery delivery business through an Instacart Clone Script Solution:

Developing a user-friendly app

Not many apps can hold the attention of their users. There are many reasons for this – complex navigation, the images are not loading, taking a lot of time to browse, not sufficient online payment options, no great features, and so on.

Include all these pain points by leveraging the user-centric design, functionalities, and features. 

Partnering with the grocers that enhances business productivity

Develop an Instacart Clone App that can accommodate as many grocers on board. Thus, allowing your users to connect with them for their daily essential needs. Your users get a variety of choices to choose from thus improving business productivity. This should flourish your grocery delivery business, enabling you to grow and expand in the nearby vicinity. 

Make sure that you have all the necessary features that can manage single as well as multiple deliveries in the most streamlined manner. 

Leverage the power of social media

You can enhance your grocery delivery business by leveraging social media practices.  Using trending hashtags, posting your customer’s stories, replying to them on the timelines is highly effective in boosting your presence. Also, it is cost-effective compared to other marketing practices. Thus promoting your Instacart Clone App on social media can boost grocery orders.

Discounts and deals to attract consumers

It’s a universal fact, freebies, discounts, and deals attract lots of customers. Features like promo deals and discounts can be integrated that publishes discounts, deals, and happy hours to the customers while they are shopping for groceries. Discounts can be offered mainly on dairy items, cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Furthermore, you can also provide cashback options, free delivery on X amount of grocery bill, etc.

New Features To Integrate with Your Instacart Clone App Expand Your Grocery Delivery Business

Everyone will be looking for different features to stay ahead. It is no surprise, entrepreneurs are leveraging various tactics to win their customers. Following are the unique, user-centric features that you can include in Instacart Clone App:

  • Store-wise commission allows the admin to set the different commission rates for every grocery store. Thus, the one getting more orders can be charged more.
  • Day wise separate time slots allow the grocers to be flexible with their business operations. Especially during public holidays and weekends.
  • Item name searching offers the facility to quickly search the store names as well as items for the users.
  • Order cancellation option for the delivery driver allows the driver to cancel the order if they are unable to carry the deliveries.
  • The face mask verification feature ensures that the delivery drivers are following safety protocols
  • The contactless delivery options feature enables the shoppers to have groceries delivered to the doorstep. With no human touch, it reduces the risk of the virus transmission
  • Pick up groceries feature option allows the grocer to get their grocery packages from the store when they are ready. The packages are left in the isolated area.
  • 18+ age confirmation is the feature where the user has to upload their age verification proof before buying things that need 18+ age validation.
  • It notifies the order status through a graphical icon form via in-app notifications.

Closing Thoughts

COVID-19 is not going anytime soon. People are turning towards on-demand grocery delivery apps for their grocery essentials. The Instacart Clone App is time-saving, convenient, and quick to do grocery shopping.

If you are planning to develop a grocery delivery app like Instacart now is the right time. Do research, have your business plan ready, integrate it with new features. Take the demo from a white-label app development company and place the order. Your Instacart Clone App is ready for the grocery business thus helping you expand and grow without spending extra.

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