Important points to remember about Gojek app

Gojek is an on-demand app which provides almost all the service to its users with the few simple touches on their phone. Whether you want to book a classy ride to your destination or you want to choose the delivery option, everything is possible with this single app. This app is considered as the most powerful app of today’s century. With the growing popularity and trust among the users, this app has been launched in Singapore. 

Some relevant information about Gojek app

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  • When this app was launched in Singapore in BETA mode, it was not easy to use this app. Although, making a ride booking with this app was always easy.
    Alternatively, access to POSB/DBS card holders was restricted. After someone downloads the app, they require to key an invite code- (DBS+ first 6 digits of POSB/DBS credit card number/debit card number i.e. DBS234567) comprising of the general details while signing up.

Well, by 10 January 2019, the service of Gojek app was made available for all of Singapore.

  • One should continue using the Gojek app even after the first two rides. One should undoubtedly enjoy the advantage of the cheap fares offered by Gojek app when everything is going good.

 The current fare structure of Gojek for taxi industry is $2.70 for the base fare. The distance fare of the rides offered by Gojek app is $0.65/km.

  • Gojek Singapore is finally in the North and West area. Now the people living in the west and north region of Singapore can also enjoy the service of this awesome app. 
  • It might be a good time to sign up as a driver for this app. Gojek offers a commission of 20% to their drivers. The drivers can easily cash in their earning at any time they want to. Minimum amount should be $50 to encash it. The money is directly transferred from the app wallet to the driver’s bank account.
  • Gojek introduced in Singapore does not carry a particular type of cancellation/acceptance rate policy. Incentive depends on the performance of the driver. It is also based on some specific criteria like total no of trips, no of completed trips etc.

Let’s look into some more key points-

  • The drivers are also rewarded with the points which they can encash for good ratings.
  • If a driver has a low earning rate, their earning is automatically topped up to meet a minimal weekly earning.
  • Gojek does not provide the facility of sharing rides in Singapore as it is the main cause for the delay of the rides.
  • The drivers of this amazing app can also claim for $50 for cleaning purpose of their car. They can do it by sending a picture of the car as a piece of evidence.

The professional drivers of this app only if they pass out a certain set of training. They are checked on the basis of their criminal records and drug tests. After all the tests are over, they have to undergo a training program organized by the company.

If you are planning for a venture and want to make your business hit, then choose Gojek app. This app is satisfactory, reliable and holds a grip in the industry

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