Crazy Apps for Google Glass!

Google Glass happens to be the hottest bun in the tech bakery. Just about everyone wants a piece of it. But really, it is only the design and the gossip that has got the glass ticking? Well, actually, being a developer of the smartphones for almost a decade, when I first heard about the glass, all I could think about was the extent of craziness that we could bring upon with a gadget as cool as the glass.

The Google glass is a wearable computer. For non technology related people, that’s okay. But for people like me, who live, eat and die in codes, the glass breeds a whole new ground for creativity. I mean, have you ever given it a thought! If you’re smart phone is cool, what will you call the Glass!

Don’t listen to me

Listen, I might get all biased about technology, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just a simple Google search will show you Google Glass app development is trying present the world with some of the best kinds of applications that you have ever seen or thought.

Suddenly, with Google Glass App Development, movies like iRobot seem true! Alright, taking a deep breath let me explain what the Glass is all about.

Hire Google Glass Developers

The Google Glass is a wearable computer that can be mounted just like a pair of eye glasses. The initial version was glass-less, however, the newer versions include the option of putting prescription as well as sun glasses to the frame.

It has a small microchip attached to the frame which displays all the things. It is voice controlled but also has touch sensors on the frame near the temple to handle it easily. There is a wide range of apps pre existent in the Google Glass sphere but a lot of work is still underway.

Cool apps to have on the glass

Eye Scanner app

Remember Mission Impossible? Well, it’s become a little real now. Instead of contact lenses which can blink and print, you can do the same with your Google Glass. Blinking has become enabled on the glass which will allow you to upload whatever you click the pics of to the Google drive. Soon, we can also expect the Dropbox to be connected with it.

Facial Recognition

If you are going to a high crowd density area, just keep the facial recognition app on on your glass and it will ensure that you never lose track of your friends and family. It will scan through the crowd and identify the people you are looking for so that life is a breeze for you!

Get the bird’s eye view

If you have a little trouble with your vision and couldn’t get front seat tickets to the concert, with the bird’s eye view you can get a cool close peek at whatever you want. This app zooms it out for you and keeps it right in front.


With an app to sync your presentation with your glass, you really don’t need to keep turning your head back and forth while giving a presentation to the audience. You’ll have all the details right in front of you. A slight variant will also allow you to compeer effortlessly!