Gojek Clone Highly Customizable and 100% Money Making App

Gojek Clone’ Top-Most Ability to Make Money and its Ease of Customization has made it one of the Supreme Apps in the entire Marketplace! Let’s take a look at them One-By-One.

The App is Highly-Customizable 

This App offers 70+ On-Demand Services on One Single Platform. Apart from the Services, the App also has an array of incredible Features that can leave anyone stunned for a minute! The White-Labeling Firm from where you’d be getting your Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Functional App, will offer you Customization right from the beginning! 

The Firm will offer you to try their Demo Apps for Free. This means you can take a Test Drive of Gojek Clone until you feel like this is the Perfect App that you had always wanted! This will assure you that this is the Ideal Mobile Application for your Multi-Service Business! After you’ve decided to Purchase the App, go ahead and make the Payment either in One-Go or with Payment Milestones. The Firm’s Technical Manager will ask you Questions in One Single Document. These questions will be regarding the Launch and Setup of your App. The Manager seeks this information so that they can Customize and Enhance your App in a better way! Thus, they’ll ask you about:

Your Preferred Currency, Language and Payment Gateway

You must integrate the Preferred Language, Currency, and Payment Gateway in your App. All these Facilities will ensure that your App Users and the Service Providers can Read & Write in their Local Language. The Service Providers can receive the money and App Users can pay the Money in their Preferred Currency via the In-App Wallet. This integration also ensures that all the Transactions are made through a Trusted Payment Gateway only! 

Your Company’s Logo and Preferred Color-Theme 

The White-Labeling Firm will Rebrand its Base App with your Company’s Name & Logo. They will change the Color-Theme of your App and the Website to match with the Color of your Company’s Logo! 

Splash Screen 

The Splash Screen is the first or the introductory screen that appears when you visit an App. The entire window contains the Graphical Element or an Image. This is the Screen where your Company’s Name & Logo will appear when the User opens the App. The Introductory Screen of your App is meant to reflect your Unique Identity to impress the Users. 

Apart from these Information bits, the Technical Manager will also ask you about the Features and Services you want to incorporate into the App. This definitely broadens the Customization Level of the On-Demand Multi Services App

The App Earns You Easy and Quick Money 

The App has Two Profit-Centric Business Models that earn you thick bundles of Hard Cash! Let’s take a Brief Overview of the two: 

  1. Commission-Based Model 

The Service Provider needs to pay Commission to the App Owner on Every Single Service they offer through the Gojek Clone App. The App Owner is the Sole Decider of the Commission Rate. This Commission-Per-Service is different for all the genres of Services offered on the Platform. Like, the Commission Rate paid by a Taxi Driver will be different from that of a Food Delivery Driver, a Doctor, or a Masseuse! 

  1. Subscription Plans 

By Purchasing a Subscription Plan, the Service Provider bids goodbye to paying Commission-Per-Service to the App Owner! The Service Provider makes a One-Time-Payment to purchase one of the many Subscription Plans. These Plans differ in terms of Time Duration, Price, and Inclusive Features! Thus, the Provider can pick any one of the Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, or Annual Plans and Start getting Service Requests! 

The App Owner starts sending Plan Renewal Reminders to the Service Provider via In-App Push Notifications! They send these Reminders Well In Advance so that the Provider can Renew them before the Plan’s Expiry Date. 


So what are your thoughts about this amazing Gojek Clone App? Do you also wish to make Easy and Quick Money? Have you always wished to become a Millionaire?  

Well, then here’s what you need to do: 

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