Chief Reasons for the Popularity of ColdFusion

ColdFusion might be a relatively new language in the industry but it has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. If you ask any developer with a decent amount of experience in the field he will be able to tell you that there are certain features offered by ColdFusion that makes it a hit amongst both developers and clients.

In the present times the entire focus of creating stunning websites has shifted from what the entrepreneur wishes to show you to what the client would like to see. This is why laying emphasis on user friendliness has become rampant.

ColdFusion allows you to do just that. It enables you to make your website in an extremely user friendly way. There are many other reasons that contribute to its popularity. Let us analyse each one individually.

Developer friendly

Apart from being user friendly, ColdFusion is often considered to be a very developer friendly language. This is primarily because it is very easy to learn and can be read effortlessly even when compared to PHP. If you have a developer with some experience in just about any developing language, he can easily grasp the complete functioning of ColdFusion within 2 months with proper training.

Less Code

ColdFusion is easy not only with respect to learning it, but also because it requires very little code. The amount of effort that goes into building with ColdFusion automatically becomes less because the labour is reduced significantly. This saves time and helps the developer submit the tasks in time apart from helping the entrepreneur to get his site launched in no time.

User Friendly

Like I have already mentioned above making your site user friendly is one of the chief concerns of every developer. ColdFusion allows the user to modify the site as an administrator to ensure that he is comfortable with it even without the help of the developer. A developer can easily create an interface ColdFusion allows the developers to help in creating an interface which makes the user in control of the site making changes as and when necessary.

Custom Tags

There is something known as the “custom Tags” offered by ColdFusion. Since managing and accessing the website is a difficult task, these custom tags make that process easy and seamless. This means you can handle your site on your own without having to actually run over to the IT personnel each time something needs to be done.

Looking for the right candidate

The biggest hurdle faced by any business owner while thinking of coming up with his own website is the lack of good personnel. This is one area where ColdFusion is quite well equipped. You can easily find a huge community of ColdFusion Developers who will help you go through the entire process in a jiffy. You can easily hire personnel by looking online.

Be careful about the developer’s previous experience to ensure that your final output is just as you imagined it to be.