Classy Apps or Glassy Apps

Google Glasses application development has started picking up pace ever since the one day sale happened. I guess everyone was waiting for the glasses to become more accessible for the public. Once it becomes more approachable for the general public, it will make more sense in creating applications which will help in making the device more popular amongst people.

Google Glass

How it works

The Google glass is an inexplicably appealing piece of technology. It is fundamentally a microchip attached to the frame of a normal pair of glasses, however, without the glass itself. This little microchip is the essential work force of the device.

It enables you to hold and scan things as you see them without any extra efforts. Of course, the frame itself too has functionalities like swipe and click, but the major tasks are executed by the minuscule chip.


The Google glass is voice stimulated and therefore obtains orders as you speak into them. This means that if you wish to have a picture clicked you simply need to speak out loud “click” and it will be done. On the whole, the piece of equipment is like an automaton that can fulfill any instruction that you give it by merely being there in front of your eyes.

Apps development

Google Glasses Apps Development is a difficult and a decisive task. You must have a very good understanding of technology and all the different types of platforms in order to be able to productively develop a functional and realistic app.

If you wish to become a flourishing Google glass apps developer, following are a few things that you can do apart from your preparation to make certain best results. These things are:

  1. Join a Google Glass fanatic community: you will find many forums or threads that have a neighborhood of Google Glass fans. Join it to find out all that is innovative and happening in this field. You also would be able to get ideas, hints and propositions from other developers which can help you in your career.

  2. Get hold of all the Google IO 2013 Google Glass session videos and Watch them: These videos will help you to understand the most principal things about the Google Glass that you wouldn’t be able to find out from everywhere else.

  3. Don’t think that your previous Android apps are just like the ones to be made for Google Glasses: Android is Google’s baby but this time its poles apart. One cannot have apps for any former smart phone or mobile to be used on Google glass because the appliance itself is wholly different and requires to be handled differently.

Looking at the bigger picture

If you open your eyes and look at the global scenario with respect to the development of applications of the Google Glass has to undergo a lot still. Until and unless the glass is already in the hands of people, it will be difficult to understand its reception and how people will be able to accept and handle various apps. Many developers are relying on the GDK or the glass development kit to develop cool apps; however, it is definitely not the real deal. So it will be best to wait and watch.