Dog Walkers On-Demand App – Advantages Many

With the inception of Uber in 2009, the on-demand service industry witnessed a transformational and catastrophic change.

The job opportunities increased on a whole for the service providers and helped them greatly in automating their daily organizational activities. The customers also benefited greatly. They now could avail of services at the tip of their fingers.

Also, the business owner is rewarded greatly thanks to the presence of this solution.

It provides them an opportunity to earn hefty commissions and gain a greater outreach of customers.

So, altogether, applications became and will remain to be a blessing in disguise.

Today, every major service has an application to assist the users in receiving convenient services. One of the most unique among them being the dog care industry.

Who could have probably even imagined that a solution like dog walkers on-demand app would be present after all?

However, courtesy the digital age that we live in, this has also become a reality!

Dog Walkers On-Demand App – About

With the assistance of this solution, dog owners can receive quick dog walking services for their dog. All this is possible just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device.

All they have to do is tap on the app, add their location. They now need to simply select the services that they require from the dog walker and have it booked.

They can now track the dog walker and know their exact time of arrival. Finally, they would be notified upon arrival and would receive the services. At the end, both, dog walker and owner give a review and rate each other.

Dog Walkers On-Demand App

Courtesy the easy operations, the solution has become a hit among the pet care industry altogether.

The solution contains unique attributes, a few of what have been listed below.

Features Making the Dog Walkers On-Demand App A Blessing in Disguise

Real-Time Tracking – With this feature, the dog owner and walker can track each other’s location and whereabouts.

Multiple Payment – Using this dog owner can choose from multiple payment modes present in the app to pay for the dog walking services

Select from Different Services – Utilizing this feature, customer can choose from a multitude of services the one suiting their needs.

Manage Appointments – In order to automate the appointment process for the dog walkers, the manage appointments feature is to their rescue.

Utilizing it, the dog walker can keep track of all the current and past appointments made by them efficiently.

Statistics – Utilizing this, the dog walker can keep track of their earnings in a statistical or graphical format. 

Push Notification – With this feature, the pet care industry owner can market new features, services, provide in-app notifications, etc. This way they can gain a greater customer outreach and make huge revenues along the way.

Thus, the dog walkers on-demand app is a must-have for the dog walkers, the dog owners as well as the pet care industry owner at large.

This solution shall promise to bring a greater customer outreach and enormous profits for you right from Day 1!

So concluding, adopt the dog walkers on-demand app for your pet care industry and start delivering powerful services to the dogs!

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