Everything at one place: Gojek app clone

In today’s era, where people are busy in earning money, they don’t find enough time to take care of their basic needs, whether it is related to their health or their hobby. Keeping these things in mind, tech nerds have built an app named Gojek, which provides almost all the basic needs to their customers according to their requirements. Gojek clone script is an application that provides number of services such as on demand health services, on demand food delivery, on demand taxi, on demand baby sitters, maintenance etc.

gojek app clone

The greatest perks of Gojek app clone are as follows


A user of Gojek app clone or a service provider of this application can add and delete thorough information on the application. The information here is not stored without the knowledge of the user.

Booking History:

This attribute of Gojek app clone keeps a record of the past trip destination of the user. In case of any requirement, the user can easily get his/her information about their past booking with Gojek.

Saved Address:

This features allows the app to automatically obtain the information of the user based on the past bookings. This avoids the repetitive entry of the location, every time a user travels.

Schedule Bookings:

This feature of Gojek app allows the user to schedule their bookings for their future use.

Easy mode of payment:

There are different modes to pay the bill with Gojek. User can pay with the debit cards, credit cards or with the wallet option available in the application. Wallets are easy to recharge with credit cards.

Estimated Fare:

If a rider is using a taxi, this feature of Gojek gives an estimate fare of the distance to be travelled.

Real time tracking:

Real-time tracking feature allows the user to be aware of the location of their delivery. It also helps the drivers and the riders to find each other.

Quick Notifications:

Once any service is booked, cancelled or in case of any change in the plan, users instantly receive notification on their phone via email or SMS.

Bookings on Call:

This special feature of the application allows the users to book any service from the application by simply calling on a number.

Promo Codes:

This feature permits the users to enjoy unbeatable discounts by bringing in more customers.

Reviews and Feedback

Customers can give their valuable feedback about the services of this application depending on their past experiences. It helps Gojek to improve its services offered to their customers.

Estimated Time:

This feature of the application provides the information to the rider about the approximate time to travel from the pick-up point to the destination point.


Security is another very perspective that every user takes care of. All the services provided by the Gojek are fully risk free. Professionals working here are authenticated on the basis of their criminal records before they are hired.

Gojek clone script app is a boon for our society. There are different Gojek app clone app developments companies nowadays which make gojek app clone for their customers according to their customized requirements.

If you have a plan to start your own business with Gojek app clone you can take help of any Gojek clone app development company which is credible, authentic and holds a strong goodwill in the industry.

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