Is it possible to launch your own app similar to TaskRabbit?

The TaskRabbit app has been quite popular since its launch a few years back. This app is the perfect solution for anyone who wants any kind of services rendered at their homes quickly and easily. Since this app has become so successful, it is only natural that more and more people are keen on trying to launch business similar to TaskRabbit and have an app of their own.

But the big question that is looming over our heads is whether it is a viable option to own such an app and launch your own business?

business similar to TaskRabbit


The first thing that you must think of when it comes to launching your own TaskRabbit business is to make a note of the location that you plan to start your business in. The thing is, every region has its own kind of consumer base. Some places have a quality about themselves which allow only a certain kind of user behaviour.

If the location that you plan on launching this business has a very tight-knit community and people are very used to hiring particular known service providers for their tasks, then your app will not do well. But the urban scene is much different.

Cities are insatiable. No matter how many service providers start offering their services, there will always be a need for another person to help out. These are the places where you should launch your business.

Starting Without a Programmer Partner

The compound software is not something that you can create and leave behind. When there is an app, there is a possibility for it to go wrong in one way or another. An app similar to TaskRabbit is a mighty one. This is why the level of its complexity is much higher than any other single service type of an app. the more the cogs, the higher are the chances for things to go wrong.

So, the better alternative is to simply go for a pre-ready app. This basically just involves you buying a readymade application from a company that has already made it. Now, it might seem like a less than the superior option because the best thing is to build your own app, but if you don’t have a partner who programs, just keep away from all this.  Building your own clone app is a very difficult thing to do. It requires a hell of a lot of money and a very talented team as well.

What’s more, when you buy the app, someone (other than you) is responsible for the problems that happen in it. So, if you ever get stuck with some problem, then you can rely on a team of expert developers to help you out of it.

Helping Out and Making Money

The TaskRabbit clone script is not just a way for you to make money. It is an app that will help you give back to the community while you ensure that you can get a lot of money from it. This app is a community service. It will enable you to enjoy the benefits of getting a commission each time a service is booked using your app while it also helps everyone around you.

What we mean is that this app will give all the service providers in and your areas to find jobs easily. It will help customers get the kind of help that they need instantly. What’s more, it will be a perfect medium for people to make money, quickly and effectively in a hassle free way.

TaskRabbit clone

Your Own App-based business Similar to TaskRabbit

If you are planning to start your own app similar to TaskRabbit, then you have to be absolutely sure that you buy the best one in the market. Your app needs to be flawless and work seamlessly to ensure that more and more service providers can register in your application and start offering their services so that you can start making a lot of money!

Can You Make Money With Thumbtack Clone App

Entering the world of business is a pretty daunting thing to do. You might have too many ideas that you want to explore, but before you delve into anything specific. It is worth your while to explore the commercial viability of each idea and how bunching them together would work out. The business of on-demand service apps is booming today. Using an app like the thumbtack clone can be a great opportunity for you.

Thumbtack Clone

Understanding Multi-services Application – Thumbtack Clone

Before you take the decision of starting an app and running a business which offers multiple service on demand apps. It is of critical significance that you understand what the app can do and how it works. This app is essentially a platform where service providers can register themselves and their services for people to search for.

For example, if there is a plumber who offers expert plumbing services in Los Angeles, he can register himself on the app with details about his skills, experience, and pricing. When someone is looking for a plumber in the area, he or she can check the app and get a list of all the plumbers serving in Los Angeles and pick one based on their experience, rates, and other details.

How does the App Owner Make Money?

The principle behind the working of this app is pretty simple. Users look for service providers based on their experience and pricing. The users can see the price BEFORE they actually make the booking for the job. Once the job is booked and the task is undertaken, the pre-decided price is automatically debited from the selected source (cash/ credit card/ debit card/ in-app wallet) by the client.

Now every time this app is used in the context of booking a service, the app owner gets a commission from the value charged to the client. So, say, our plumber from Los Angeles charges $10 per hour for a full bathroom installation and he works for say, 3 hours which earns him $30 for the whole task, the app will automatically spill this $30 by a predefined commission % and put the designated value in the accounts of the app owner and the service provider. The rates mentioned in the quote at the beginning (based on which the user chooses a particular service provider) will include the commission value so that the user doesn’t have to pay anything extra.

Should you Start this Business and How?

If you have really made up your mind to it and are willing to work just a little to earn a truckload of money, then this business is perfect for you. You can buy a thumbtack clone also known as the Uber for all services app and launch your own multi-services business anywhere in the world. Although these cloned apps are fully functional and require no technical involvement from you, it is very important that you market your app well so that more and more people opt for it.

You will also have to keep a tab on whether or not there are any competitors in the market offering similar services and if yes, then what kind of strategies are they employing. On the whole, this can be a very viable commercial option for anyone who wishes to get their business up and running with very little groundwork.

On Demand Service Apps – Make your Life Easy with and Hassle-free

Did you ever imagine a life where you do not have to do anything? Things done by robots just like in the movies or maybe in a dream? It is good to be couch potatoes sometimes. No one wants to spend the whole day doing house chores. Therefore, the necessity created a need for something, which can help people in need by sharing their burden of work. This gave birth to on demand service apps.

One can get a variety of services that will make your life easy and free from the burden of household chores, which can actually done by someone else. There are so many tasks that one has to do in order to have a smooth running decent life.

on demand service apps

Tasks like house or office cleaning, car wash, babysitting, dog walking and laundry. The list does not end here if you want to treat yourself then you can get services like mum’s cooking, personal massage and fitness coach. Many options are available with on-demand services that can make your day. Let us see how these on demand service apps make your life easy.


The biggest advantage is that the services are available on demand. The consumer does not have to get into prior commitments or have to book or pay in advance. You order the service and you get it. Many a time you go through emergencies where immediate assistance required, these apps work wonders in those cases.

Competitive charges

These services are available at a very competitive rate because existing businesses get new clients through online and on-demand technology. When the demand and supply rule applied that gives an advantage to the consumer. Due to tough competition among the service providers, the rates become competitive.

Technologically Advanced

The system is incorporated with the latest technology in such a way that it provides an added advantage to the client. With the help of technology, you can track your services, make use of the cashless facility and get the services on demand on single tap on your mobile.

Who would not like to grab this lucrative offer, where control is at your discretion, you command the service and things start happening. On-demand service apps are considered to be meant for the young and wealthy class but that is not true. These services can be used by anyone how posses a Smartphone and want things to be done the smart way.

These apps can be used anytime and in any situation, if you need a quick taxi use the app, if you need a doctor use the care on demand app or if you need homemade food use the app and order it. You don’t have to go anywhere looking for the services you need, just tap the on demand service apps from your Smartphone and make your life easy and hassle-free.