How does towing near you function?

With the growing demand for smart phone apps for just about any requirements, it is no surprise that there are many towing apps for iPhone and Android that have emerged lately. Having said that, one has to understand that the better the chances of a business being successful is completely dependent on how soon you enter such a market and how well you execute the idea of the application. This is why it is of critical significance that you spend some time in trying to understand how towing near you functions.

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Components of the towing app

Registration (one-time/optional)

Customer registers on the app through email, phone number or any social media addresses like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Service selection

There is a list of services that are available through the app. The customer will be able to make a selection of the service they need from the app for example, towing, dead battery replacement, tire repair, accidental help, etc.

Share location

The app should allow the customer to share the location where their vehicle broke down.

Details of the Vehicles

Customer will be able to share his vehicle information including:

  • make
  • model
  • registration number

The user needs to fill this information just once. The app remembers the details for all future requirements.

The three faces of any Towing Apps near you

There are three primary participants in a Towing app for iPhone and Android. They are:

The User: This is the party that requires the service and help.

The Tow truck driver– This is the party that offers assistance.

The business Owner or the Application owner– This is the party who essentially owns the business.

Since there are three faces to such a system, the app has to be absolutely seamless when it works. This is why it is important that you check the app well before you make a final purchase. You should try to make sure that whoever you are purchasing the app from gives you a free demo to try out before you end up buying it.

Things to check in the Demo

Now, you got the demo, so you download the app but you don’t know what to check, right? Here are the things that you should pay attention to while checking a demo for the Towing application.

Download the Tow driver’s app

This part of the app will allow you to see the screens that the towing driver will see. You can check how he can go online and start offering his services, what are the documents that are needed by him to register with the app and other such important details.

Download the User’s App

This part of the towing apps will allow you to check how the User can request for roadside assistance instantly. It will enable them to check what all information is needed for signing up in the app and how easy (or difficult) is getting instant assistance.

towing apps

Get access to the admin Panel

This is the one thing that you will have to pay maximum attention to. As an app owner you will have access to this panel. This is where you will be able to manage and monitor everything that goes on through the app. you will have to check what are all the fields that are visible in the admin panel, does it have the option of allowing you to import the reports in a format that you would like?

Also remember to get a general feel of it. Sometimes, instincts are more important than anything else. This is why it is important to check how the holistic look and feel of the roadside assistance app is. On the whole, no business is too difficult to sustain if you have the right kind of preparation for it. Just make sure that you don’t hesitate in taking your time and then finally taking an informed decision.

Get your Uber for Roadside Assistance Application

Imagine a day when your car breaks down or runs out of gas in the middle of a highway and you are not able to fix it on your own. In such circumstances, a person would need to get his car towed to the nearest available garage or mechanic. But how will you get a mechanic or road assistance? You may start searching for a roadside assistance service on Google but the results may not be useful. In such cases, you need uber for roadside assistance application which can get you a tow truck or a mechanic immediately to your car.

uber for roadside assistance

How uber for roadside assistance works

The application works with simple registration and service selection process without many complications. Below are some of the simple steps involved.

    • User registration

The app user needs to register via email or their mobile number. This is a one-step one time or optional step. Also, there may be quick a registration option available to register via social media like Facebook or Google.

towing service selection

    • Service selection

The user needs to select a service from the available option like tire repair, towing, battery replacement, accidental help, dead battery etc.

    • Share location

A user needs to provide his location to the service provider.


    • Vehicle information

vehicle information

Customer needs to share his vehicle information like registration number, model number and select from the list of added vehicles for easy identification of vehicle to be towed by the professional so that required tow vehicle can be used.

    • Service level agreement

The service provider will share an approximate timeline when the tow professional or mechanic will reach to the customer and help him fix the issue or get the car to the nearby garage.

Features of the Application

Below are some of the key features of the Tow truck app.

  • Easy onboarding

    The registration step will be extremely quick and easy via the phone number, email or social media profiles.

  • List of services

    Users will get a list of services from which he/she can choose like battery repair/replacement, the tire burst, etc

  • Share location and add vehicles 

    Another key feature of tow truck app is that it lets you share location and add vehicles so that the service provider can provide a suitable vehicle to the user.

  • Estimated cost 

    The application also gives an approximate value of service charges

  • Notifications 

    App users will get regular updates and notifications by SMS or push notifications

  • Easy payment options

    Payment Option



  • Customers can choose to pay from different options like Debit / Credit card, wallets, cash etc.


  • Provide Feedback, review and ratings 

    Another important feature of this application is that it provides an option to review, rate and provide feedback

  • SOS button 

    An important SOS button would be provided in the app so that emergency contacts can be alerted in case required.

The on-demand Uber for roadside assistance application will consist of three main stakeholders. First is the customer or app user who needs assistance. Second is the service provider or the truck mechanic who will be the professional providing assistance and third will be the admin or towing company owner who will be the admin of the application and manages the services.

uber for tow trucks

Customers and mechanics need to install an application and choose their roles when logging in whilst the towing company will use admin user to manage the application usage, make changes, handle customer queries etc.

The admin stands to benefit from providing this service such that for every job booked through the app, they stand to get a commission. Would you like to invest in the uber for roadside assistance and subsidize your income?

Roadside Assistance made easy with Uber for Tow Trucks

Travelling is an activity that one can do to refresh himself/herself. However, every cloud has a positive aspect and the same is true with travelling. Your vehicle can stop anywhere and anytime without any warning and that’s the hard but brutal truth of life! The stoppage could happen because of any reason – lack of fuel, break down or any other technical problem.

uber for roadside assistance

Feel stuck at such times. What if you were told that you could get roadside assistance within minutes just by few clicks? Yes! You heard it right. In the era of emerging technologies, an app is the most common technology used to confront daily problems. Therefore, it is now easy for one to start a business and assist the travelers stuck in between their trip due to some problem in the vehicle. Uber for roadside assistance is one such epitome.

Why should you opt for an on demand roadside assistance app to help you?

Uber for tow truck Track the CustomerGPRS system to track the customer: With the advent of technology, it is now easier to track any one and anywhere in the world. The salient feature of this app helps the firm to find their customer anywhere in the world as soon as the customer sends the request to get the assistance.


uber for tow truck customer profile



Profile of the customer: As soon as a customer registers on the app, the customer has to fill a form with their complete details. Using these details, a firm can provide better assistance to their customer.



Uber for tow truck paymentVarious payment modes available in the app: In the era of digitization, one wants to avoid cash and hassles during the payment. The various payment modes available allow the user to get the vehicle at their doorstep without worrying about the payment, as both online payment and offline payment options are available in the app. The app also does not conceal any hidden charge in order to avoid hassle in the payment.


Job HistoryHistory of the entire roadside  assistance request made: The app incorporates all the request made by the customer. With this record, one can check the request made during the past too.

During travelling, people might need roadside assistance, just unexpectedly. This is a very common thing that one might have faced in his/her life. However, thanks to the business-minded people who always come up with some innovative ideas in order to facilitate our daily chores, roadside assistance is now available on demand, anytime, anywhere, mainly to the facilities provided by the  Uber for roadside assistance app.  With the advent of the technology, a firm can provide the most suitable app as per the platform of the customer’s mobile phone.

How will your Uber roadside assistance app work?

  • The customers have to register with complete details, which are very helpful for the firms in order to track the customer
  • The firm will be active as soon as the customer sends the request for the roadside assistance

So do not wait for anything now. Just get an app and allow your customer to reach you in just a few clicks to get assistance. Once you build your uber for roadside assistance app, you just have to ensure that it is up and running with 24X7 customer service assistance and that’s it! You will be amazed to see a number of profits this app can get you. The best part is that the developers will provide you with loads of benefits for choosing them – like they will build the app from scratch while they let you own the domain and app completely.

So, what are you waiting for? Starting building, your business plan around this concept and get going to earn commission whilst helping all those stranded commuters.

Develop your Own Uber for Tow Trucks and Roadside Assistance app

Demand for roadside assistance is increasing every day. The towing business is a great investment if you are a budding entrepreneur. uber for tow trucks can provide various services especially when you are stuck in an emergency situation. Stranded travelers can now reach out for help by getting their own Uber for tow trucks or roadside assistance. This application is simple to use and can be easily accessed in case of flat tires, stuck in a locked car key.

uber for tow truck

Features of the application

Search options available:
Filtering the search area where you want the service is a very important necessity of any application. In order to get accurate results, it is important to have a proper filtering system that can provide specific data that you need. Such a filtering option is available in the app making it quite easy for the users to have access to and make the most of it.

Multilingual support:
Support for different languages is yet another important feature that every user expects. Uber for tow truck services provides the user with the support of multiple languages enabling them to set both primary and secondary language.

Cashless transaction:
Another important feature of the on-demand app for tow trucks is its ability to process the request through online transaction such as the use of Credit card, debit card or online wallet payment options.

Uber for tow truck payment

The customer can now pay the complete amount through online transaction system without having to get into the hassle of other payment methods.

Other Features

Confirm dispatch and tracking:
Most people want to keep a track on their consignment dispatch and also keep their dispatch console.

Ratings / Reviews/ Feedback:
This is an imperative section of any application which enables the user to express his feedback and experience with the company.

This application enables the user to give genuine feedback which can help improve the functionality of the application. And also make them a better towing services provider in long term.

Additional analytics and graph information:
Customers love to know their data properly in terms of graphs, table, and other statistics. Such data can be easily availed if you are using these Uber tow truck app. It ensures that customers are served with proper information that is of utmost use to them.

  • App download:
    It is important to design an application that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. This app enabling users to make the most of the application and use it as per their convenience.
  • Fare estimation and ETA:
    It is by far one of the most important features of towing or road assistance applications with the help. It also keeps the user informed of estimated arrival time when they can expect reach the final destination.

Tow truck entrepreneurship

Tow trucking business is going strong in the app market. These services provide immense support to people in case of emergencies, flat tires or any other urgent stuff. The application has not only proved to be useful for users, but Uber for Tow Trucks application has also helped businesses to grow by leaps and bounds and establish a successful customer base in the market.