Explore The World Differently with Google Glassware

A new technological revolution is going to transform the way we will be using digital media in the near future. This latest invention commonly known as Google Glass is generating lot of interest and curiosity. This innovative product launched by Google is bound to become extremely popular in the marketplace. Let me take you through some of the important aspects related to this technological masterpiece.

This outstanding device which is tiny yet powerful, will be able to perform a number of varied functions ranging from clicking crisp pictures, making videos to sending speech-text messages. The frames are very stylish, and will be available in a variety of colors including, orange, blue, white and black. You can wear them like any attractive pair of glasses and make it your fashion accessory. Even fashion icons keen on making a fashion statement are seen excited about this novel gadget.

This wearable computer is set to create history in digital technology. You can activate numerous Google Glass functions through your voice commands. The reputed search engine giant has introduced this device with the idea to make the user more familiar with virtual data. This outstanding technology is taking a leading edge, and will be extremely efficient.

The most interesting features about this device are its various apps. Google has invested lot of brain power as well as money in Google Glasses Apps Development. Everyone is keen to know about some of the basic apps which are to be found in this modern device. The more you relate with the Google ecosystem, the more user-friendly Google glass would be for you.

Google Glass Apps Development

Charter your way with Google glass

In case you are seeking directions for going to a local restaurant or want to attend a business meeting in a hotel or are on an adventurous trip , all you need is to make a voice command to Google glass. Instead of using a, tablet or a Smart phone for going to Google maps, and then have access to the information, you just have to utter the command. You can get the present view through its built-in web cam. By using Google Maps and GPS built into the glasses, you can reach your destination .The directions will be displayed on a prism, and the information appears right above your eye.

Record a memorable video ‘hand free‘

Should you desire to record a video of your friends anniversary celebrations Google Glass will allow you to shoot and record without using your hands. You can also send that video straight to email or text or share with friends. You can’ interact’ with groups on Google+ and make them a part of your activity. Sharing in real time will be much easier and more fun. Video conferencing becomes a child’s play.

Google Glasses apps development will reveal novel ways to view the surroundings and allow additional options .You can ask questions and get instant translations. New computing researches will make life and business easy and more convenient. The Google Glassware includes various apps for trying to help you drive safer, controlling basic services on Glass (such as Wi-Fi), helps you to frame a photo before giving the photo command or winking. The users can have access to numerous core features of Google Glassware, as Google refers to it, on the Glass Web site, and take ultimate advantage of these features to their advantage.