Uber For X – Use Your Industry Experience

These days you will come across a lot of vocabulary based on the Uber concept. Words like “just like Uber”, or “just like Airbnb”. Now we have an Uber for X where X takes the name of an industry that is using the app. So it could be Uber for doctors, uber for security personnel etc.

As time goes by you will be hearing more Uber for X’s startups coming up everywhere because this on demand business model has become very popular and is expanding quickly, as it starts being adopted by many sectors.

Many people believe that to start up an on demand business you need to be tech-savvy. However, that is not the case. In fact, if you are from an industry “X”, then you have an upper hand as you already have the knowledge of how your industry works.

Uber for X

Are you one of those who are in an industry and is wary of modernizing it because you are no technical know how? Worry not.

Here we discuss how you can use your industry experience to create an Uber for X or on demand app that is better and successful.

Custom an Experience that is Distinct to Your Business

With the rising popularity of apps like Uber or uber for x, many software companies have sprung up too, providing white-labeled solutions that can easily be customized for the various industries that want to use it. This is ideal for anyone who is new to a specific industry.

Even though the general model is the same, i.e. the client requests a service/product, and the service provider provides it, the problems start arising because every industry has its own way of working.  Therefore it is important to get your app customized according to your industry requirements, taking care to ensure that the client pain points are addressed, therefore making it popular among them. This will ensure that your business rises above the rest.

Use your Current Data and Analytic to your Advantage

Before embarking on any new venture, it is important that thorough and detailed market research has been conducted. This should be done even before you approach any developer. Questions that should as part of your research include:

  • Who is your target audience? What age category do they fall under?
  • their location?
  • What interests do they have?
  • sort of promotions is popular with them?
  • What platform do they have on their smartphones? Do they have Android, IoS on their phones? They may even be partial to Blackberries.

Use your Existing Clientele to your Advantage and Cut Down on Customer Acquisition Costs

Every business has to pay the price for acquiring new customers.

This price includes things like marketing costs as well as the time spent in helping drive app downloads other conversions.

Expecting your business to start raking in the money as soon as you launch the app is very unrealistic, especially in today’s highly competitive app market. It is even more difficult if you are a new startup. However, as a veteran in your business field, you already have a large number of customers who trust you and interest in the smart service that you intend to offer. You are therefore saved the extra expense of customer acquisition.

One excellent way of doing it is word of mouth. When you give your existing customers an unbelievable experience in handling the application then they will definitely ensure that they speak to others about using your app.

It is human tendency to spread the word about our own experiences. If people like something, they talk about it, if they don’t like something, they still talk about it. Make yourself talk worthy by ensuring that your videos are absolutely magical.

Create Meaningful Relationships Out of your Existing Ones

If you want a strong foundation for your business, do not overlook the important element of partnerships. If you are in the business of providing a professional service, like hairdressing, your industry expertise along with your relationship with other professionals will give you a heads up for trust building and bring new clients on board. You can also use your relationship with vendors or suppliers as they might want to become sponsors, or who will also benefit from your target market.

Good idea to use your working relationships, and other connections as well as trade show contacts to explore a relationship.

Put Your Experience to Good use by Embracing Content Marketing

Content marketing is actually creating unique and outstanding content for your clients, both existing and potential via social media sites. It includes Facebook, and whats app, blog posts, or other content such as eBooks, infographics and whitepaper.

apps like uber

The expert in your industry, you can use your knowledge and experience on what your clients want or their problems. This will help in establishing your app as a solution that they will embrace.

Industry experts you are at the right place take your business forward, but for that, you also need technology partner.

Uber for X On Demand business solution

If you have a great idea for Uber for X then you need to get your research done and then approach a development company so that they can get you set up and running so that you can give your customers an efficient service.

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