Coming out of the Myths associated with ColdFusion

Working in the digital world has opened up avenues that no one would have over thought possible. Each day bring in new and futuristic technologies that help humans achieve much more than they could in the yester years.

The internet has played a significant role in ensuring that productivity and profitability can both increase at an unprecedented rate. This is probably why more and more web developmental technologies are becoming indispensable.

ColdFusion is one such programming platform. Being a ColdFusion Programmer for close to a decade I hate it when people come up with the silliest myths about it. So, here’s clarifying some of the myths that encircle ColdFusion.


Speed Hassles

The most spoken about downside of ColdFusion is that it is incredibly slow. I really don’t see how any ColdFusion Development Company of any repute could deliver a website backed by ColdFusion ‘slower’ than one developed in any other. Of course, if you continue to write malfunctioning code that keeps on looping on the previous codes in order to perform it will end up looking like an overall slow process.

So, what I am suggesting here is that if a developer cannot do the job right, it isn’t the fault of the platform itself. The same problem can happen in Ruby or even PHP. That clearly means that before you can shift the blame up to ColdFusion, it is best that you find a credible ColdFusion programmer.

Security Issues

I could seriously kill someone if he said this to my face. I have been associated with a ColdFusion development company for the better part of 8 years and have delivered projects to many customers not one of which has ever complained about security. Strange that only people who haven’t used it are in a position to complain about it.

Essentially, it is not the responsibility of the platform to password protect your administrator, just as it is not the fault of the processor of your laptop if you don’t password protect it. Security issues can happen across any platform if the administrator doesn’t handle it properly. NOT the platform’s fault.

Costly Affair

Okay, cutting my aggression a little slack, ColdFusion may not be the cheapest developmental platform, but it is surely the best! It is obviously an expensive platform as compared to PHP; however, one must remember that it is a Rapid Application Development Platform which allows a ColdFusion programmer to deliver results quicker than any other. And of course, the faster your end product is completed and launched, the lesser is the overall money spent.

The ultimate solution

The final solution to all these problems is to be able to locate a decent ColdFusion Development Company that offers high end services at affordable prices. Ensure that you focus on the programmer and his capability rather than only thinking about the money involved. You might find ultra cheap services somewhere but you don’t want to suffer in the longer run just because you chose not to spend right now.

Ideally you should research the internet for good developers in and around your area. I would suggest that you keep the freelancers at bay if you are a small or medium sized business owner because of reliability issues. However, if you do strike gold, don’t skip it!