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It isn’t uncommon to be on hold for umpteen minutes when you try and order food delivery from the restaurant. The most annoying thing is that either the line gets a disconnect or someone who sounds harassed/frustrated comes on the line and says just one word “Yes?”. Excuse me, I was put on hold whilst trying to order a food parcel and after a length of time, I get that one word! Simply annoying. I have just put the phone down – just couldn’t be bothered when the restaurant staff is not! There is now an app in the market which allows you to order food whenever and wherever you want, without holding onto the phone for hours or speaking to rude staff. Yes, I am talking about the Grubhub clone.

However, millions of people have felt the frustration, and someone has taken action to address this global issue. There is now an app in the market which allows you to order food whenever and wherever you want, without holding onto the phone for hours or speaking to rude staff. Yes, I am talking about the Grubhub clone.

The on demand food delivery app can design such that customers get a seamless food ordering experience. The app can design such that all the local restaurants are in one app. Therefore you can get your favorite foods from these restaurants in no time. The GrubHub clone app is compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms.

The customers can order food from the menu listed by the registered restaurants depending upon their locality and make payments automatically by cash or e-wallet/payment cards. You can order food at any time of the day or night with delivery.

The Food ordering Process in a Nutshell

  • Users will first need to register on the app with their personal details and provide details of the method of payment. If they have opted for a credit/debit card payment then need to register with card details. The payment can also be provided at the time of ordering food as it is not necessary while registration. I mean, it’s not Netflix where you will have to input your card details to enter the app interface. It’s nothing like that. Until and unless any customer orders food and selects an online payment option, the app won’t be asking anywhere to enter card details.
  • The perfect search bar allows users to search for their favourite food. And, it even allows the customer to search all the restaurants that make that particular menu item available on the app. The user can specifically search any of their favourite food in the search bar; the restaurants that all are serving that same dish will be mentioned in the search results.
  • The user just needs to decide which restaurant he wants to order from and tap on it. He can also view the ratings and reviews of that restaurant, as well as those of all the listed restaurants. There is no limitation of time; customers can take as much time they want to decide the food for ordering. There will be no session timeout, a user can search out whatever things they want, they can order food until and unless they are not satisfied.

More Features…

  • Once he has placed the order, he can give details of the delivery time and date if the food request is for a later time. This is possible as the app has an amazing feature of scheduling delivery time & date. If a customer wants to schedule a party in his or her, at some specific time them they can schedule the time of food delivery
  • Once the food delivered, the app can update accordingly and the payment deducts from the user’s payment card in two different ways. If the customer does not use credit or debit card, they can directly pay cash to the deliverer. Or else, the customer can choose the online payment option. In the online payment option, the customer can pay through their credit or debit card. If the payment option is online, the customer has to pay at the time of ordering food.
  • The users or we can say the customers can give ratings. The rating system works on points, the customer can give points out of five in form of stars. Also, they can even place reviews regarding the services in the comment form. So that, the services provider should come to know what their customer wants from them. It is necessary to know the demands as well as the requirements of the customers.
  • The app owner exclusively manages the overall operation of the app through an admin panel accessible only by them. The app owner can manage all the orders, discount coupons, finances, ordering history etc right from the admin panel. Only the owner can access the admin panel, and they can do so from their smartphone, laptop, or desktop.
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The Food Delivery Grubhub Clone App as a Successful Startup

The app owner gets a percentage commission for every food delivery. Therefore if you have an innovative idea for a food ordering app and want to get it developed then start your search for a developer who knows how the Grubhub clone works and will give you the most amazing app for your business.

It is better to check out their product portfolio too to make sure that they know their stuff. Are you still thinking? Don’t leave it too late – Christmas is upon us and there will be many people looking for your service. Get your app design today and launch it in just 72 hours.