GlossGenius Clone Beauty Booking App Packed With Business Boosting Features To Grow Your Salon Business

On-Demand Beauty Booking App books you salon appointment in a minute? Not believing! Well, we live in the era of digitization that has replaced the conventional methods of going to the salon. Now salon comes to you – it sends an On-Demand beautician to your doorstep with GlossGenius clone.

There is no denying the fact that beauty treatments provide instant happiness, boosting our confidence. We love spending our day getting beautified at the salon. However, with the Pandemic hitting, it made it impossible to take up an appointment and visit the beauty parlor. Perceiving the woes of the customers to unable to book salon appointments, many entrepreneurs are considering developing an On-Demand Beauty Booking App.

Features That Maximizes Your Bookings And Stays In Touch With Your Clients

Appointment bookings

It offers quick and easy salon bookings via social media

Stock inventory

It helps you manage your beauty product stocks, keeps you updated with the ordering and supplies, tracking your retail sales

Managing clients

It provides detailed insights into your client bookings, their past booking references, contact details, and future booking preferences thus keeping you in the loop.


It send automated alerts by notifying your clients about their upcoming appointments. Apart from this it also notifies them about any changes and so on. Additionally, you can use it to notify you about the new launch of beauty services, discounts, etc.

Payment processing

Provides your client with multiple payment option that offers them a flexibility to pay via different modes of payment. This includes debit/credit card, Wallet, Google Pay, etc.

The Cost Of Make An On-Demand Beauty Booking App

Mobile apps will vary depending on multiple factors. An app undergoes various processes and not just features to consider. The cost of your GlossGenium Clone App determines on:

  • UI/UX design
  • Features
  • App platform  – IOS and Android
  • App technologies used
  • The company you hired for developing your mobile app
  • The team and infrastructure cost
  • Maintenance and upgrade

The cost of developing a beauty clone app script is way lesser compared to the one you develop an app right from scratch. It is a readymade script, that is already tested and ensured that it is all set to launch.

How Hiring An App Development Company Can Benefit Your Salon Business?

Approaching a mobile app development company can offer you significant benefits:

  • The primary aim is to reduce the gap between service providers and users.
  • The comes equipped with rich features that enable clients in scheduling their appointments via social media accounts thus providing your business with increased salon bookings and exposure.
  • The beauty booking app acts as a virtual store, thus it is open for the customers to get their bookings done. This way you are generating more income.
  • The app represents your brand with more downloads it gets your desired limelight thus providing more visibility.
  • The app eliminates the need of going out and visiting the salon, bringing a wide range of beauty services to one platform.

The company has a pool of skilled technical people that are committed to giving their 100%. The mobile app developers are proficient in their respective technologies. They provide you with the white-label scalable script that ensures you to further upgrade your salon business without any hassles. Also, the GloosGenium Clone Script is a customized one, allowing you to add/modify and delete accordingly without being dependent on the technical team.
The mobile app development company adheres to the NDA policies enabling you to immerse as a Number Uno in an On-Demand market.

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