Google Glass Taking ‘Hands Free’ to a Whole New Level

The obvious benefits of a wearable computer includes the ability to accomplish a lot more with minimal human efforts, but completely eliminating the need to use your hands is a whole new chapter for technology enthusiasts globally.

One strange thing about general people mentality is that they value a unique experience over usability. I know it sounds slightly unsettling but it is true. A research conducted by the team of ‘Brain Games’ suggests that almost 80% of the people would prefer to use a device with difficulty if it had some unique experience to offer rather than a highly usable device that was simple but boring.

I guess, the makers of the Google Glass Web Development have caught on to this study and started developing apps that are so customized that it completely eliminates the requirement of the user to finger touch his options.

Google Glass Apps

Was glass conceived to be such?

There is no doubt about the fact that when the glass was being developed the ideas that brought it to fore did include a hands free experience, but was it so well attuned to it? My bet is that it wasn’t. However, the one big thing about Google Glass app design is that the explorer program gave a lot of room for developers and different people from different places to ‘explore’ the device to the fullest.

What I mean is that the explorer program wasn’t only to see the world through glass as the popular saying goes, but to also identify all the things that the glass could achieve. Google Glass web development and Google Glass App Design further exploited these finding s of the explorer to develop a device that was not only superior in its operation, but also promised the users to give that experience that they long to have.

Customizing Apps

Applications make a device. If the apps that are used on the device are good, then so will the device be. I mean, today people don’t buy devices because of their stylish looks or operating systems. They buy it for the apps. You can have a very stylish and sleek phone that doesn’t accommodate any of the top apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, but no one will buy it. They will instead prefer a lower version at a higher price because it can offer these apps.

Bearing this in mind, Google Glass app development has stretched itself to parameters where it can customize an app to the degree that it allows people to experience it as their own. Eliminating the touch factor too goes a long way in encouraging people to use it.

Futuristic dimensions

The more we introduce futuristic technologies to the market, the easier it is for people to get bored of it. I mean, when the telephone was invented, people probably jubilated over it for a century before the next big find in the same field.

However, with the kind of competition that exists in the market today, it is but impossible to stay excited for something for too long. Every new day brings in something exciting for the people. However, the slow release of the glass in the market has given us all the reasons to stay excited about it till it is out for the general sale!