Get A Shiny, Clean, And Sanitized House Whenever You Want With Whizz Clone App

Cleaning your home regularly is Good. But Covid-19 shocked the world with its ‘Easy Transmission’ capabilities and made people Re-Think and Re-Schedule their Home Cleaning Routines. Now, Homeowners have become more Careful, Educated, and Informed about how to keep their Homes safe from the Deadly Air-Borne Virus. Unfortunately, people don’t have a lot of time and resources to perform Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing all by themselves. And that’s when the Professional On-Demand House Cleaning App comes in handy!

Detailed home cleaning is necessary. So, why not Install the App and let Experts do their job?


The Covid-19 Virus can stick to a Surface and stay alive on it for Hours and even Days. Thus, it is important to Clean or Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces on a regular basis. CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it is possible that people might contract the infection after getting exposed to a contaminated surface. However, the risk is low in this case.

Yet, I’ll say why take the risk anyway?

Does that mean you have to obsessively wipe down each and every surface in your home? Well, with Professionals at work you don’t have to do it all by yourself!


A Deep Home Cleaning saves your time and effort. With Professionals to do the work, you don’t have to slog away scrubbing the Bathroom and Oily Exhaust Pipes in your Kitchen!

So, book a Quick and Stress-Free Deep Home Cleaning Service with the App. Follow these 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Login or Register

The Users can Login with their Phone Number/Email and set a Password. Also, they get the luxury to register with their Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Step 2: Mobile Number Verification

The App Users need to verify their Mobile Number via OTP sent through SMS. This step is crucial to ensure that fake Registration and spamming refrain.

Step 3: Choose Services you need

From the entire list of Services offered on the On Demand House Cleaning App, the User can choose the desirable ones. 

Step 4: Hire the best Home Cleaning Professional

All the Service Providers for the selected categories falling within the Preset Proximity are shown on the Map and the List View. The Users can choose preferable Home Cleaners and send them a Job Request. The App Users can view the Home Cleaning Professional’s Profile, glance through their Gallery, and also read through the Reviews.

Step 5: Make Payment to confirm your Service Request

On the Checkout Page, the App User will be able to see the Added Services and can also edit them if required. The Payable Amount will appear on the Screen with a breakdown of Service Cost, Levied Tax, Applied Coupon Discount, and the Subtotal. The App Users can pay this amount using their In-App Wallet, Cash, or via Online Payment!


A handful of features in-built in the App are:

  • Transfer Money from Wallet to Wallet 

Making Payments just got easy with Wallet to Wallet Transfer. The App Users can seamlessly send the Total Service Amount directly to the Home Cleaner’s In-App Wallet. This casts aside the Hassles of Cash Payments!

  • Mark your favorite Home Cleaner

The App User can mark the Home Cleaner as their ‘Favorite.’ This Whizz Clone App Feature allows the Users to book a specific Home Cleaner again. Users can also Remove them from the Favorite’s List anytime they wish to.


Do you want to become an Entrepreneur? Then, why not launch a Feature-Rich and Robust House Cleaning App? This App is a Boon for Entrepreneurs who are offering On-Demand Cleaning Services. As people are more careful about their Cleaning Routines now, this is the best time to provide the App Users with High-Quality, On-the-Go Cleaning Services!

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