Glamsquad app clone

Your beauty, our profession

Glamsquad app is an on-demand beauty app which offers a professional team for makeup, hair and nails also one can use this app anywhere and anytime without any complications. This app provides highly-experienced professionals to their users with the few simple taps on their phone. This service is currently available in Southern Florida, Jersey City, Hokoben, New York City, Washington DC, and also the Bay Area.

One can use this amazing app to browse and select a listing of accessible services in their location’s radius. One can also go with the service of a pedicure, manicure to a blowout. It is also very simple to book an appointment on the app. Appointments are available for all the seven days right from the early morning to late at night.

How to use this amazing app?

It is very simple to use this app. One can use this wonderful app by selecting their date, time and place and also the payment method to make the services secure and the experts of the beauty service company arrive with well-equipped products and tools to provide a new look to the customer which they will really love.

Let’s have a look at the services that Glamsquad app clone offers to its customers-


There are different trendy and classy hairstyles that Glamsquad offers to its customers. If you want to get a sparkling and unique hairstyle you can try going with this mind-blowing app.

Turn the volume β€˜ON’ for a new style – For new captivating looks for your hair, necessary equipment such as rollers, round brushes etc. are used to make your look better.

Shag cut: Shag cut is mainly about the texture and movement. In this, a curly iron is used to strengthen the wrinkle and also allows the flyaways to do their best part.


Embellish it! : Hair decors have a moment. Think of exposed baby pins, barrettes and headbands. There are different creative and latest styles to carry with your hair. If you love to follow the new fashion trends then also this app perfect for you.

Barely stained: Effortless and romantic, this type of trend is the opposite of alimony. Select your favourite colour and taint away!

Electric women: This is another style offered by the Glamsquad app which provides the look of punchy, powerful and battered by lightning! Electric blues, hot pink and acid green are mainly worn on the lips and the eyes.

Charming eyes: This app provides with the different styles of eye makeup which helps the users to make their look of eyes more alluring and captivating. Whether we talk about smouldering golden stare or smoky eyes, everything is perfectly provided here to the customers without the involvement of any kind of hassle.

If you are planning for an unbeatable business and want to hit the market easily then you should go with Glamsquad app clone which will perfectly work like Glamsquad app and also you can make the necessary changes in the app according to your customized requirements.

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