Facebook Touching Lives: A Network for Everybody

Social networking has become a very integral part of our lives today. There are billions of active users using one form of social networking or another. Amongst all these social networking sites, the unchallenged hero seems to be Facebook.

Facebook was started off as a mere college directory for one particular university, namely Harvard. Mark Zucherburg came up with the idea that usually students are interested in knowing other students, their life styles and other such facets of their life. This is how Facebook would help these people connect.

However, we all know how this simple directory for students snowballed into a project worth billions of dollars. As FacebFacebook

ook continued its leap from one college to another, and then from one country to another, there was no way in which it could be stopped.

One Facebook- Many People

Like I mentioned earlier, Facebook was only intended for students. However, as it began to grow, its makers came to realize what a powerful networking tool it had become for just about anybody. Business enterprises started using it for their own benefits as did housewives. It solved a unique purpose for each and every group of users.

Facebook for Business

There is no doubt about how key Facebook is when it comes to business. The only way a business thrives is through sales and marketing. Facebook allows the business owners to do just that but on a much smaller budget and across a much bigger exposure. Basically, by marketing on Facebook you are ensuring that you become accessible to each and every user of Facebook, which is in fact a huge number.

By simply making your brand presence on Facebook you can reach out to millions of people. Many a Facebook Application Development Company would also be able to help you create apps that can engage and attract new users for you.

Facebook for the House wife

Facebook is a wonderful medium for ladies to connect with their old friends, exchange recipes, gossip and share their life stories with their long lost friends. Facebook essentially makes sure that you can meet with your friends and discuss whatever you wish to, share reviews, recommend products and so on and so forth.

Facebook for employees

No matter how much one loves the company, everyone is looking for a better opportunity. Facebook allows interested candidates to look for employment. Facebook application development has given the world so many unique apps that help people put in their resumes and await a suitable call. A Facebook application development company once commented by saying that soon, everything needed by humans in terms of livelihood would be available on Facebook.


Facebook application development is a tricky thing. Because of the complications and intricacies involved along with its popularity, Facebook becomes slightly vulnerable to security breaches; it is therefore advisable for people to ensure that they do not put any sort of personal data on Facebook. There are many privacy settings available and if used correctly, you will never face any security problem.