Facebook Mini Site Launched

Facebook Mini Web Site

If you are interested in utilizing the power and popularity of Facebook, you need to have a Facebook mini-site of your company.
A Facebook mini-site is a Facebook webpage with customized and stable information. You are essentially creating a fan page which is a customized website.
We can develop and design a Facebook Mini Website with all features and looks that a normal web site would have. Just like normal web site a Facebook mini website can be customized with HTML, FBML elements, graphics, videos, and article postings. In addition you can include comments from visitors.
There is no limit.
Contact us for designing and developing an attractive Facebook Mini Web site.

We have just launched facebook mini site version of our main web site eSiteWorld.com

Facebook mini site URL >> http://www.facebook.com/eSiteWorld/app_137541772984354

facebook mini site - eSiteWorld.com
facebook mini site – eSiteWorld.com