Google Glass Apps: Development and Designing

When it comes to development and designing of Google Glass app, it would rather be appropriate to say that these are easy to develop but difficult to design. Google Glass works on a very simple principle of technology, that it has to be there when you require it and have to go out the way when you don’t need it. People are quite fascinated about this device and its inspiring the imaginations of many people in innumerable ways. Though there are many leading brands like CNN, Facebook, Twitter etc. , who have already developed their Google Glass Apps, but many other developers are working on numerous concepts & app development ideas.

There are two significant parts of app development process – Designing of the app and code  development for the app. Since, Google Glass is also powered by Android, it won’t be very difficult for developers to become accustomed with development for a new device, however, the challenge lies in designing for completely new interface.

It’s all about User Experience

The user experience is all about designing. When you are designing for a device which people are wearing, you have to deliver an excellent service. Some important points to consider are the UI & UX design and the screen size. The screen size of Google Glass is very small and limited as compared with the screen of any contemporary device. Thus, being a developer, you have  to ensure that whatever you present on the screen is dead-drop simple, whether it’s a video, a photograph, a text or the simplest form of HTML. Google Glass designers would have to understand how to design effectively for a tiny screen with new paradigms and new ratios for user device interaction. For helping developers and designers, Google has already developed some handy templates.

Google’s Cards

What you actually see on the display of Google Glass are known as “Cards”. They are more TV shaped, than computer screen or phone-shaped. Though, these are packed right next to your eyeballs, they are much smaller in size than you can imagine.

Application Development

Currently, the only way to indulge in Google Glass Apps Development using the Google’s Mirror API. However, Google is planning to introduce its Google Glass SDK, that is, a full-fledged software development kit.  Once this kit arrives, it will be much easier to develop captivating apps for Glass. With the Mirror API, the developer’s service does communicates directly with Google’s Glass devices. Instead, the service “communicates to” Google Services which sync with the Google Glass device in question. The three common technologies which facilitate this include OAuth, JSON and REST.

But, there is no native API developed so far, which can help developers to access the hardware or work offline, but many techies are anticipating the Google Development Kit will sort out these issues. So, if you want to develop a Google Glass App and need to Hire Google Glass Developers, you must ensure that the developers are well versed with these technological specifications.