Empowering Your Grocery Business With Instacart Clone App

Frankly, the Grocery Businesses didn’t face the harsh Consequences of the Pandemic, like other industries did. And while the chaos was spreading throughout the world, people came up with Instacart Clone App. 

Even today, the Local Grocery Stores are enjoying leveraging the App’s Pros. Anyhow, we have already called the App ‘Empowering,’ which means it is already Power-Packed with features and advanced functions that make it the first priority New Business Aspirants. 

Latest Instacart Features that are Whopping New App Launches Everyday 

1. One Store Under More than One Category 

James runs a Grocery Store in Indianola, Iowa. During the Global Lockdown, he Registered his store under the Grocery Delivery Category. His Store’s Safe and Sanitized Delivery Procedures engrossed local people to Place their Grocery Orders from the Store, through the Online Grocery Delivery App. However, a few months back, he set up a whole new aisle at the Store that sells Famous and Handpicked Argentina Wines. 

Now, he can also Register the Store under the Wine-Alcohol Delivery Category. This means he can earn more by Delivering Products from two different Categories. 

Quite a few Local Businesses learned about the feature and immediately registered on the Instacart Clone. 

2. Free Delivery Promo Codes for Grocery Stores 

Claire recently opened a New Grocery Store in Arizona. Her Store sells Grocery and Gourmet Food Items. There are already some Established Stores and Supermarkets that sell similar Products. But, since her Store is new, not many people Place an Order with her. One day while she was using the Service Provider’s Instacart App, Clarie remembered the feature called ‘Free Delivery Promo Codes.’ She quickly requested the App Owner or the Administrator to design a “Free Delivery” Promo Code for her Grocery Store. 

Upon Approval and implication of the Request, her Store showed up as a Grocery Store offering Free Delivery. Her Sales skyrocketed within a few days. Although Claire had to bear all the Delivery Costs, the Revenue that she earned because of this Promotional Feature was unbelievable.  So, without much pain, she Marketed her Grocery Store via the Instacart Clone App.

3. SKU Codes for items in a Grocery Store

Instacart allows the Stores to manage their inventory using Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Codes that the Store has already assigned into their Systems. This feature has made the lives of the Store Owners and Managers a lot easier as they only have to enter the Product Code to get all the relevant data. These SKU Codes differ from Store to Store. Through this, Grocery Store Owners like Ruby Davis can now: 

  • Optimize their product catalog
  • Can track their Inventory and see when they are running out of Stock
  • Keep a tab on Top-Selling Products
  • It has improved the Productivity and Time Management at Work, as everything got Automated

Also, the Store Owners have the liberty to Edit or Add more Grocery Items with their SKU Codes directly from the Web Panel.  

4. Stores can set up Day-Wise Separate Timeslots 

With this feature, Grocery Stores get the flexibility of selecting specified Day-Wise Time Slots for every day. This means they can define their Store Timings on the Weekdays, Weekends, and Holidays for Customer’ acknowledgment. For instance, Customers might see something like this when they search for a particular Store on the Instacart Clone App: 

  • Saturday –4:30 – 10 pm (Christmas Day) Hours might differ
  • Sunday – 4:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Monday – 4:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Tuesday – 4:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Wednesday – 4:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Thursday – 4:30 – 10 pm
  • Friday – 4:30 – 10 pm (New Year’s Eve) Hours might differ

5. In-App Push Notifications to keep the Customers Updated on the Delivery 

The Stores can actually make good use out of this App. The Customers receive timely and duly updates of their Grocery Deliveries through the In-App Push Notifications that pop up with really interactive Graphical Icons. Through the Notifications, they can track their Orders in Real-Time. For Instance, Terry has Ordered every single Grocery Item to make ‘The Christmas Turkey’ with his family on Christmas Eve. 

Through the In-App Push Notification that he just received, read as “Your Grocery Delivery is about to reach you in 5 minutes.” 

Now he is all ready to cook the Delicious Meal. 


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